ABC’s of Me


I am currently in Virginia because we are having a Celebration of Life in honor of my brother Monte who passed away on April 15.  If I’ve been slack in visiting your blogs or answering your comments I apologize. Since I don’t have internet access at my parents I have set several posts to post while I am gone and will catch up with you guys next week.  In the meantime. . . I saw this one someone else’s blog and stole it and revised it to fit me so, without further ado… THE ABC’s of ME:

Age: 53 (ouch!)

Bed Size: Cali King but I sleep so close to the edge of the left side because hubby likes his half in the middle or on my side that it could be a twin for all I know. And I usually end up with a cat on top of me and maybe at my head and the puppy somewhere in the mix

Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathrooms and cat boxes but I do it anyway…double yuck!

Dogs: Chorizo… not really ours but we are keeping him for #3 until she moves into her house. We may have to seek joint custody…

Essential start of your day: COFFEE!!! And LOTS of it!

Favorite Color: Teal (I have to be different)

Gold or silver: all surgical steel. I am allergic to nickel which is used to cut most other metals so all I ever wear is my wedding band anyway (and the bracelet my sister made me to honor my brother)

Height: 5’ 4” but I tell everyone 5’5” cause I WANT to be taller. I figue if I only add an inch maybe people won’t question it!

Instruments I play or have played: ha ha ha (does chopsticks on the piano count?)

Job Title: I don’t have one at the moment since I am underemployed although hubby likes to pretend I’m retired.

Kids: Not KIDS anymore but I am the mother of 3 fabulous daughters

Live: Why yes, I am!  Oh, where?  Douglasville, GA (metro Atlanta)

Mom’s Name: Florence

Nickname: Peg, Pegleg, Sidney (don’t ask) MA, Mama Twerk (don’t ask on that one either)

Overnight hospital stays: Where should I start? Ummmm THREE kids (one C-section) tonsillectomy (in the 60’s so yes, overnight) back surgery, gall bladder surgery… so a few.

Pet  Peeve: Drivers who drive slow in the passing lane or even worse who drive in the passing line right next to the car in the 2nd lane

Quote from a movie: You had me at HELLO. – Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger) in Jerry Maguire

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: I am one of six. Next to the baby.  One passed away, 5 surviving.

Time you wake up: When one of the cats or Chorizo decide they need to go to the bathroom or when hubby wakes me up

Underwear: yes, I do not do commando.

Vegetables you dislike: avocados, chick peas, rutabaga

What makes you run late: I always seem to lose track of time. I don’t wear a watch and forget to check the clock

X-rays you’ve had done:  teeth and back

Yummy food you make: stuffed shells and baked ziti seem to be my kids favorites

Zoo animal: Bengal tigers or any other of the BIG CAT family

That’s it!  Feel free to play along if you’d like.


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One Response to ABC’s of Me

  1. Ron says:

    LOVED this, Peg!

    Especially….”Zoo animal: Bengal tigers or any other of the BIG CAT family.”

    OMG, Bengal tigers are my favorite big cat! I just wanna HUG one!

    Your Celebration of Life in honor of my brother Monte, sounds wonderful!

    X to you and your family

    Happy 4th, dear friend!

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