Sausage, Anyone?

I told you guys last week about how we (#3) adopted a Chiweenie from the local animal shelter.  We had not yet named him and welcomed all suggestions but ended up on a name quite by accident.

Our little weiner dog

We are having a celebration of life to honor my brother Monte over the July 4th weekend.  I was thinking about what everyone was bringing and what we needed to buy here before we left Georgia and what we needed to buy in Virginia and then I remembered what my sister in law (Monte’s
widow) was bringing and it struck me that I had stumbled upon the perfect name for this little guy!

I mentioned it to #3 when she came home and she agreed.  His name is Chorizo!  It’s perfect.  He’s Chihuahua (Mexican) and Dachshund
(weenie/sausage dog) and a chorizo is a Mexican sausage!  B – I – N – G – O and Chorizo is his name!


Also Chorizo!

We took him back to the shelter on Wednesday to get his first set of puppy shots.  They have a mobile vet that comes out every other Wednesday for a much lower price than taking them to another vet and we are all for saving costs in this economy.  My only worry was that since it’s a mobile vet maybe he wasn’t as “good” as other vets and maybe that was why he was a mobile vet.  I know, weird thinking.

I had thought the shelter lady had told us he’d be there at 1:00 and I was just going to go by that but for some reason after I got up on Wednesday I just had a weird inkling to call the shelter and verify.  I called and no answer.  They open at 9 and it was only a few minutes after so I guess they hadn’t taken their phones off service yet.  I waited a few more minutes and then I found the paper the lady at the shelter gave us and it had a number for the mobile vet.  A lady answered and said he was already out there but she wasn’t sure how long he’d be because it all depended on how many operations he has and how busy he is.

He does male cats for $40 and female cats and male dogs for $60 which is about half price.  I got #3 up and we headed for the shelter.  He was busy stitching up some poor puppy that got in a fight with a cat and got scratched so I told her we’d  ack the car in and wait until he got through since it was so stinking hot standing out there in the sun.

He actually came out to the car with the vaccines.  Unfortunately we found out he also has “Kennel cough” which apparently is very common for dogs  that have been boarded or gotten from a shelter or puppy mill.  He gave him his puppy shots and gave us some antibiotics to bring home and gave us another dewormer to give him in 10 days and told us to buy Robitussin DM to give him twice a day.  Oh, and he weighs 4 lbs.  How stinking cute is that?

The whole visit was $45!  They also told us to never let him down on the ground at the shelter or at somewhere like PetSmart or PetCo because it’s very easy for them to get Parvo or something because of all the sick dogs or unvaccinated animals.  I was very pleased with his professionalism and how quickly it went and how easy it was.  We were back home before noon.

Chorizo has been a little bundle of raw energy.  I had forgotten how it was to have a “baby” around the house.  We can’t leave the house for long periods of time because we put him in the bathroom and he cries the entire time. None of us are sleeping and we are all sleep deprived and exhausted.

Friday night we went to a movie  and left Chorizo in our bathroom with his little bed and blankie and stuffed animal and food and water.  He was not happy when we got home.  I took him out to go to the bathroom before I went to bed and he just lay down on the ground. I assumed he was just exhausted from all that barking.

We didn’t get to bed until almost 2 because we didn’t get home from the movie until almost midnight and still I woke up around 5.  Usually one of
the animals wakes me up (btw… Suki Mama came home for the first time in two months!) but they didn’t and I think that woke me up.  Isn’t that weird?  Weirder was that the puppy was NOT in the bed with us so I went out into the living room and he was asleep on the sofa.  I put him in bed with us and he was very lethargic and kind of limp.  I was a little worried but finally dozed off only to awaken about 20 minutes later to him wheezing really badly.  He kept acting like he was going to throw up but didn’t and his little nose was running.

I’ve been giving him his medicine just like the vet told us to. He even felt warm.  When #3 came in I told her I was a little concerned about him so she called the mobile vet but there was no answer.  I asked her if she had left a message and she said no, she was going to call him a little later.

I went back into our bedroom to get dressed because we had lots of errands to run this morning and our house phone rang.  Hubby answered it and it was the mobile vet!  He said he had seen that me missed a call and asked what was going on.

Hubby gave me the phone and I explained about how we had brought him in on Wednesday and he said he remembered us.  He then asked his
symptoms and we told him.  I had told hubby that when I mopped the floors yesterday Chorizo had attacked the mop repeatedly and I was concerned that maybe he had swallowed some cleaner that made him sick but the vet assured us that most dogs and puppies have stomachs
made of iron and that shouldn’t make them sick.

