Come Through My Window

Open window

Time for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop again.  I am choosing prompt # 1)Write about a time you had to crawl through a window. (inspired by
Barb from Half Past Kissin‘ Time) but with a twist.

I don’t honestly remember climbing through a window although I’s sure I probably have. I just am drawing a blank right now.  I have had the kids crawl through the windows when they have lost/forgotten their keys.  And then there was the time I was staying at my brothers and his wife (the that time) was pissed at him and hired a couple of thugs to climb over the second story balcony to try to break through the storm doors and beat him up. Thank God I heard them and they didn’t make it through the door…. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

And then was the time that hubby and I got locked out of our apartment after a night of partying.  We returned home to find out we had somehow lost/forgotten the key to the door.  Our apartment complex offered a “service” for $5 they would have the maintenance man come and let you in the apartment no matter what time it was.  Yeah, I know $5 is cheap but this was 30 years ago and when you’re young and stupid and drunk $5 is a lot of money.

We called the after hours number and the guy was supposed to be there in “5 minutes”.  He lived inside the complex after all!  He didn’t come.  Mind you this was before cell phones and we were slightly intoxicated and someone had to drive down to the nearest pay phone (yes, we realize this was stupid) to call them.  After twenty minutes hubby went back down and called them again.  Again the guy said 5 minutes.  I’m pretty sure hubby probably gave him a few choice words which probably caused him to “take his time”.

Long story short after 3 phone calls and at least a couple of hours the maintenance guy still hadn’t shown up so hubby got the bright idea to climb up the balcony to see if the door was unlocked.  I don’t think it was but somehow he eventually got it opened.  About twenty minutes after we got into the apartment the maintenance guy finally showed up!  That is the first time I think I ever saw hubby lose his temper and it wasn’t pretty.  I seriously feared for the maintenance guys health and safety and had to stand between them to keep hubby from taking a swing at him.  Trust me… after he barked at me to “get out of the (blank blank) way..”  I did!  I don’t EVER want to see him that mad again.

Then there was the time, way back when I was single and engaged to a young man I’ll call AL.   I was about 20  or 21 years old and we hadn’t been engaged long.  I had my own apartment and he had his own place.  I did not have a key to his place and he didn’t have one to mine. I was a very independent and self sufficient young woman. During the week we would occasionally go out to dinner or something but since we both worked and lived in different areas of town we didn’t see each other a whole lot except on weekends.

I lived in a two story town house.  One day I came home from work to hear water running in my upstairs bathroom.  This was before cell phones too.  I looked out the front door and didn’t see any cars.  I walked quietly around the downstairs and saw nothing out of place so I crept up the stairs (I know… I don’t know why I didn’t call the cops first) with a baseball bat at the ready to pound someone in the head if necessary.

I could tell the sound was coming from MY bathroom… like the shower running… and as I got to my bedroom door the sound stopped and as I  walked in the room I was met by AL walking out of my bathroom with a towel wrapped around him dripping wet of course.  I was very thankful to find out it was him and not some random intruder who decided he needed a bath!  But then a question crossed my mind…

ME:  What are you doing here?

AL:  Well, we were going out to dinner tonight so I thought it would be easier to just come straight here and take a shower than go home first.

ME:  How did you get here?  Your car isn’t here.

AL:  Oh, I had one of the guys from work drop me off.

ME:  Why didn’t you call me at work and let me know so you didn’t scare me and why didn’t you ask if it was okay?

AL:  I just thought of it on the way home besides, I didn’t think you’d mind.  I mean, we ARE engaged, right?

It occurred to me that he would have had to have thought of it BEFORE he went to work in order to bring clothes with him to change into…which brought up another question….

ME:  How did you even get IN here?  I’ve never given you a key…

AL:  You left the front door unlocked?

ME:  NO, I KNOW I didn’t leave the front door unlocked.  I ALWAYS check all my doors before I go to bed and before I leave the house.

AL:  Um…. Don’t get mad, but, your dining room window was unlocked…

ME:  You BROKE into my apartment?  Through the window?

AL:  Well, I didn’t have a key!  Look at it this way… now you know to check your window locks too!

ME:  Did it ever occur to you that if I had WANTED you to have a key to my apartment I would have GIVEN you a key?

AL & I before the break in or break up!

I guess that was when I realized that I was NOT ready to get married.  I enjoyed my independence too much and the thought of someone…. Anyone… “plundering” through my stuff when I wasn’t home just pissed me off.  Guess I wasn’t as willing to “share” my life as I’d thought.   Poor guy… I guess he really was confused because it never occurred to him that I really did treasure my privacy and my independence.  Needless to say he never broke into my place again, he never got his own key and we broke up shortly after that.  To his credit, he was a good guy and helped me out of a tough situation even after we had broken up.  But I did still didn’t want anyone “snooping” around my place when I wasn’t there!


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14 Responses to Come Through My Window

  1. OMG! I don’t know how I would have handled someone in my place without me knowing it………I guess that was kind of a deal breaker break in. 😉

  2. Ron says:

    ” But I did still didn’t want anyone “snooping” around my place when I wasn’t there!”

    I don’t blame you Peg, because I would have felt the exact same way!!!

    I too have climbed through a window, several times. All because I lost my keys, which is something I used to do A LOT 😦

    Have a great Thursday, my friend!


  3. I completely don’t blame you for breaking it off. I like my boundaries too, and crossing them brings out my bad side. I just want people to give me the same space I give them.

  4. Bankerchick says:

    You always tell the best stories, and thank heaven for cell phones. One time we had left a bedroom window open with it cracked about a foot but locked with a stick. (first floor) my brother came by with his three year old and took off the screen and had the kid crawl thru. I often wondered what he would have done if Megs had not been able to unlock the front door.

  5. SuziCate says:

    Funny you should get that prompt since we just talked about that! And to think I never knew about this until a few weeks ago! Yeah, he lost out big time…and glad he did because you ended up with a real treasure!

  6. i would have freaked out too. it’s a little much to just let yourself in through my WINDOW! Makes for a funny story though.

  7. That is so freaky! You are better than me. I would have called the police right away. There is no way I would be tiptoeing to investgate.

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