Tasmanian Dog

This week the Spin Cycle was about kids and technology.  Even though I already answered the Spin Cycle post I almost linked this with the following picture and the caption that this is what happens when you leave a young child unattended for hours with no electronic technology to keep him occupied.

This is what "kids" and boredom gets you!

Yeah, he got it good.

Only problem is that the “youngchild” is of the furry variety and I’m pretty sure if you left him unattended WITH electronic technology he’d either chew the cord off if it had one or just chew the electronics up and eat whatever remained of it!  Or leave it chewed up all over the floor.

I have come to the conclusion that he is not just a Chiweenie…. I think he has morphed into a Tasmanian Chiweenie because he runs around here like a cracked out Tasmanian devil!  He has more energy than ten toddlers combined.  He is ferocious or so he thinks.  He barks incessantly at the cats and chases the meanest one around and the funny thing is that she runs from him when she’s bigger than him and kills anything else in  sight.  She’s even killed snakes! But she still runs from him!

I don’t understand this transformation.  This is a daily thing. He wakes up in the morning and he’s so sweet and loving and wants to snuggle  but by about 7 every evening he is running around the house like he’s on crack AND speed barking and biting at everything in sight.  I fear we will be forced to take him to the local PetSmart for Obedience training.  I think it may be a well spent $109!

He carries hubby’s work shoes around like they were a feather when I know those big clunky things must weight almost as much as he does.  And I’m not sure if it’s a good thing but he’s also become very environmentally conscious.  Let me explain.

The other morning we woke up and in middle of the bathroom floor between the cat box and the inner bathroom door was a pile of poop.  At  first I thought it must have been Chorizo that had woken up and didn’t get us up and had to go so he went on the floor.  I was actually kind of impressed because it was in the bathroom, on the tile floor but it could have been on the carpet!

Then I took him outside and he pooped a really big one so I was even more confused because he doesn’t usually go THAT much.  Then I thought  maybe one of the cats was mad because the box wasn’t clean enough for them or maybe mad because Chorizo had gone in their box (which he has done before) when we left him in there.

When we have to go somewhere we can’t leave him loose to run around the house amok so we leave him locked in the bathroom with his little bed and his food and water.  He hates being left alone.  Even if we are IN the bathroom, in the shower, he will stand outside the door and cry. Even if he can see us through the door. If we shut the inside bathroom door to use the toilet he will stand outside the door and whine and paw the door and cry.  As soon as you shut him in the bathroom he starts barking and crying. It breaks my heart to leave him but I can’t possibly
physically be with him 24/7 although he seems to think I should be.

He is also obviously  teething because he is using me for a chew toy.  All the “literature” that I have read about teething puppies says not to spank them and to “redirect” their attention to an acceptable chew toy.  I’m sorry. I am NOT an acceptable chew toy, however, I look like a crack
whore or heroin addict tweaking for a fix with all the little cuts and bruises that now adorn my arms.  I can redirect til the cows come home and he still tries to chew on me.

Last night he jumped up and bit hubby’s nose and drew blood and this evening he scratched my chin and his little nails are like talons!  He loves his chew toys but he also loves to chew anything else he can get his little teeth on.  Shoes, headbands, books, and his personal favorite seems to be toilet paper.  I think he’s gone through half a case in the last couple of weeks.  #3 always seems to forget to shut the inner bathroom door and he will chew to shreds every roll left in there. It was cute at first I guess because it was new and a novelty.  Well, the novelty has worn off.  I think I need the dog whisperer to make a house visit!

I have always left my nightgowns on a hook on the back of the bathroom door.  Well, remember how I said we put Chorizo in the bathroom while we are gone?  Anybody see where I am going with this? Yeah, the other night I put on one of my nightgowns and realized I had a breeze where there should be no breeze.  Seems that Mr, Chorizo got bored with the toilet paper and moved on to the nightgowns.  Some have holes as big as my head! Some just have little holes all around the bottom.  Essentially EVERY single night gown I own is now ruined.  Including my favorite new
one I’ve only worn twice.  All my gowns are now see through whether they were designed to be or not.  I guess he’s trying to be a fashion designer  now?

That hole is now almost as big as my head!

See through Chorizo made peep holes!

More peep holes - the black one was my favorite!

See the holes all along the hem?

And more teeth holes

Tattered hems!

Oh, and my first success as a gardener?  GONE… he has pulled up two of the tomato plants by the roots and has eaten every single tomato, red and green off the vines.  First he pulls them off and rolls them around for a while and then he eats them.  He also has eaten all the peppers that were growing, jalapeno and green AND parsley and oregano.  He also loves anything we eat.  His newest obsession is jelly beans and he can eat his weight in Cheez Its!

