My Close Encounters


UFO’s…. this could mean so many things…. When we were little my mom used to fry up SPAM for dinner.  Unidentifed Fried Object?  No, I know it means unidentified flying object… I was just going for the laugh to loosen you up first.

I have many feelings about UFO’s…the main one being they exist.  Of course any object flying in the sky that can’t be identified is technically a UFO.  But as for those ET kinda UFO’s?  Yep, I still believe.  I mean, come on.  I know we are a fairly narcissistic creature but we’d have to be REALLY narcissistic to think we are the ONLY intelligent creatures in the universe.

First off, the universe is a DANG big place.  How could we possibly look at all those other billions of stars out there in the galaxy and think not ONE of them would have intelligent life?  We aren’t THAT special.  I still have the inkling in the back of my mind that maybe it WAS aliens that helped the Egyptians build the pyramids? Maybe there was a superior race that helped build Easter Island and that have visited our planet for eons of time waiting for our civilization to become civilized?  All I know is that I do think they  exist.  I don’t claim to have ever had a  really close encounter. Like I’ve never been “abducted” (to my knowledge… I  mean, don’t they erase your memory?  So  how would I know?)  or anything but I
have seen things I can’t explain and that other people who were with me at the  time couldn’t explain so I have no choice but to chalk it up as a UFO.

First “encounter” that I remember  was when I was probably mid teens.  My  mom and I were driving down the road in our home town and it was probably  around 5 or 6 and it was during the summer I think so it was fully light  outside but the sun was just getting to where it gets kind of hazy.  There was kind of a clearing we were driving  through and this object just kind of flew across the field of vision in front  of us. It was not as high as an airplane would have been and it was not as  large as an airplane. It actually looked like a big oil drum that kind of  glowed orange looking and it wasn’t like it shot across at the speed of light.   It took it’s time and kind of rolled end over end kind of spinning.  She looked at me and I looked at her and we  both said “What the heck was that?”  Ok… I said HECK… I think she probably said hell.

We both decided we had no idea  what it was nor could we explain it and we figured everyone would think we were  crazy and I don’t think she nor I ever spoke to each other of it again.  But it definitely freaked me out.  I mentioned it to other people I knew and no  one that I know of saw it.  Of course we  lived in a very rural area but it was definitely something like I’ve never seen  before nor since.

The next “encounter” happened a  few years later. I was still in high school.  My sister that is 4 years older than me had just lost a baby to
 SIDS.  She and her husband lived in  Maryland.  We lived in rural Virginia, several  hours away.  My oldest sister came in  from wherever she was living at the time (I think NC) and by the time we got on  the road it was late evening.  It was  just my oldest sister and I traveling together.
I think the rest of the family was coming up the next day.  We were driving through Northern Virginia and  she was driving and I was in the passenger seat. It was late at night and  completely dark.  For a while there we  had noticed that the road ran parallel to a train track.  We had noticed and commented about the fact  that there was a train on the track that was running about the same speed we  were and how cool it was that it seemed to “keep up with us”.

We had been talking about different things and I looked over again and noticed the train was still running pretty  much right beside us!  I thought it was  very odd that the train would be travelling the exact same speed as us for such  a long time and that the tracks would still be directly beside us since we had  travelled for quite a few miles.  We  talked about this for several minutes and then I realized the very bright light on the front of the train seemed to rising higher and higher.  At first I was thinking the land beside us was at a slope and then I realized that I couldn’t HEAR a train for it to be that close!  I lowered by window and realized that the light was not from a train and that it was further than we had thought originally.  We started slowing  down and speeding up kind of randomly and it pretty much stayed even with us.  Then we really freaked out.

My sister wanted to pull over so we could change drivers but she was afraid to and being that late at night there was virtually no other traffic on the road.   This went on for a good 30 minutes or more and it finally rose up in the sky in front of our car (but pretty high up) and then split into two lights which shot out in opposite directions at a very high rate of speed.  We were both so freaked that when we did eventually stop to change drivers, neither of us would get out of the car.  We just kind of climbed over each other to change.  I haven’t asked her about it in several years but the last time I did, her recollection was pretty much the same as mine.

