Spinning Puppies

What makes you smile?

Puppies and unicorns! I’m supposed to write about things that make me happy… or smile. Well puppies certainly do. A few of them at least. Like my grandpoopies, or my niece and nephew poopies or my brother and sister poopies.

I have to admit that I have never really considered myself a “dog person”. I have always preferred cats. I always thought that dogs were more of an inconvenience. Like you can’t leave a dog alone with just good and water and a litter box for a couple of days like you can a cat. You have to be there every few hours to let them out to go to the bathroom. And the cats don’t usually wreck the house like a puppy left alone to its own devices for a few hours. And when dogs get wet… they smell… well, like a DOG. Kitties don’t smell like that and they keep themselves cleaner and better groomed. I don’t have to give my kitties a bath (I’d actually be afraid of losing an arm if I DID) like you do puppies or dogs.

But I do have to admit… I have lost my heart…. To a DOG **GASP**…. I know…. shocker, huh?

I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today….

I have just fallen head over heels in love with a little furry booger named Chorizo. Mind you, I was NOT looking for a puppy when we “found” him. See…. This is what happened….

I ask you… HOW could you resist this?

Our ONE cat that we had on purpose had gone missing. We had been going to the county animal shelter once or twice a week looking for KeeKee (whom we still have not found… I think the coyotes must have gotten her). On about the third or fourth visit to the shelter hubby decided to look in the “puppy room”. First thing I saw when I walked into the room was his sweet little face. I looked at hubby and said “You know, he’d be perfect for #3 since she’s been wanting a puppy and she’s moving into a house.” He said “And where is she supposed to keep him in the meantime?” I innocently replied “I suppose we could keep him for her until she moves (in August). Hubby said “we’d see” and we’d keep checking back to see if they had more. Yeah, you keep thinking that honey.

Youngest (Chorizo on left) and Oldest (Tinky) grandpoopies

We left and ran some errands. I had taken a picture and sent it to #3 and of course she fell in love with him too…. How could you NOT? We went out to eat and while we were eating I said “You know if we don’t get out there someone else is going to get that puppy”. Long story shorter… we got him. You can read it here or here if you like.

On the way back to GA he discovered the back seat! And McNugget Happy Meals!

I recently went to Virginia for a Celebration of Life to honor my brother Monte. #3 couldn’t get off work to go and I didn’t want to leave him by himself for so many hours a day so I took him with me. He was SO good on the trip. No accidents in the car, although I did have to hold him most of the way up! Try driving with one hand and holding a puppy with the other. Not as easy as it looks! Of course once I got to my mom and dad’s they absolutely fell in love with him. I know I’ve mentioned numerous times how much my dad loves to lay in bed and read? Well, he had an instant reading companion. Chorizo made himself at home in my dad’s lap while he read.

Chorizo found a nice cozy spot while my dad read

I think everyone who met him fell absolutely in love with him. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get him away from everyone to bring him home. My sister told me “You know you aren’t going to be able to take that dog away from Daddy!” I told her I didn’t have a choice since it wasn’t my dog to give away. She then informed me that I would be a “horrible daughter” if I took Chorizo away from our dad. I told her I’d be a horrible mom if I gave away my daughter’s dog so either way SOMEONE was going to be unhappy.

Kamyl with Chorizo

My brother’s granddaughter Kamyl fell in loe with him which surprised me because she always said she didn’t like dogs. My hubby said the dog finally learned to talk. He said he walked by once when he was being carted around by the kids and said “I swear that dog looked at me and said HELP ME!” When she did finally put him down for a few minutes he hid under the baby’s play pen! He was so tired of being held by that night that he didn’t want anyone to hold him! My mom finally rescued him and she and my dad took him back to their house with them when they left. He was a good puppy though. You can’t help but look at him without smiling. So puppies? Yes… unicorns… not so much.

Een BIL Dirtman got in on the Chorizo loe!

This post has been brought to you by Sprite’s Keeper and The Spin Cycle.


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14 Responses to Spinning Puppies

  1. The name is perfect, he looks like a little snausage! Yeah, I’d be taking the puppy love. How can you help it with that face! I also love the Popeye reference. 🙂
    You’re linked!

  2. Jan says:

    Oh, that face. That FACE! I think I’m in love…

  3. NikNik says:

    Sweet baby! I don’t think E is ever gonna get that puppy!

  4. Ron says:

    Like you, I have always considered myself more of a cat person, and for all the reasons you shared. However, I love dogs too. I was raised having dogs in our family. It wasn’t until I got older did I really learn to appreciate and love cats.

    These photos are darling, Peg!

    Chorizo is such a sweetheart!

    ((((( Chorizo ))))))

    ” I have lost my heart…. To a DOG **GASP**….”

    Yup….I would have too!

    Hope you’re having a great Friday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Isn’t he just adorable? Except when he tears everything up and cries whenever you leave him alone for more than two seconds… Then as soon as you see that sweet little face you can’t be mad anymore. Een when #3 forgets to shut the bathroom door and he tears entire rolls of TP to SHREDS….. ALL over the bathroom.

  5. Bankerchick says:

    I am a dog person, I have had cats, but prefer pups. One could not have resisted Chorizo even if they did not like dogs. He is so sweet. Have a great weekend.

  6. He’s adorable. I can see why you love him. (But I swear he looks like Billie Bob Thornton.) But I love BBT too!

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