And I think I mentioned the poop on the floor?  Well, the other day I’m in the bathroom in the toilet area with the door shut and I hear this scratching sound like one of the cats in the cat box only different sounding.  More like rooting, like a pig with all this snorting and grunting.  I open the door and there is Chorizo rooting around in the cat box.  He’s doing my chores, cleaning the cat box for me!  Except he’s taking the cat poop and putting it in his little bed!  He has about 3 or 4 cat turds in his little bed and I watch, at first with bemusement but then with horror, as he proceeds to curl up with his little “prizes” and starts chowing down!  EWWWWW…..GROSS!!!  No more kisses for YOU!

So I guess now I know why the turds were on the floor… he was moving them somewhere.  I’m wondering where I’m gonna start finding his “prizes” hidden around the house? Then this morning I put him out on the chain in the yard.  We bought one of those big metal corkscrew things to put in the ground and chain him to for a few minutes at a time.  We never leave him out for more than like 15 minutes at a time.  Anyway, I left him out there chained while I was making my coffee and I glanced out the window to see him pooping which relieved me because I was thinking he wouldn’t go while he was chained.  I was just thinking how proud I was of him when he turned around and ATE IT!!!  So… now I’m being not sure if he’s just being efficient and eco-friendly or just plain gross?  He takes recycling to a whole new level!  I guess people who live in cities would be happy to have a doggie like that because he would clean up his own waste!  No need for doggie pooper scooper bags.  Now if we can just train him to unlock the door, open it and put his own leash on!


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14 Responses to Tasmanian Dog

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Hmmm? I am thinking he might need more than training. Don’t that have doggy prozac? Or maybe his behavior would be different if he weren’t eating jelly beans and cheez its. Some of the ingredients in those things have been known to affect the behavior of the beings that have consumed them so maybe they are affecting the puppy?

    I saw a TV show once where the dog would go BESERK when his humans left. The animal trainer said that the dog had separation anxiety. She trained the humans on how to behave around the dog and the dog’s behavior got better. So maybe he could use some sort of training like that because you said he hates to be left alone. So maybe he gets anxiety.

    Sounds like you have your hands full. He’s lucky you love him!

  2. I’m linking this anyway since it DOES remind me of what a kid is capable of when there’s no gadgets to keep them entertained. Love it! Are you sure the chiweenie doesn’t have any doberman in him? Wow, what a mess!

    • pegbur7 says:

      It’s funny I should say that because sometimes when I see him from the rear he looks like a little min pin! I wonder? He IS a mess and he MAKES a mess!

  3. CaJoh says:

    Our dog used to go by the door (which led us to believe that he did have to go, but we just weren’t there). One time he went in the upstairs bathtub. We weren’t upset at him because he was pretty close to the toilet (which I’m sure he would go in if the seat weren’t down).

    • pegbur7 says:

      That’s pretty smart/ We have one cat that will go in the tub if the litter box isn’t clean to her standards! I’d rather them do that than go on the carpet!

  4. Ron says:

    ” think he has morphed into a Tasmanian Chiweenie because he runs around here like a cracked out Tasmanian devil!”


    When I first saw these photos, I thought you were going to say that one of the CATS did it because cats are notorious for trashing toilet paper.

    You’re right….he’s going throught the teething stage. Both my mom’s little dogs did the same thing.

    Hilarious post, Peg! LOVED it!

    Have a great weekend, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      The cats love to do that too but this time he was shut in there by himself so it HAD to be him unless the cats have learned to turn the doorknob and shut the door behind them without Chorizo getting out!

  5. Katie says:

    He will grow out of this, it is important to have things available that he can chew on. So take the nightgowns out of the bathroom for the time being and replace with rope chews. Both our dogs chewed up most of the rubber or stuffed toys with little trouble. Anything “Kong” is pretty indestructable, with rope toys being the next best thing. I was lucky with the house breaking as we used crate training and took them out in the morning to take care of business. And kept them in the crate for short periods of time if we were going to be out of the house. They won’t pee or poop in small areas where they sleep. Bathroom may be too big.

    • pegbur7 says:

      He does really well with going outside. He just likes to play in the cat box and take the cat poop out of the cat box and eat it! And eat his own after he goes outside.

      We’ve bought him all kinds of chew toys. Looks like we have a toddler around the house with all the toys on the floor. But he still prefers chewing ME. I have moved the night gowns but it’s a moot point for them now because I’m going to have to throw all those away since they have extra air conditioning! But the replacement ones I will NOT hang in there. I think I need to invest in a crate….

  6. Furbabies are just as high maintenance as kids are that’s for sure! 🙂 When I saw the pictures of the TP destruction, I wondered who the culprit was – it was a familiar sight – from all our ‘kids’…Princess Nagger, our dogs and our cats – especially when all of them were younger. 😉 Our dogs go through separation anxiety, too – we have to muzzle them when we’re gone, because they’ll go all destructo on us just for spite. Great Spin! 🙂

    Spin: Technological Kid

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Stacey. That’s an idea but I”d hate to resort to that. He now has the black nightgown almost to a mini! There’s barley threads holding the top and bottom together now.

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