Sounds Like a Good Time

Last week in Nashville we got to go to watch the Nashville Sounds (minor league ball team) play on Hubby’s birthday.  Hubby is a HUGE baseball fan and I think he’d rather watch minor league ball than major league.  He loves the feel of it and I guess of letting the little guy get ahead.  Plus I think it reminds him or those summers we lived in Lynchburg and he got so close with the Sox minor league club up there.

Outside the ball park

The weather had been bad earlier in the day and they even had a tornado watch out so we were afraid that we weren’t going to get to go to the game.  #1 had even thought she wasn’t going to get off work early enough and might have to meet us at the ballpark but it turned out great.  Seriously, just as we got to the exit to her work on the interstate she called and said she’d be off in about 10 minutes if we wanted to come pick her up.  We hopped off on the exit and popped into her work long enough for her boss to brag on her.  Don’t you just love when people think your kids are as awesome as you do?

Hubby is so happy. Look at that grin!

#1 and Hubby outside the ballpark

We got to the park about 30 minutes before the game and beings it was “Thirsty Thursday” as they were calling it we were afraid it would be really crowded.  Not to worry.  It wasn’t crowded at all and we got seats really close to home plate (in  section next to all the scouts, which made hubby happy!) and  behind the protection of the net so we didn’t get whopped by an errant foul ball.  We did see that happen several times that night.

Gotta love a scoreboad shaped like a guitar

Inside the ball park

On Thursdays apparently  The Sounds (isn’t that a cute name – they have little musical notes on the front of the ball caps) have $2 on almost
everything; draft beer, popcorn, pretzels, nachos, sodas, funnel cakes… all were $2 each.  I think we tried/shared at least one of all the $2 offerings.  I was so full by the time we left I think I had to waddle to the car.  Good thing it wasn’t raining or someone might have mistaken me for an overgrown duck!

The drumline and mascot

I love all the little games they play at minor league parks to entertain the crowds.  They have a “drumline” which consists of four guys on 4 different kinds of drums and they get out there and play and dance around with the mascot.  I’m not sure what he’s supposed to be or how it’s related to sounds but he’s some kind of “cat”.  The drumline did some drumming for 3 guys who stood on top of the home dugout to dance to while they did their sexiest shampoo in the shower impersonation.  Hilarious but I don’t know if I’d be willing to make that much of a fool of myself just to win a free bottle of Pert shampoo.

That's my girl (and son in law)!

Dancing for shampoo

I think that GOO GOO Clusters must have been a sponsor by the homerun sign saying "That ball is GooGoo GONE"

They also had a whole “taco cheering section” sponsored by Taco Bell and had a guy (I guess it was a guy) walking around dressed up as a giant package of taco sauce!  I expected that Taco Bell must have had a stand there or something but nope.  I still don’t get that connection.  I think
if you took your ticket stub to Taco Bell you got either a free taco or money  off or something.

Taco Bell anyone?

The girl who sang the national anthem did a really good job of singing but when she sang I didn’t pay much attention to what she looked like.  She
was a very attractive young girl who looked to be in maybe her mid twenties.  About the second inning I noticed a young girl sitting in the next section over and her hair fascinated me.  I couldn’t quit staring. It was like a car accident or something where you know you should look away but you can’t because you’re mesmerized by the mangled mess?  I still can’t quite figure out how she got her hair to do that.  It was like it was a whole bunch of little pony tails on fairly short hair which made them kind of flare out in little circles and stick out from her head for several inches plus the topped it off with some kind of turban thing?  It was a hot mess but still intriguing.  If she was going for “different” I’d say she had a raving success on her hands.   I was just fascinated by it because I couldn’t figure it out.  Maybe it was just her way of being even more artistic?

I wonder how long it took to achieve this look?

Am I missing some fashion trend here?

We left I think at the beginning of the ninth inning to “beat the traffic” although I’m not sure we’d have to worry about a lot of traffic leaving there.
Great cheap entertainment and the weather turned out to be great.  Not too hot and no rain.  It was a great day at the ball park.

The clouds were looking cool!

Beautiful end to a beautiful day


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10 Responses to Sounds Like a Good Time

  1. NikNik says:

    I can’t believe you got pictures of that girls hair! too funny!

  2. Alex has season tickets to SF Giants games. I really love going, but hate the night games because it’s so cold at night at the Park. 50 degrees and windy! Ugh! I’ve never been to a Minor League Game but that would be fun to do. We have a couple of Triple A teams around. We may go check it out. Your day at the park looks fun! But that hair is a hot mess for sure!

  3. Ron says:

    Oh, what FUN, Peg!

    I wish I would have been there with you guys!

    LOVE the walking Taco Bell!!!!

    And the girl with the ‘hair?’

    Looks like an artichoke pom-pom – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

    Happy Belated Birthday to hubby!

    Have a marvi Monday, dear friend…..X

  4. SuziCate says:

    don’t want shampoo that badly, especially not Pert! Sounds like a great time!

  5. Looks like you had more fun at your baseball game than I had at the one I went to a few months ago. I actually took out my Nook and started reading!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Hubby and #1 and her hubby def enjoyed it more than I did but that girls hair kept me occupied for a good thirty minutes! LOL I didn’t notice it when she was singing because she was farther away. When she sat down a few rows away I was like “What the HECK did she do to her hair?” In fact I turned to #1 and said “I can’t STOP looking!” LOL

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