He told me his biggest concern was that he might have Parvo or pneumonia. GREAT!  Now I’ve got a sick puppy on my hands and nowhere
to take him until Monday unless I want to pay an arm and a leg at the emergency clinic!  The vet told me, “Well, I’ll be home for about another hour if you want to bring him by.”  I asked where and he said “I have the mobile lab at my house so if you want to come here that will be fine”.  Then he gave me his home address and told me to come on over.

I was FLOORED!  I have never had a vet give me their home address and tell me to come by their house on a Saturday morning!  I was prepared
to spend my life savings too for the inconvenience to him.  I got there about 30 minutes later and he went out and unlocked the mobile lab and examined him.  Unfortunately poor little Chorizo has pneumonia in his right lung, but at least it’s not Parvo!

I felt badly for him (the vet) though because he said “I remember thinking on Wednesday that I should have gone ahead and given him a shot of penicillin but since he’s so young I didn’t want to overwhelm his little system because I thought the oral antibiotics would be enough.  I should trust my gut more.”  He said it’s very common for small dogs this young to develop kennel cough and it to turn into pneumonia.

He ended up giving him two shots, another oral antibiotic for me to take home and give him and 2 IV’s.  He spent probably an hour or more with poor little Chorizo and me on a Saturday morning at his house.  I was so impressed.  He never acted like I was a bother or that we shouldn’t be there or that he was in a hurry for us to leave.  And he happened to have his son for the weekend (cutest little 3 year I’ve seen since Jovi!) so he promised to take him to Chuck E Cheese and the pool for him being good while he took care of Chorizo.

After all was said and done he told me I could bring him back tomorrow morning to have another shot of penicillin because he didn’t really want to wait until Monday to do it.  I told him if he could give me the syringe I’d do it because I definitely didn’t want to interrupt BOTH of his weekend days.  He agreed and showed me how and where to administer the shot and told me “But if you get up tomorrow and he’s not doing
any better, please don’t hesitate to bring him back. I really don’t mind.”  I am so impressed by him.

When I had all my medicine and syringes and Chorizo was all unhooked from his IV’s I asked him how much I owed him and he said “How does 50 bucks sound to you?” WTH???  Are you kidding me?  I’m pretty sure if I’d taken him to an emergency pet clinic I’d have paid at least 10 times that amount.  I think I have found my vet for life!

If you are so inclined, please keep little Chorizo in your prayers as he battles this pneumonia.  I can already tell he feels better.  He did throw up three times on the way home (thank God for having a towel in there) but since we’ve been home he seems to feel MUCH better.  He’s even wagging his little stub tail again so I know he’s better.  Thanks for all your suggestions!

Chorizo the wonder weenie dog

So I guess it’s not that he’s a “bad” vet that he does this mobile thing.  He truly loves animals and wants to help them AND their owners.  I couldn’t be more impressed with him and his services.  If you live in the West Atlanta area and need a vet, please consider West Mobile Vets.  I can’t say enough good about this lovely man.  Oh, and he graduated from UGA (as did #1) so he’s got even more loyalty from me now!


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12 Responses to Sausage, Anyone?

  1. Ron says:

    “His name is Chorizo! ”

    OMG, Peg….that’s perfect. And so adorable!!!! Love the photo of chorizo – clever!

    Aw….so sorry to hear about Chorizo’s pneumonia 😦

    And yes, you best believe I will share prayers and good vibes with your precious little canine.

    ((((( Chorizo )))))

    Woof! Woof! – (that’s dog talk for “Feel better, Chorizo!”

    Have a great day, dear friend….X

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks Ron! They’re just like kids. He doesn’t want to be left alone. He follows me everywhere, even the bathroom. When I take a shower I have to leave the shower door ajar because he’ll stand there and whimper and cry until I open it. And right now he’s just so pitiful.

  2. SuziCate says:

    Chorizo…love it!

  3. Perfect name for the little guy. I really hope he’ll be okay. Your vet sounds marvelous! We spend so much on pet care that it scares me. I never go in without a $100 charge it seems. (And frequently, it’s more like $300 or $400.) It’s very expensive! Please keep us posted on Chorizo! What a darling name for a lovely boy!

  4. terrepruitt says:

    What a great vet! How lucky you are to have found such a great vet. I bet that all the extra and immediate care will help Chorizo get back to be a healthy little boy!

    I am glad your cat has made an appearance.

    Sending love, prayers, and positive healing thoughts your way.

  5. Spot says:

    Chorizo is perfect!! And he’s so stinking adorable! I’m glad you found a great and inexpensive vet. He sounds like he truly cares about his patients. We have been fortunate to have a really good and inexpensive one as well. And Lu’s poor cat Sparkplug is in the kitty hospital again. He may need an operation to correct his colon problem.


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