Brokeback Truck

The daughter of one of our oldest friends got married yesterday.  We have always felt like she was one of our own.  We met them back when our #1 and their #1 (An) were in kindergarten.  They were running in PE (or maybe it was recess) but, bless their hearts, neither was real coordinated or athletic at the time and somehow they ended up bumping butts on the playground and almost knocking each other down and they became fast friends.

We’ve seen each other through a lot.  When wemoved to VA and TN for a two year period they kept an eye on the house we still owned here and helped us find our second renters and they came to visit us in Virginia and when the kids and I moved back here before hubby came back from TN
I even stayed with them a couple of weeks until we got our renters out of our house (another long story).  So, we’ve known them a LONG time.

Congrats on your beautiful wedding!

When An asked us to cater her wedding there was no way we could say no.  We were actually honored to do it.  Hubby had told her originally we could do the food or the cake but not both, then, silly man got upset when she got someone else to do her cake!  Well, make up your mind honey!   But it’s a good thing he didn’t do the cake… more on that later!

We met with them a few times and hubby made a sample of the food and took it over and the menu was decided on.  Hubby called it a meatfest since mostly what they wanted was protein and of course the fruit.   We made prime rib croissants, ham slices on cheddar biscuits, shrimp cocktail, chicken pasta salad (one with a ranch based dressing and one with a balsamic vinegar dressing), chocolate covered strawberries and the fruit display.  She had bought a small chocolate fountain so we made a chocolate sauce for the fountain and had marshmallows, cookies and cake cubes in addition to the fruit for the fountain.  I also made a couple of cream cheese based dips (one strawberry flavored and one plain) for the
fruit and stuff.  We also made a punch for her.

Dipping stuff with the fountain and the dips

After about 10 minutes we couldn’t get the fountain to flow right anymore and couldn’t figure out why it was kind of stagnating until we were cleaning up and found that someone apparently had accidently dropped a couple of grapes and a strawberry down the top of the chute of the fountain, effectively clogging it up.

Fruit display with the pineapple trees

It was a small outdoor wedding with a waterfall as a back drop.  Gorgeous setting but extremely hot weather.  Thank goodness it was set for 4:30 and they ran a few minutes behind because during the heat of the day it would have been unbearable!  We made sure they had plenty of bottled water outside in a cooler since it was so hot.

Since hubby wanted to make sure everything was perfect for An he made sure all the produce and meat was fresh so we spent the better part of the end of the week running around to the farmers market and produce companies and seafood companies and Sam’s.  I think the guys at Kroger got sick of looking at us!


The groom, J, wanted a peanut butter icing on his groom’s cake.  Hubby got the recipe from the groom’s future mother in law for his favorite icing but soon realized that it would not travel well so he spent Thursday and Friday experimenting on ways to make the peanut butter icing more travel friendly.  J had decided that if he decorated the cake like a truck it would be cute but told hubby just a simple peanut butter icing cake would be fine.  Well, the perfectionist that hubby is, he decided he wanted to make him a truck cake…the entire cake would look like a truck.  So, he spent the other time he wasn’t obsessing over perfecting the icing figuring out how to make the cake look like a truck.  I am sorry to say I did NOT take a picture of the cake before he left the house with it.  I wish I had.

Yummy chocolate covered strawberries

Hubby and I make a good tag team most of the time.  Contrary to popular belief I am the more logical one when it comes to things like packing a vehicle for a trip, which apparently would include transporting food almost two hours for a wedding.  We couldn’t get into the facility until after
two so we spend the morning prepping the food and planned on leaving between 12 and 12:30 since it actually took about an hour and a half driving the normal speed limit so we were going to allow ourselves 2 hours.  While hubby was finishing some last minute food prep issues I loaded up both our cars with the pans and stuff and loaded the coolers with the food.  We were going to stop at the nearby convenience store for ice for the coolers.

Balsamic chicken pasta salad and prime rib croissants

We had one entire cooler filled with meat and cheese items, one with fruits and a third with stuff for the punch.  I placed a cardboard box top into the bottom of a deep bus tub and had told hubby that I thought it was deep enough to take the cake and place it in and he could carry it in the front seat of his car.  While I was taking my shower and getting dressed hubby loaded the coolers in his car since it made more sense for only one of us to have to stop for the ice.  I still had to make a quick stop at Kroger and Party City for something we had forgotten.  I SHOULD have gone out and checked his packing but figured he would do it right.  I guess we shouldn’t assume should we?  My PLAN was to place two more box tops on each end of the cake so that there would be no room for the cake to slide, just in case.  I didn’t.  I regret that now.

