New Addition to the Family

We have a new grandpoopie!  #3 is moving into her own place when her lease is up and both her roommates have dogs so she was on a mission to get a qualifying poopie dog.  She wasn’t really in the works to get one until maybe August since her lease isn’t up until Mid-August so we weren’t really looking.  But you know how fate sometimes steps in and steps up the process of things you didn’t really think you were ready for?  Yeah, that happened with us.

I’m not sure if I have shared that we have two cats missing.  TWO!!!  Yes, our oldest kitty KeeKee hasn’t been “heard from” since we left to go to VA for Relay for Life.  Suki, as always is MIA.  She usually only comes home like once a month or so so I’m not quite as worried about her.  She has been gone as long as two months and still shown back up.  I think the longest time she was ever gone was two months and when she came home she had corn husks between the pads of her paws so hubby said she was out in Nebraska harvesting corn!   This time she’s een gone since my brother passed away.

See she nd the other kitties don’t get  along ery well and they kind of shun her. When we left on that Friday that my brother passed away I made sure all 6 cats were in the house. Believe me, it was no easy accomplishment.  I’m sure they all shunned her and she probably spent the next two days hunkered under the Wolf Stove trying not to ake waves.  Unfortunately when #3 came by a couple of days later to get hubby’s car to drive up for my brother’s  service Suki escaped and I haven’t seen her since. I guess she was so traumatized  by being trapped in the house with the other five she is still recuperating.

When we went to Virginia for Relay for Life I could only coax 2 of them inside.  I had my neighbor watch them and come and  make sure they had food and water even though we have self feeders and self waterers  and we left food and water out front and back for the ones I couldn’t get  inside.  Well, KeeKee was one of the ones  outside and I haven’t seen her since.  I’m  not sure what happened but she has never been gone this long.  Weirdly she was also uncharacteristically  affectionate the last few days before we left.   She has been a little standoffish and she kept wanting to be held and  stuff.  Very unlike her.  Anyway,  we’ve been going to the shelter once or twice a week since we got home because  we know they have to keep them for a week to give owners a chance to come and  claim them. So, any animal that isn’t turned in by its owner gets at least a  week’s reprieve.  Last week on our trek  to check the kitty room we decided to look at the puppies too.  Don’t even know why… just  had a compulsion to do it.  As soon as I walked into the room he was the  very first puppy I saw.  I turned to  hubby and said “That’s the perfect dog for #3!”

I didn’t  even know what kind or if it was an owner turn in or what. Heck, I didn’t even  know if it was a boy or girl.  I  immediately took a picture  and sent it to #3.  Actually I took SEVERAL pictures because he was so active running around  that every picture I took he looked like a blur!  I was a little surprised when hubby said let’s  go.  I was like “Don’t you want to get  the dog for #3?” And he said “No, we’ll check back in a couple of days and see.  I’d rather just surprise her.”  I tried  to reason with him that #1, the puppy would probably be gone by the end of the  day and #2, picking a dog isn’t something you do FOR someone who is no longer a  child, that she needed some say so in the matter but he just walked out to the  car and I had no choice but to follow.

We ended  up going to the movies that day and I kept bringing the puppy up and I sent a picture of it to #3 and she said she wanted it but she also knew she couldn’t  really take it until August when she moved in with her new roommates.  We went ahead and went back by the shelter  right before closing time and found out that it was a stray they picked up and  that they had to keep it until Saturday morning to give the owners a chance to  come claim it.  By  Thursday #3 couldn’t stand it anymore. She texted me and said if she got off  work early enough she was going to drive out here to Douglasville when she got  off so she could see it in person.  We  were at the dentist when she got out here so we told her we’d meet her at the  shelter. We got there about 10 minutes before they closed and as soon as she  saw him she fell in love with him.  We  also found out that there was someone else on the list behind us.  They told us they couldn’t let him go until 10 AM on Saturday and that we’d need to be there by 5 minutes til because if we  were late and the other people on the list were there on time they would get  him.

