I think you all know how enthralled I am with our newest family addition, Chorizo.  He is so funny he just keeps me in stitches and with that adorable little face, what’s not to love?  He is apparently also quite the comedian.  Yesterday he almost had me rolling on the ground laughing.

First let me back up and give you some background.  Chorizo is a Chiweenie which is a hybrid of Chihuahua which is Mexican and Dachshund which is German.  So would that make him a Meximan or Gercan?  Not sure… but the Dachshund part was originally “bred” to be a badger hunter.  Their small compact bodies apparently make it easy for them to crawl into the badger holes and their powerful back legs make it easier for them to back out of the badger holes (supposedly with the badger).  And their front paws make it easier for them to dig into the holes.  That part I know is true.  This little boy can dig like there is no tomorrow.  You get him near a tree stump and he goes to town like he’s digging to China!

I think he’s confused and thinks he’s supposed to be hunting truffles.  Maybe he thinks since he’s a little sausage dog that he’s part pig and is supposed to sniff out truffles?  All I know is he can sniff out a mushroom a mile away and goes straight for it but he doesn’t stop at just sniffing it  out.  He will devour it in one gulp unless I can get to it first which kind of worries me because I know some mushrooms can be poisonous and I don’t know which ones are and aren’t.  He’s quick…I’ll give him that!  Reminds me of Speedy Gonzalez “Andele! Andele!!”

The ferocious badger hunter

Last week one of the kitties (Milk Truck, our great hunter) brought home a field mouse.  I’d actually say it was more of a RAT since it was several inches long.… AND it was still alive.  Thankfully I was going out to the mailbox with Chorizo on the leash when she comes walking down the street mewing that muffled little meow that she has when she has a “present” for me.  Well, Chorizo took off after her like a bullet and she dropped her prize and ran. Thank goodness I had him on the self retracting leash so I pushed the button and stopped him in his tracks before he got to either of them.  Milk truck came back and retrieved her prize and started walking up the street with it but then dropped it again.  It took off scampering towards US!  I’m freaking out because I don’t want a live mouse/rat near my house and I guess my neighbor heard the commotion (Chorizo  was barking his fool head off) and came outside.

Milk Truck wanting to go outside and hunt!

He asked what was going on and if it was a field mouse or chipmunk and I told him I thought it was a field mouse except its back end was jacked up like it was on car lifts.  If they were from around these parts I’d almost say it looked like a kangaroo mouse.  Weird part was it wasn’t jacked up all the time.  It only did that when the cat or Chorizo got near it.  Otherwise it was a nice normal level looking mouse.  But when it seemed to get “scared” it jacked up its back end and ran.  Maybe it was a defense mechanism to try to make itself look bigger?

Milk Truck with a bunny present

Anyway, out of panic and desperation I let Chorizo have a little slack in the line so maybe it would run in the opposite direction.  IT WORKED!!  Milk truck came back and was on one side of the street and Chorizo was on the other and the mouse is running back and forth between the two of them but at least he is running UP the street AWAY from our house which is what I wanted.  Milk truck eventually got bored and ran off into the woods I suppose to find another mouse.  I was afraid the mouse was going to jump the curb and run into the empty lot across the road, or worse, the one beside our house, and then find his way back down to our house so I let Chorizo get a little closer but not close enough to actually touch the mouse.  It worked and eventually we got him all the way up the street and chased into the woods across the road from the end of our street.  Mission accomplished!  I felt like we were a good tag team.  By this time it was almost dark so I coaxed him inside for the night.

Hellboy being big and bad! (hahaha)

Yesterday evening I’m taking Chorizo out for a potty break and it’s just getting dusk.  It was about 9 o’clock or so.  I see Hellboy at the edge of the yard but he was acting a little weird.  I tried to coax him closer but Chorizo kept wanting to play with him which Hellboy was having NO part of when I hear one of those weird mews and I see Milk truck coming down the street again.  I can tell she has something in her mouth but I couldn’t tell what it was.

Hey! He caught a GIRL!

She got about ten feet from me and dropped her present on the ground but Hellboy pounced for it so she grabbed it back up and started running up the street.  She got about halfway and dropped it again and lay down beside it.  I got close enough to see it was a tiny baby mouse.  Maybe only an inch or two long.  And it was dead.  No salvaging that one.  I knew she could have swallowed that one whole so she just wanted me to see her prize.  I told her she was a good girl and petted her head and then Hellboy tried to grab the little mouse so she grabbed it and ran off into the empty lot across the street with Hellboy in hot pursuit.

