Nondecorative By Design


This week’s Spin Cycle is about Decorating/Design. I was actually discussing this with my sister on the phone the other day. Yes, we talk about blogging in our conversations! Yes, we are dorks but we love each other. Anywho… I was telling her that for the first time that I can remember since I’ve been blogging and following along with Spin Cycle or Mama Kat’s or Living Out Loud that I was actually kind of stumped. I have no decorating/design skills AT ALL. I would never in a million years consider my home “decorated”. At best (or should I say worst?) it is Undecorated. She said her home was a mishmash of styles… Well at least that IS a style, right? Then she said, well, just write about that and why you bought the house! Yeah, I guess that works.

My sisters and I all have this picture because it reminds us of our old home

This is the old home we lived in that the above picture reminds me of

Several years ago when #3 was in middle school and the older two girls had already gone off to college, we started looking at buying a new home. I know it’s a weird reason, but, #3 had been to the same elementary school and middle school as her sisters and they were a year apart in age but it had been six years since most of their teachers had them and then had #3. They had many of the same teachers and there was always the comparison thing going on. Not to mention the fact that she was always being called by her sister’s names. She was simply tired of the comparisons and being judged before she ever stepped foot in a classroom because of her sisters. She really wanted to go to a different high school. That was the major criteria when we were looking at houses. That she wanted to be in a different school district. I know that sounds like a weird reason to pick where you live, but we always try to make our kids happy so we complied.

And I have this picture because it reminds me of looking off the porch of that old house we lived in

This is the porch the above picture reminds me of sitting on and looking out.

Every weekend just about #3 and I would go and look at houses. Sometimes we’d be driving somewhere and just see a house and see for sale and we’d stop and look. We had actually considered several different new homes in new subdivisions but most of them were out of our price range. One day we were looking at a new house in a particular subdivision and the builder/owner happened to be there and asked what particular I had in mind and I told him that I mainly wanted one floor with little or NO STAIRS since hubby had really bad knees and something with a good kitchen and 3 bedrooms and 2 baths at least and that was pretty much my only stipulations. He said “I think I have the perfect house for you! Do you mind it being in a different school district?” PERFECT!

Front of the house

Our fireplace and cluttered mantle with our memorabilia

This is the one thing I really don't like about our house. I hate these fixtures.

He gave me directions and told me where he had the key hidden and gave me his card told me to let him know what I thought. Well, it DID have a great kitchen but I pretty much thought it was too small. I mean compared to our other home it had larger rooms but less rooms. So the square footage was larger but the amount of room seemed to be smaller if that mattered. Since our older two were in college it shouldn’t have. I decided to take hubby by there anyway even though in my head I had already ruled it out. Besides, even though it was smaller, it had a lot of upgrades so I thought it was out of our price range.

I do love the archways throughout the house. Front door is behind the wall with the picture.

I took hubby by to see it and as soon as we walked in the kitchen he turned to me and said “This is it! I love it!” Yeah, to a man who loves to cook, having a commercial stove in the kitchen kind of did me in. I should have known better. The house had actually been custom designed for a chef. And he must have been a tall one to boot because the counters are higher than a “normal” kitchen and the master bathroom also. So, it really couldn’t have been more perfect since it seemed to have been built specifically for him. A really tall man who LOVES to cook!

My tall man enjoying his cooking on his cooking on his WOLF stove.

Top that with the fact that he loves lots of windows and to let the sunlight in and this house has lots of windows and the fact that most of the wood is light which brightens up the rooms and yeah, it pretty much sold him on the house. The shower head was already high off the floor (which most people who are not tall don’t even think about) and it had a Jacuzzi tub in the master bath and we only had ONE neighbor! Even though it is in a subdivision, the fact that we lived on the side with all the amenities meant that we had few neighbors. In fact this whole side of the subdivision only has 5 houses. Two on our street and three on the other street. And since the only thing past us is the golf course (which has since, shut down) and you get hardly any traffic.

