Chow Down, Baby!

Yesterday (Sunday) I got to do one of my most favorite things in the whole world.  I got to have lunch with my loving husband and all three of my beautiful girls at the same time.  Those moments are too few and far too far apart.  What with all our busy schedules (do I even HAVE a schedule anymore?) and the fact that #1 and SIL live in a total ‘nother state!

The main event that made this lunch possible was the re-opening of The Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA.  See, many , many moons ago a young college sophomore and a young college junior transfer student had their first ever official date at The Georgia Theatre.  Now almost 8 short years later that same young couple is getting ready to celebrate their third wedding anniversary (with a trip to NYC – yippee!!) and they felt the urge to be there the week the theatre reopened.

The Georgia Theatre has been used for many things over the years since it was built in the 1800’s.  Most recently it had been the home to many music concerts.  It was sort of THE place to play in Athens and probably every student who has walked the campus of UGA has most likely at
some point in their college career been in The Georgia Theatre.  Unfortunately in 2009 there was a horrible fire which all but destroyed the building.  It has since been rebuilt and reopened on August 1st of this year.

I stole this pic from SIL's FB page.... not sure if he took it or got it somewhere else.

Following it the information taken from Wikipedia concerning the theatre:

“The Georgia Theatre is a prominent music venue in Athens, Georgia, located in an old cinema. Many prominent acts from the early music of Athens, Georgia performed at the Theatre, including a range of folk, popular and country acts. The Theatre is on the Athens Music History Walking Tour sponsored by the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau.[1] The Theatre opened as a music venue in 1978, with the band Sea Level playing. The Police played a show at the Theatre in 1979, on their first American tour. The Theatre then shut down again in the early 1980s and spent a few years as a movie house with occasional shows. It was reopened as a venue in 1989 and the Theatre has since hosted many of the major touring acts that come through Athens


In 1889, the YMCA of Athens brought property the Georgia Theatre now stands on and erected a building on the site. The whole building was under the control of the YMCA until 1913 when a music store occupied the bottom floor while the YMCA continued to use the second and third floor. In 1918, Elite Theater movie house opened on ground floor and Majestic Hotel was in operation on second and third floors. The building was then used by both the Elite Theater and the Masonic Temple until 1926 when Masonic Temple Association of Athens bought the building. The next year, the Masonic Temple shared the space with Dorsey Furniture Co. In 1935, Elite Theater built on foundation of YMCA building,
making it even larger than before. Until 1967 when United Theatre Enterprises Inc. buys the building, the Georgia Theatre had served as a worship hall for the United Methodist Church in the 1960s. In 1977, Sam Smartt, Hap Harris, George Fontaine and Sheffy McArthur teamed up to open Georgia Theatre as concert hall. On May 20th 1978, the popular band the B-52s paid to perform at Georgia Theatre, and the following year, The Police played there as part of the band’s first U.S. tour. The Georgia Theatre briefly closed in 1981 and was reopened a year later by Carafe & Draft Theater as a movie house. Kyle  Pilgrim and Bill “Duck” Anderson bought the building in 1989,  planning to open Georgia Theatre as concert venue. The first show performed at the Georgia Theatre after it reopened was played by the band, Pylon. In subsequent years, it has been the host to many shows including R.E.M., Widespread  Panic, BeckWarren  Zevon and Dave Matthews Band. The Derek Trucks Band recorded  their 2004 concert  album Live at Georgia Theatre at  the venue.[2]

In November 2004, the Georgia Theatre was sold to Wilmot Greene and Randy  Smith who renovated and restored the venue to its former condition. On the  morning of June  19, 2009,  a major fire erupted in the Georgia Theatre, inflicting severe damage to the building, including a roof collapse.[3][4] The Georgia Theatre underwent renovations in 2010 and 2011 and is set to reopen August  1, 2011.”

Now that all that’s out of the way… we met for lunch at Big Chow Grill (formerly Chow Baby) at The Galleria.  It’s one of thosestir fry buffets that’s “different”.  You see, you pick all your food from the  buffet but it’s raw. You get a bowl for protein and a bowl for “everything else”  and then you pick your sauces and spices and whether you want noodles or  rice.  I think the girls had a blast  doing that.  I know hubby always  does!  And you can go back for “seconds”  for a dollar! But we’ve never finished the first go round so we never bellied  up for seconds!

We started with a trio appetizer of chicken potstickers, egg  rolls and fried shrimp with an Asian barbeque sauce and some other sauce that I  can’t remember what it is.  I didn’t do  the buffet because I don’t do too well with rice or noodles so I had a Thai BBQ  Quesadilla.  I know it sounds weird but  it was pretty good.  I hated to see the  meal end because I was having such a good time with my girls.  Plus the sister’s got to meet #3’s new “boyfriend” for the first time.  He survived and he’s  still hanging around so I guess we didn’t scare him off.  Must mean he really likes her!  The pics didn’t come out as well as I’d have  liked.  The sun was coming through the window behind them so that’s my story!  I’m
gonna post them anyway.

Oh, and for Sunday brunch it’s on $12.99 per person (plus beverages).  Not too shabby considering  how much you get to eat!  If you are ever
so inclined to go, here’s the link: http: //

All of us. Didn't come out like I wanted it to.

My three babies!


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8 Responses to Chow Down, Baby!

  1. terrepruitt says:

    YAY! Family time.

    I love restaurants like that where you make your own bowl and they cook it. That way I can get what I want and flavor it the way I want. YUM!

    You have gorgeous girls.

  2. katie says:

    What a lovely family. How lucky that you can get them together all at the same time.

  3. Ron says:

    Peg, I so enjoyed hearing about the history of the theater. How fascinating!

    What a great family day! And the food sounded beyond yummy.

    Wonderful shot of your three lovely girls!


    Have a great day, dear friend….X

  4. NikNik says:

    We had so much fun! I will see if my pictures came out any better.

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