Chorizo Makes Three

Last week our new little grandpoopie Chorizo was so sick I was really worried that the poor little fellow wasn’t going to make it.  He was so sick and lethargic.  He lay around and wasn’t very active at all.  Let me tell you after our trip to Nashville I can tell you that he is feeling MUCH better.  He got to meet his cousins Tinky and Bo and they had a blast.

Tinky and Bo checking out Chorizo. Well, Bo is trying to ignore him.

Tinky checking out Chorizo

Tinky had a little harder time adjusting but I think she was relieved to have a dog about her size around.  She really didn’t know how to act because she is so used to being around HUGE dogs.  Bo and then Cosmo and now Bo’s friend Bohdi (not sure if I spelled that right).  They all had a great time except when Bohdi got a little frisky and turned pedophile on Chorizo.

I know he’s worn out because he slept pretty much all the way home, most of the way in my arms… while I drove.  He kept crawling over the onsole
and back into my lap so I help him most of the time or he set his little head on my shoulder or arm while I drove.  He even got a little antsy for a little while and we finally figured out he probably had to go to the bathroom so we stopped at the next exit and sure enough he ran out and peed and then he was fine!  Smart doggie already!  No mishaps in the car at all.  Makes me feel a little better about my driving to VA alone with him although I’m not sure how I’m gonna handle it when I have to go to the bathroom.  I guess I’ll have to stop at rest areas and hope for the best.

Chillin' while I'm driving

I think he's relaxed?

I think he was worn slap out

We got home around 4 or 4:30 and as we were unloading the car hubby noticed that Lala wasn’t acting her normal self then she started with the wheezing and coughing.  We realize that she hadn’t really been grooming herself either which is very unusual for her.  She is usually very fastidious in her grooming.   She had also thrown up at least 4 times around the house.  YUCK! After I cleaned up that mess I immediately called our new mobile vet. He was enroute back to his house from being out in another town working all day and his assistant told us to go ahead and bring her over in about 45 minutes to an hour so about the time we got everything unloaded it was about time to take her to his house.

As I suspected, he said she was a very sick little girl.  She had a temperature of over 104.  He gave her IV’s and gave he like 3 shots.  He saved the
worst one for last and said “This will be the test of how badly she’s feeling.  If she doesn’t flinch with this one I’ll know she’s really sick because this one really burns and I had a cat try to bite me today when I gave them this shot.”  She never flinched and she didn’t even try to run away from the IV needle.  She let him give her the IV.

We were there for about an hour and he gave me another medicine to take home plus two shots (both antibiotics and I know one was penincillin – that’s the one that hurts so bad when they give it to them).  He also gave me a bag of IV fluids and the needle and showed me how to administer it in case she didn’t eat this morning.  He asked me to give her the two shots today and he only charged us $50.  I am so impressed with him.  He obviously loves what he does.  He told me that she would probably start feeling better by late last night.

Poor baby doesn't feel well at all.

She is still wheezing and coughing this morning but she doesn’t feel as hot to the touch and she is grooming herself.  She did eat some this morning so she must be feeling better and thank goodness I didn’t have to give her the IV yet.  I did, however, have to give her the two shots of antibiotics.  I
got the first one in no problem.  Then came the shot of penincillin…. Hubby ended up wrapping her in a towel which she skillfully shed while she was trying to shred my arm.  As I was trying to give her the penincillin she started bucking and hubby yelled “Be CAREFUL!”  just as I stuck it…into my own finger!  Oh… did I mention that I’m allergic to penincillin?  Thankfully I don’t think I actually admininstered any of the penincillin into my system but just to be sure I made sure I bled out the puncture site pretty well and washed it well and then got in the shower.  I also took
a Benadryl to be on the safe side and that usually knocks me for a loop.  I do feel a little loopy so if the post starts REALLY not making any sense, I blame the Benadryl.  If you don’t hear from me for a few days you’ll know that I DID give myself some penincillin! I’m not having a hard time
breathing yet although I do feel a little tight but that might just be my active imagination.  Or I could be going into shock…. (just kidding… I think).
The things we do for our kids and pets!


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14 Responses to Chorizo Makes Three

  1. Jenny says:

    Cute puppy!! I do hope you will be alright too!!

  2. Ron says:

    Oh Peg, the photos of him sleeping are sooooooooo PRECIOUS!!!!!

    I’m so happy to hear that Chorizo is doing better – woof!

    And also, Lala – meow!

    Have a great Sunday, dear friend…X

  3. SuziCate says:

    Glad you’re ok…can’t wait to see you guys and meet Chorizo this week!

  4. I hope you are okay Peg. The pup seems better and the kitty I hope will be fine too. Dang! I hate it when there is something wrong with our fur babies!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I think I’m gonna be fine. I think I just pricked the skin and no actual penincillin got in my system. Thank goodness.

      I hate when they are sick too because they can’t TELL us! And they get dehydrated so quickly. It scares me.

  5. Spot says:

    That is the cutest darn doggie I’ve ever seen. Its going to be hard for you to give him up! Poor Lala. Hope she’s on the mend now.

    Our vets are awesome like that too. I took in one of my kitties because she was favoring a paw. They did the exam, gave her a steroid shot & a pain shot (she had a sprain) and kept her while I ran errands. Total bill? $24. Love them!


  6. Oh dear – it’s so sad when pets get sick, because they can’t ask for hugs and cuddles the way we do when we’re sick. They also don’t enjoy chicken-soup or lying with a wet cloth over their eyes. They need to take care of themselves, poor dears, and when we need to help them get better (as in, give them pills or a shot) they hate it.

    I hope your kitty feels better and that your new puppy perks up as well!

  7. terrepruitt says:

    That little puppy is so cute.

    And Lala is just GORGEOUS. I love her little face.

    Animals are so awesome. I am glad you were able to help Lala feel better.

    And since you posted today I am thinking that means you are doing ok and didn’t have an allergic reaction. WHEW! Scary!

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