I also didn’t realize that he wanted something to cover the top to keep the sun off the cake.  I would have found him something much more  appropriate than what he used.  He took the top to one of the coolers, which has one side smaller than the opening of the top of the bus tub…. Anybody see where I’m going with this?

ANYWAY, he left and I got dressed and left about 10 minutes behind him, ran my errand at Kroger and was in Party City which is about 7 miles from our house when he called.  I could tell by the way his voice sounded that something was wrong.  What was wrong was that the cake got ruined!

I’m not sure exactly what happened because I wasn’t in the car with him but in hind sight, I should have transported the cake. Hubby will readily tell you that I am a better driver than he is.  Faster, yes, but also better.  I always accuse him of being a car stalker.  He doesn’t pay attention when
he’s driving.  He’s always getting distracted by corn fields or clouds, or puppy dogs or something.  He even said he wasn’t sure exactly what happened.  He said he realized he was in the wrong lane and I guess jerked to the left to get in the left lane and ran the two left wheels off the shoulder of the road, took out two of those BIG construction barrels (not cones…barrels)  and when he jerked back, I guess, the top that was too small fell on top of the cake and it slid forward in the tub when he slammed on the brakes so all the cake and all the icing got stuck to the front
pert of the bus tub and the top of the cooler that fell on it.

When he called and told me this I’m just thinking he needed more icing to fix it.  He told me that the icing was not going to fix it and then we figured out we left the icing at the house!  I figured he was being melodramatic so I drove back to the house and got the leftover icing out of the fridge and hit the road.  I ended up not even getting there until after 2:30 and that was really pushing the speed limit.

When I got there I told hubby I brought the icing and he shook his head and pointed to the bus tub.  Yeah, there was no FIXING that cake.  I mean it was still edible… it just looked like crap!  The “top” of the truck layers had overturned and all the wheels were kind of mangled.  Talk about an accident!  IF that had been a real wreck there would have been no survivors.  And that cake didn’t survive.  He felt really bad because then they didn’t have a groom’s cake. He said he actually had to pull over and have a little cry because he was so upset.  Poor baby! I know how he takes everything to heart.

Ranch chicken pasta

Thankfully they are very understanding and I know a couple of people did end up coming into the kitchen and getting a couple of slices.  They said it tasted great!  It would have taken way more time and icing than we had to salvage that to make it public ready.  It needed new tires and a new top!

By the time we got everything cleaned up and got back home it was fairly late and we were exhausted.  Talking about it we realized that this was the first time we’ve catered an event with just the two of us!  We’ve always had the kids or someone else to help us.  I guess we never realized how much the kids helped. Thank you girls!  Plus the fact that we aren’t getting any younger.  I think this was probably about the 15th wedding that we’ve done, plus numerous other functions.  Hubby said “Well, I guess this is something we can look forward to doing more frequently once I
retire.”  I said “By the time you retire, we won’t be able to handle doing this anymore! I’m exhausted!”  I think he agrees….


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11 Responses to Brokeback Truck

  1. SuziCate says:

    You guys do such good work! Great that you have each other’s backs! I wanted to cry for D about his truck cake…I know it nearly killed him to have that happen.

  2. If all you lost was the groom’s cake, I would still call it a success! I can’t believe you two did this all by yourselves! Amazing!

  3. Ron says:

    Holy cow…that food looks fantastic, Peg!

    BRAVO to you both! OMG…I could literally eat that entire plateful of chocolate covered strawberries!

    I love the color of the bridesmaid dress!

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend! Have a great Monday!


  4. Katie says:

    What a lot of work, and so beautifully done. It is a shame about the groom’s cake. I am sure it was great. Peanut butter frosting sounds fantastic.

  5. terrepruitt says:

    Oh, poor D and his cake. I get so sad when stuff like that happens. The food looks and sounds like it was delish.

    I had a friend who was transporting a wedding cake to the wedding and she had it on the floor on the passenger side. She stopped too quick and it hit the inside of her car. It just did frosting damage, and they were able to “fix” with whipped cream. It was a small section. It wasn’t even really that noticeable unless you were looking for it. But my joker of a husband walked casually over to my friend while he was eating a piece of cake and when he got to her a look came across his face and he did the “pftth, pftth” thing you do when you have a hair—or car carpet in your mouth. She did not think that was funny. 🙂

    I am sure your friends loved what you did for them. Not everyone has a groom’s cake so I am sure most people didn’t even miss it.

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