Mr. Peep OUT Tom

Last week my sister wrote a post about how we used to dress up and vamp and act like Cher with our old piano when we were growing up. She ended the post with this paragraph: “Needless to say neither my sister nor I grew up to be famous concert pianists or singers, nor do either of us sport around in skimpy sequined clothing….at least, I don’t. Maybe, I’ll have to check out what she’s doing behind my back”

It got me to thinking. She’s right, neither of us grew up to be anything remotely like Cher. Neither of us can carry a tune in a bucket (unless it’s to carry it to the back yard to bury it because we would have butchered it!) But as for the “running around in skimpy clothes and what goes on behind her back, or closed doors so to speak… well that reminded me of something that happened several years back. (Hubby, don’t kill me for this!)

When first moved to the county we now live in we had a house custom built. Nothing really fancy by what you’d imagine when you say “custom built”. Just things like the showers being 6’8” off the floor so that hubby wouldn’t have to sit down to wash his hair (he’s kinda tall like that) and we had ceiling fans put in all the rooms (wasn’t automatic back then) had a big octagonal window put in the dining room, a wall put between the dining room and living room, a half wall put by the staircase (so the kids wouldn’t fall through the slats) and a BIG “picture” window put above the front door.

The house was a split foyer and I know lots of split foyers have half of the house underground so that you come in at ground level and then go down like 6 or 8 steps to the basement or up 6 or 8 steps to the main living level of the house. Our house was entirely above ground so that you had to go up 6 or 8 steps to get to the front door and then up another 6 or 8 steps to get to the main level or down to the “bonus room” and laundry room and garage since we didn’t have a “basement”. This put our huge picture window on the second floor. We liked it like that because it was harder for people to see IN  but easy for us to see OUT.  It did have sort of a tint on it that kept the sun out somewhat and made it harder to see in (or so we thought).

I was a stay at home mom for a long while when we first moved into our house and by stay at home, I mean I STAYED AT HOME. For a while we didn’t even have a second car and hubby worked about 25 or more miles from home so it was too far for me to take him to work and come back and then go back and pick him up. There would be lots of weeks that I barely left the house at all unless it was to walk the kids around the block in their stroller or to walk through the neighborhood. Hubby left for work so early and got home so late that I hardly went anywhere. On his days off we’d do things or on the rare occasion that he got home early enough I’d take the van and maybe go to the grocery store or something. All in all, most of the time I was home and hubby would be the one coming and going.

I think we had lived there for at least a year or maybe even two at this point and one evening I went to the grocery store (or somewhere but since I rarely went anywhere I’m gonna say it was the grocery store). Most evenings we rarely even turned on the living room light. We’d watch TV in the dark. We’d have the hall light on or the kitchen or dining room but usually the living room and hallway were fairly dark other than the light from the TV or a small lamp by the sofa. We like it like that because it felt more “private”. We could see out but people generally couldn’t see in… or so we thought.

This one evening I go out to the store and as I pull in our driveway I happened to glance up at the picture window and there stood hubby at the top of the stairs…. In hi skivvies!!! Yup… I mean his tighty whiteys, in all his glory. I was M O R T I F I E D! I go running in the house and hubby is his usual calm self and I’m yelling at him to go to our bedroom or the bathroom or anywhere except the top of the stairs. He had no clue…

Remember how I’ve mentioned that our neighbor across the street used to have THE BIGGEST CRUSH on my hubby? Well, I think at that moment I found out why! He had been providing her with a free peep show for over a year! We had NO CLUE that you could see through the window at night. During the day it was kind of shaded almost like a two way mirror… we just had no idea that at night the two way was reversed! It didn’t matter that we had the lights off…. You could apparently still see everything! Needless to say that put an end to us running around the house lf naked without a robe! And you best believe I made hubby put on shorts after that. I wonder how disappointed our neighbor was that her free peep shows came to an end?


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10 Responses to Mr. Peep OUT Tom

  1. suzicate says:

    Your first paragraph scared me…I thought you’d dug up a bikini pic of me from some archives or something (not that there are any, just sayin’) …so glad this post was about Dwight!!!!!!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I promise not to post any bikini pics of you if you do the same for me…. unless by some miracle you find one of me in a bikini that actually DOES look good! How much can photoshop do? LOL

  2. Ron says:

    “Remember how I’ve mentioned that our neighbor across the street used to have THE BIGGEST CRUSH on my hubby? Well, I think at that moment I found out why! He had been providing her with a free peep show for over a year! ”

    Bwhahahahahahahahahaha! OMG….that made me HOWL!

    Hey listen, I live on the 21st floor of my apartment building, and even I’m paranoid about someone peeping through the windows, seeing me walking around in my skivvies. I mean come on….who the hell would ever see me? A helicopter pilot???

    Faaaaaaaabulous post, Peg!

    Have a great weekend, dear friend!

    X to you and Dwight!

    • pegbur7 says:

      That’s hilarious. I’m the same way when I go somewhere that is really high up. I always freak when I stay at my cousins because she lives way out in the woods but doesn’t have any curtains in her house because she likes the sun coming in. I always make her put a sheet or towel over the window!

  3. He’s adorable. I would have peeped him too!

  4. Spot says:

    Is that a beer your hubby is letting the baby drink?? LOL! I have a picture like that with my dad too.

    And this whole post is why I live in the country with no close neighbors! So I can sit on the deck in my jammies if i want. We have sheer curtains at the windows and it freaks my mom out, even though there is only wildlife to see us.

    Dwight the unwilling exhibitionist, eh? Great story!


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