I made  sure we were up this morning (Saturday) early so that we could leave in plenty  of time to get there by quarter til.  Due  to traffic we got there at 1 minute after 10 and I was breaking every speed  limit between here and there to try to get her there on time.  I was praying all the way there that we’d  either make it on time or the other people on the list would be in worse  traffic than us and get there after us!  As we pulled up the parking lot was full and I told her to run in  as fast as she could.  As we walked in  there were people waiting in the waiting area and the lady behind the desk  recognized us and whispered “Go get your puppy!”  Another lady and her son stood up and she  told them they needed to sign in first. We ran back and got the pupster and brought it back as the other lady  and her son were coming to the back and she frowned and said “That’s the one we  were wanting!”

We got to the front and the lady at the counter said “I knew you’d be here and  were probably caught in traffic so I held them off as long as I could!”  What a sweetie.  When the woman who wanted our doggie came  back out she just smiled sweetly and said “Sorry, they got back there first.”  She didn’t mention the fact that she didn’t make us sign in first which is the  only thing that made us get to him first!  I think I need to take that lady and thank you gift.

I haven’t  seen #3 that happy in a long time.  She  filled out her paper work and then we went to PetSmart to get him a collar and  leash and toys.  They told us that they  think he is a dachshund mixed with maybe a Chihuahua.  They called him a Chiweenie.  The lady at the pet store called him a
Weehuahua.  I don’t care what they call  him. He’s adorable.  He’s apparently  around 8 weeks old, they guess.  I am  taking him back next  Wednesday to get his shots and get him chipped.  We are going to keep him for her until she  moves into her house since she can’t have him at her apartment.

We don’t  have a name for him yet.  I told her we  should call him Bumpydoodles.  She asked  why and I told her because his little legs are so short that when he walks he  bumps his little doodles!  Yeah, I know I  am sick!  If you’d like to leave  suggestions for names for this little cutie pie feel free!  We’ve already gotten suggestions of Bruce Wayne, Frodo, Bilbo Baggins, and many of the Greek Gods.  Look at his little pics and put on your
thinking caps and give it your best shot.  We’re open to suggestions and we’ll let you know what she picks!


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19 Responses to New Addition to the Family

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Soooooo cute. Names for pets crack me up because I don’t know many people that actually CALL the pet the name they were given. Seems like nicknames always crop up and they get called that. They end up just like kids, only being called their real name when they are in trouble.

    I keep thinking of something like Chocolate, Caramel, or Pizza because he is so cute I just wanna eat him up!

    I can’t wait to here what she names him.

  2. suzicate says:

    Adorable! I’m sure she will come up with the perfect name!

  3. NikNik says:

    I like Frodo. I also suggested to her Batman, Munchkin, Rambo, Gucci, Hershey (for Hershel Walker), Chewy, and Jaberwoki (since her nick name used to be jaber jaws).

  4. Ron says:

    OMG Peg…..he’s ADORABLE!!!!!!!

    I just wanna squeeze him!

    “They told us that they think he is a dachshund mixed with maybe a Chihuahua. They called him a Chiweenie.”

    Yes, I was going to ask you what breed he is and I was thinking he looked like a daschhund with a mix of something else.

    One of my dear friends had a daschund (a male) and he was the cutest little thing. So sweet and cuddly. She named him S.O.S.

    CONGRATS on your new canine addition, dear friend!

    Have a great Monday!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Isn’t he just the cutest little thing?

      I have been trying to leave you a message on your blog but like the last three times I’ve tried (3 separate posts) it’s really not letting me post. The little box to comment doesn’t come up/ Must be my computer….

  5. He’s adorable! (But he does look just a little like Billie Bob Thornton, doesn’t he?) I’m glad she got her pup!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Billie Bob Thornton? I didn’t get that connection but I’ll look at him vey closely. Now I’m not gonna be able to look at him without thinking of Billie Bob!

  6. Spot says:

    OMG. That is the cutest puppy ever!! You have to give him some big scary name to live up to. My parents once got the runt of a litter of kittens and named him “killer” as a joke. He grew into a huge cat!!

    Those pictures just make me want to snuggle him! Congrats on your new addition!


    • pegbur7 says:

      That’s what I’m saying except Brutus & Killer & Cujo are so overused, I like Thor especially because he’s got like a stubby tail thats like a hammer! LOL

  7. Lisa says:

    Puppyhood is so much fun. I’m sure he will display some cute (or obnoxious) trait that will help name him. Congrats on becoming grandparents to a grandpoopie. And I hope your kitties make it back home safely.

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