The archway into the hallway. The wall oven and microwave to the right.

It has three bedrooms, two baths, high ceilings, ceiling fans, tile throughout the house (except the bedrooms) and since I really don’t like carpet that made it even better. The bathrooms are large, it has a central vac and NO trees in the yard. I guess it couldn’t have been much more perfect except it was still a little more than we wanted to pay. After talking to the builder/owner he knocked $50,000 off the price of the house AND took our old house in the trade! Yep, it was almost like it was made for us. A match made in heaven! Or at least by our builder.

Hubby with #2. You can see the tile floor behind them. The step you see to the right is the ONLY step in the house.

Window in the dining room

I am I guess more of a minimalist when it comes to decorating. I didn’t put any window coverings over the blinds because I liked the way the blinds look. I have hung a few paintings on the walls. Mostly from when our family seemed to be going through a “Home Interiors” phase. Several of my pictures are pictures that remind me of the old house I grew up in. Other knick knacks laying around are things people have given us or things hubby has won that are on the mantle or pictures of family. Other than that we are pretty simplistic. I guess eclectic would be a better word. Things don’t necessarily match but it’s comfy. I kept saying I was waiting until the girls were gone to “decorate” and now it just seems like “What’s the point?” We did buy a new queen sized bed for #3’s bedroom after she moved out last year to replace the twin trundle/day bed she had in there since we now consider that the “guest room”. And we added tile above the shower in the guest bathroom. Other than that we really haven’t bought anything “new” since we moved in here 7 years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long!

What is your decorating style?


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14 Responses to Nondecorative By Design

  1. SuziCate says:

    Yes,your hubby and that kitchen are a pair made in heaven! Love your house! And my mouth/stomach and anything he cooks is another match!!!

  2. I think the new house is beautiful! Tiles throughout that make clean up easy and a large kitchen with a gourmet stove? I’d be in heaven too!
    I do understand about having reminders of the old house though. It was very charming.
    You’re linked!

  3. CaJoh says:

    Sometimes you are satisfied with the way the place looks and nothing needs to be changed. I have a tendancy to want to make changes, but then realize that a lot of what I want to do I can’t do because we rent.

  4. Ron says:

    ” I was actually kind of stumped. I have no decorating/design skills AT ALL. I would never in a million years consider my home “decorated”. ”

    OMG…I’m so totally shocked to hear that because all the photos you’ve ever shared of your home look, so lovely.

    I think you must have a natural gift for decorating because it truly shines through.

    I’m the same way. My apartment is simplistic too. I don’t like clutter, so I enjoy an open, clean space.

    Love the wooden blinds. Oh, and of course….that KITCHEN too!

    My decorating style is very much Asian/Japanese. Clean lines and soft colors.

    Have a FAB weekend, friend!


  5. Spot says:

    Its a beautiful house! And “comfortable” really is a style. In fact, its probably the best style there is!

    Love the house you grew up in!


  6. Jenny says:

    Love the house!! I’m not much on decorating either…I find something I like and it stays forever. We have tried over the years to keep it updated but I always put the same decorations back up. I guess I don’t want to spend the money when I like what I have. I did redo our bedroom with new furniture, drapes etc.. It’s my favorite room, just wish it was a little bigger!! Maybe we’ll get to see yours one day.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, hopefully soon! I keep hoping you guys will decide to come for a Braves game and spend the night! We have plenty of room and you are always welcome!

  7. terrepruitt says:

    Yeah, “comfy” is a style. I like less stuff because there is less to dust clean, but I have a habit of collecting a lot of stuff becuase it is pretty.

    I used to say our stye is “free” because our couch, loveseat, and coffee tables were free. Now we’ve been here too long to talk about decorating and style. It is what it is. And we like it. I like it best when it is clean!

    I thought you were taking a picture of the light fixtures because they were so pretty. I was surprised to read that you dont’ like them.

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