Spam Me, Baby!

I don’t check my SPAM content on my blog here very often and quite honestly WordPress does a great job of screening them I guess or I’m not
popular enough for the spammers to bother me.  When I do get them they are usually so obviously spam like the following (please don’t click on any of those links… it’s SPAM)  that I just deleted from the folder:  comment2, genric ambien m 22, mpul, ow to detox from ambien, >:-(, ambien positive drug screen, PP, ambien sleepwalking injuries, lyr, ambien 90, cms,

I think it’s pretty obvious that one is SPAM.  There is not even a coherent sentence in there and even an untrained eye like mine can see that they are pill pushers!  Sometimes I will get them where the entire comment is in some foreign and therefore to me undecipherable language.

Then there are the more subtle SPAMMERS that send things like this one: I try to see it.  I mean, I guess that it could be from someone legit but it was left on the post I wrote about Leoci’s … so WHAT where they trying to see? And the fact that the email left with it was for”  Yeah…. Somehow I don’t think that’s legit.

Then there are the ones that seem to be trying to do a really good job of sounding like they are speaking American English but sound so stilted that you know they don’t really speak it themselves or if they do they are in dire need of a ESOL class.  Like this one:  I’m which means able to peruse this. This is usually a mode of guideline which needs to be administered without being of the unintentional false information this is certainly at that extra web sites. Realize your company blogging that most helpful doctor. Seriously… what the HELL does that even MEAN?  It makes NO sense whatsoever.  That was left on my post Runaway Bride.  It wouldn’t make sense no matter WHAT post it was left on.  WTH?  I don’t even know where to start with that one.

That one was also linked to a WordPress blog that was obviously phony but it get’s better…. That same post also had THIS gem left on comments:  My name is so pleased you will. This is basically the material handbook that has to be agreed and just not the most important animal falsehoods absolutely along at the most other articles. Treasure your family posting about it our most appropriate file.  Funny thing is it had the same wordpress blogspot attached to it but they had different email addresses attached to them.  I’m sitting here wondering what the heck their name is so pleased I will do?  HUH? At worst they are annoying, but they do give me a few chuckles here and there.

I seem to get them in spurts. I won’t really get many or any for a while and then BAM… I’ll get several in the same day or in a couple of days.  Do the rest of you bloggers get a LOT of SPAM?  I have found that somehow some of my regular commenters will inadvertently end up in there and I don’t know how that happens so I always check before I delete now.  Do you ever look at what is written in yours or do you automatically delete it?


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6 Responses to Spam Me, Baby!

  1. terrepruitt says:

    I get spam too. And it is odd how it all comes in one day. I just figure that the people doing it are doing it all in one day OR the bot that is doing it is doing it in one sweep.

    I THINK, I am not sure, but I think that sometimes the ones that don’t make sense COULD be people just trying to get certain words out there. And maybe even certain phrases. The way search engines get information could be how/why they write like they do. So, what they are writing does not really MEAN anything, it is the words that get read by the search engines that they are trying to get out there. Could also be that they don’t know how to speak English. Could be both.

    I do know that they do it for traffic so I usually delete them. I don’t like it when they put their website IN their comment when their comment is, “Nice post.” PUHLEASE obviously just trying to get traffic to THEIR site. When they type an actual comment where it is obvious they read my post and then put their link in, that’s ok. At least they read the post and they are just trying to get business like some of us are. But the, “I agree.” With lines and lines about THEIR stuff. (eyes rolling)

    I actually forgot about that folder. I had about 39 in there mostly from July. Funny. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Ron says:

    Yup….I get a TON of spam on my blog. And the thing I always enjoyed better about WP was Akismet, which does an amazing job of filtering spam. However, Blogger has now added a spam filter and it seems to be working very well. Yet, I still get them from those clever people who PRETEND to leave a sincere comment, but after checking their link, discover that it leads to a business blog that is trying to add links for better SEO. This why I have (and always will) moderate my comments.

    “I’m which means able to peruse this. This is usually a mode of guideline which needs to be administered without being of the unintentional false information this is certainly at that extra web sites. Realize your company blogging that most helpful doctor.”

    OMG…that is just too strange!!

    Have a great Monday, dear friend!


  3. Lisa says:

    My favorite spam comments are the ones that say, “Great content” on a photo post.

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