My Third Close Encounter of THAT Kind happened about a year or so after that, again in my home town.  I was over at my best friend Sam’s house and  our other best friend Barb was there along with several of the neighborhood boys and her little brother and her boyfriend’s little brother.  Sam’s parents were out of town for some reason and we had somehow convinced her uncle who was supposed to be “watching” us that we did not need adult supervision (hahaha) and that we would be fine to stay by ourselves.

It was summer and we were all outside in the yard.  It was just getting pretty dark and we were sitting around talking. Some in the swing in the yard and some laying on the ground looking up at the sky and star gazing.  I’m not sure who saw it first but we happened to notice what at first looked like an airplanes lights overhead but they weren’t moving.  Then it appeared to get bigger and bigger until we could make out that it did indeed look sort of like chubby version of two saucers inverted on each other but with a cylindrical section connecting the two pieces.  It hovered overhead for a long time and we were all so freaked out we didn’t know what to do.

It seemed close enough that you could make out it looked like it had windows in the middle part and light emanated from the windows.  We all saw it.  Of course there may have also been some wacky weed in the mixture that night that warped our thinking but the little brothers did not participate in that portion of the evening and they saw the same thing that we all did.  We were frightened to the point that we wanted to go inside but since we were all staying there for the night we were afraid it would maybe land in the yard and take us all away so we decided we needed to wait it out so we could watch to see where it went.  A short time later (maybe 10 or 15 minutes) it shot straight up in the sky and then zoomed off at
an amazingly high rate of speed but with NO SOUND.  We never heard anything except maybe a distant mild electrical humming type noise but that could have been someone air conditioning unit since it was summer, although few people back then HAD AC.

That was my last close encounter that I have been aware of but I definitely do think all three of those instances were some type of aircraft that did not originate on our planet.  If it did, it was some type of military secret prototype that I haven’t seen the likes of since.  How about you?  Have you ever had a close encounter of the unexplainable kind?  Write it up and spin it up and head on over to Sprites Keeper and The Spin Cycle and put your spin on it!


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18 Responses to My Close Encounters

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Around here we have so much light waster we can’t even see stars.

    As you said there are a lot of UFOs in the sky.

    If I had seen all that you had seen I would be wondering too!

  2. Okay, the one story about you and your sister driving and whatever it was keeping the same speed as you? Gave me chills!
    I would have freaked out too.
    I can definitely see why you would believe. Those events would sway my judgement too.
    You’re linked!

  3. SuziCate says:

    Did the first one happen over near Norman Evan’s house? If it did, I was iwth you guys…at least once we saw one over there and I was freaked! The train one is spooky!

  4. VandyJ says:

    Yeah, I agree, it’s very conceited to think we are the only ones in the universe. I also think that while the aliens might be waiting for us to become more civilized, they are going to have a long wait.
    Those are some spooky encounters.

  5. I spent a week with Alex in the high desert at an air force facility. I have never seen so many UFO’s in my life. There are such amazing things out there and Alex helps to build a lot of them. They may be unidentified to me, but some people know exactly what they are.

  6. Bankerchick says:

    I believe that there is more out there than we know. I am a little less sure of alien abductions, but I believe in UFO’s. Can’t say I have experienced one.

  7. Spot says:

    I agree with you that there has to be other intelligent life out there. I haven’t had any experiences like you have (and I think I’d like to keep it that way!). For a good movie on the subject that will scare the pants off of you- check out “The Fourth Kind”. I will not be moving to Alaska anytime soon after watching that one!!


  8. CaJoh says:

    Sometimes want to see a UFO, so I can say I saw one.

    I’m just waiting for the time that they do reveal themselves and admit “Hey, it wasn’t us who helped build the pyramids– that was all your doing”.

  9. dmwright says:

    Wow! I have never met anyone with any real encounters! That is freaky! You certainly have good reason to believe!!

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