I’ll Be Watching You

Yesterday I posted about being “watched” in response to Mama Kat’s Writing prompt. I would like to elaborate on that subject for just a moment. I would have included this yesterday but it would have made the post way too long so for the sake of not totally boring you I decided to post my other being stalked story today.

When I was living in the same town where I had the guy follow me home from the grocery store I used to get stalkerish phone calls all the time. Sometimes it would just be silence, sometimes breathing but not ever really saying anything. You have to remember that this was in the “olden days” back before cell phones or caller ID or *69 or any of those things. Not only that but if someone called you and you hung up on them it didn’t disconnect the call until THEY actually hung up so there were times when I’d get one of those weird phone calls and I’d hang up and pick the phone back up and they would still be there. Sometimes a LONG time later they would still be there.

Since I worked closely with the police department I would always call them but there wasn’t a lot they could do about it since I wasn’t really being threatened and I had no idea who was doing it. No one was saying they were going to kill me or really that they were going or NOT going to do anything. They would just breathe… which in and of itself can be quite frightening when you don’t know who is on the other line.

I would sometimes put the phone down and run next door to the other side of the duplex and get my neighbor who was a police officer to come back to my apartment and tell the caller that he was my husband and a police officer and that they were tracing his number, etc., all to no avail. He kept calling and it always puzzled me because I must have changed my number a half a dozen times and they would still keep calling. The only people I would give my number to would be my work, my family, close friends and the police department because I was on call like every other week and they had to have my number in case of any emergency call that I’d have to go on.

The calls never stopped the entire time I lived there. They only stopped when I moved to another town about two hours away. I didn’t find out until many, many, years later that they did finally find out who was making the phone calls. It was the police dispatcher! Of course he always had my number because it was listed there for emergencies and of course he knew my neighbor wasn’t my husband because he knew my neighbor and he knew me! I guess he must have finally gotten caught when caller ID came out? Not sure how he got caught but he did eventually get caught stalking someone else!

Then after I moved to the new town, after several months, I started getting weird phone calls again. But these weren’t like the first ones. These started out with the heavy breathing but then progressed to talking to me in a raspy breathy voice. It was actually quite frightening because he seemed to know everything about me. He knew what time I got to work, where I ate lunch, what I wore to work, etc. He would sometimes say really weird things like “Why did you wear that pink blouse with your black skirt today? I like the purple one on you so much better. It makes you look sexier. Wear that one for me next time.” And when I didn’t he would call that night and ask why I didn’t wear the purple blouse! It was quite scary.

The scarier part was that I was always told that there was nothing the police could do to stop it. They couldn’t even trace the calls because they weren’t threatening. Annoying and frightening didn’t matter. No actual laws had been broken so they wouldn’t do anything about it. I always suspected it was the son of one of the officers of the company I worked for because he hung around the office a lot and even worked there for a little while. He always seemed to be coming in to see his dad about something but would sit in my office to wait for him even if his dad was there but wasn’t on the phone. He’d say his dad was “busy” so he’d just wait in my office until he was finished. He did ask me out a couple of times and I always turned him down and he kind of gave me the creeps so I always suspected it was him but I never found out for sure. Again, I ended up moving to another town and the calls of course stopped. I guess he didn’t want to pay for long distance? I’m just glad that they stopped.


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6 Responses to I’ll Be Watching You

  1. Katie says:

    Yea technology, no more crank calls, but the creeps are still out there.

  2. Ron says:

    OMG…do you remember whenever you got a crank call and wanted it traced, you had to stay on the phone for at least a minute so the police could trace it?

    Thank god for caller ID!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      I know! I’m glad technology has advanced but that too is a double edged sward because it actually makes it easier for the creeps to find you too!

  3. Paul Wynn says:

    Well Peggy supposedly if you had stalkers that means you made it big time! Just kidding, its a scary thing. Technology makes things easier for people to doing things like that. I have a “troller” who follows me around and constantly trashes me so I dunno, I won’t try to mess with crazy though.

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