A Day at McKays

Last week on the Spin Cycle we wrote about books.  I warned you guys I was going to Nashville and going to go to my favorite used bookstore McKays.  I told you guys to be jealous.  We spent about an hour and a half poring through book shelves.  Well, I did anyway.  I got to recommend The Help to two different ladies and Water For Elephants and both of them found both books!  I was kinda surprised because last year when I bought Water For Elephants before anyone ever heard of the book or before they’d even started the movie I think I paid maybe $4 for the hardback.  Now the book is like $8 there.  Still cheaper than Barnes and Noble or Borders but now that it’s popular it’s twice the price?  I guess they gotta make a profit somewhere  and keep up with supply and demand.

I didn’t find all the books that I was looking for but I found a lot I WASN’T but that looked interesting.  I got books for myself, hubby and two of my
three daughters and my sister.  #1 was with me so she got her own.  Hubby spend the entire time following around an employee who was stocking CD’s to see what he was putting up that was new.  I think the guy was probably getting ready to have him picked up for being a stalker!  He (hubby) did find out some interesting tidbits.  Like the best days of the week to come are Monday and Tuesday because people then to come on weekends to sell their stuff and usually Monday and Tuesday are the best days to find new stuff.

mmmmm......the smell of books and bargains!

He also found out that the best time to find new stuff is the beginning of the month because he said people will come in at the very end of the month or the first of the new month selling everything they have to make rent for the next month.  He said sometimes you can find great buys on
stuff at that time, particularly CD’s and movies.  Good to know!  Someone else’s bind can be your find!  So the absolute best time to go is the first Monday and Tuesday of the month.

Look what I brought back from Nashville!

Here’s a picture of what we brought home from Nashville.  No, I didn’t buy out Frugal MacDougals even though we did visit there.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Frugal MacDougals, it’s supposedly a “discount” liquor store.  We went to look for the Banfi wines we had at the wine dinner but they didn’t carry any.  I guess because they aren’t “discount”?  Not sure… but, the boxes are full of books!  One whole box will probably go to #2.  She reads like 3 or 4 books a week I think.  This box should last her a little while I guess.

I'm giddy just thinking about all that reading!

We ended up getting 37 books and 2 CD’s.  And guess what I spent?  A FORTUNE, right?  WRONG! I spent $45, tax included!  Can you believe that?  I think the most expensive thing I bought was maybe $4.  Some of the books we bought were 5 cents.  Yes, 5 measly cents!  Some of the hardcover books were only 50 cents.  I didn’t go looking to buy the two books by Michael J Fox but I’ve always wanted to read them since he’s seems to be such a positive person even though he’s battling Parkinson’s so when I saw them at such a cheap price I couldn’t pass them up.

They even have some text books.  One of my daughter’s friends was telling me that when she was going to college she would take them her old text
books and buy her new ones there if she could find them and it saved her a tremendous amount of money.  Some of the textbooks she needed were like $250 on campus and she’d find them at there for like $2 or $3.  They are fairly generous when you bring in books if they are giving you store credit, too.  I haven’t done this yet but I thought about bringing some up there last week but I never got around to going through my books.

From Janis Joplin to Sophies Choice... a little eclectic collection.

Besides, my worst problem is that I hate parting with books.  Especially if it’s one I really liked.  Even when I loan them out I end up usually never getting them back.  I hate when that happens.  I feel like I’ve lost a friend!  I used to have lots of bookshelves brimming with books but when we moved into this house we downsized and I sold the bookshelves in a yard sale and what books I didn’t sell I donated.  I think I dropped off half a dozen HUGE boxes of books at the local library.  I kept a couple of boxes and I still think I have one in the garage I haven’t ever unpacked because I didn’t have the shelf space.  I bought a small bookshelf that is in my hallway that is overflowing with books and I’ve got boxes of books laying all over. I really do have a problem with that.  I honestly could have stayed another couple of hours and probably spent twice as much and would have been in hog heaven.

The thing I am most excited about (I know I’m weird) is that we found out they are building a NEW McKays in Nashville and it’s right on the exit where my daughter lives.  Seriously… as you come down the exit ramp to go to her house it’s right there on the right.  Probably not more than a mile from her house!  I don’t think her husband is looking forward to that but I sure am!  I can’t wait!  Probably not gonna be good for my
pocketbook but it will be for my soul!


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10 Responses to A Day at McKays

  1. Ron says:

    “We ended up getting 37 books and 2 CD’s. And guess what I spent? A FORTUNE, right? WRONG! I spent $45, tax included! ”

    HOLY COW…that’s incredible!

    Gosh, I can remember when paperbooks were like, $3.95 a peice. Now, they’re almost $10.00!!!

    I like purchasing books at a used bookstore. Not only because of the price, but I also like the fact that they were previously owned. Something cool about that!

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend!

    And happy reading!


  2. SuziCate says:

    Unbelievable! I want a McKays here!!!! And thank you for picking up a few for me!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I wish they had one here too! You will just have to go visit your niece! I know I’m gonna be in trouble when they open that one right by their exit!

  3. Hooray for two of my favorite things! Books and Booze! LOL!

  4. NikNik says:

    I am trying to rush through the kindle book i am reading now so i can get to the ones i bought!

  5. Spot says:

    There’s a bookstore like that that I love going to in Ohio when I visit my sister. We both get giddy at the prospect of those new books! Looks like a great haul!

    I’ve read the Michael J. Fox books. He’s such a positive person, you can’t help but love him. And what a great relationship he and his wife have.


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