Hellboy and Poe tired out after a morning of nothing!

I didn’t want them fighting so I walked up the street with Chorizo in tow (truth be known he was probably pulling ME) to find them so that Hellboy wouldn’t attack her since he probably outweighs her by double.  I finally found them about halfway down the block in the overgrown lot.  He was just watching her but they were kind of fussing at each other but it was starting to get dark and hubby was on his way home for us to go out so I pulled Chorizo away and headed for home.  He did not want to go because now his hunting instinct had kicked in! I had to pretty much drag him down the street.

As I got to the driveway I could see Poe and another cat at the top of the hill by the driving range and could tell they too had a prize they were playing with.  At first I was confused because it looked like Lala but I knew I left her in the house.  Apparently I hadn’t closed the door tightly enough and she had gotten it open and joined her brother in the “cat and mouse” game. Sorry.  I couldn’t resist that one.  They were letting their prize, a much bigger field mouse, run back and forth between them.  If it ran down the hill one of them would go and cut it off at the pass.  When they saw me they stopped and the mouse went scampering across the yard closer to the house.  In my panic for it not to get to the house since the door was still ajar I kind of let go of Chorizo’s leash and he took off for that mouse as hard as he could go.

Poe and Lala hunting something together

He pounced on the mouse and I know it shouldn’t be funny but it was freaking hilarious.  The mouse, in turn, grabbed hold of Chorizo’s paw and he (Chorizo) let out a squeal like someone shot him!  It was like an episode of the Keystone Cops.  I was kind of doing a little  OHMYGODITSAMOUSE dance because I didn’t want it to let go of Chorizo and bite me!  Hey!  Don’t judge!  Every man for himself here! Chorizo
is squealing like a stuck pig.  I swear if he could have figured out how to shake his paw he would have!  He was doing his own little OHMYGODITSAMOUSEANDITHASME dance.

I couldn’t  grab the mouse because #1) I didn’t have on gloves or anything and I didn’t want it to bite me and #2) Chorizo was doing his little whirligig dance so fast that I couldn’t have caught him if I’d wanted to!  He’s jumping around in a circle yelping and barking and the mouse is still hanging on for dear life and the cats?  I swear I think they were rolling around on the ground holding their sides laughing, pointing and calling the dog an idiot.  I think I heard Poe tell Lala “See? I told you dogs were stupid!”

Brother and sister enjoying a siesta together.

I didn’t have anything to pry the mouse off with.  And I couldn’t even step on it because I had on flip flops which aren’t a lot of protection.  And I couldn’t get Chorizo to stand still long enough to step on it even if I had been brave enough to.  I swear it seemed like it went on forever even though it was probably only about 30 seconds or so.  I’m not sure whether the mouse finally let go or if Chorizo pried it off with his other paw but he looked at me with those big eyes like “Why didn’t you help me?”  After it let go and the cats took off after it I couldn’t stop laughing.  Chorizo wasn’t bleeding or anything and I couldn’t see where it broke the skin or anything so I’m hoping he’ll be fine.  It’s not swollen or anything this morning so I guess he’s none the worse for the wear although he told me this morning…”I’m looking for the mouse who bit my paw!”

Lala guarding their prey

So… if the mouse had bitten off part of Chorizo’s paw and then Chorizo had eaten the mouse… would that have made him a cannibal?  Am I the only one who thinks up weird crap like that?  I think the most surprising part was that I didn’t realize that mice were meat eaters or that they liked Mexican food!  Does that make him a Meximouse?


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8 Responses to Mousehunt

  1. Ron says:

    ” Reminds me of Speedy Gonzalez “Andele! Andele!!”

    Yes! Yes! I remember Speedy Gonzalez too, but hadn’t thought of him until you mentioned it!!!

    Great photos, Peg!

    Loved the one….”Hey! He caught a girl!” Priceless!

    Have a great day, dear friend!


  2. Katie says:

    HellBoy and MilkTruck what great names for cats. You have some great hunters there.

    • pegbur7 says:

      We have had some creative names for cats. Our youngest usually ends up naming them. She named Hellboy. It was very appropriate because he was hell on paws when he was a kitten! Milk Truck earned her name because she was a stray we took in and I refused to name her. She had a litter of kittens and whenever she’d come back inside from going out the kittens would jump on her like she was a milk delivery truck so we named her milk truck!

  3. terrepruitt says:

    You have yourself a beautiful bunch of animals.

    And they are soooooo entertaining!

  4. SuziCate says:

    Chorizo is quickly becoming the man of the house…already knew he was top dog (hot dog)!

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