The Douglasville Diner

In the ten to fifteen years prior to the economy crashing our town exploded as far as restaurants were concerned.  We used to have fast food like McDonalds or Taco Bell and Burger King and a couple of Mexican and Pizza Places and a couple of chain restaurants like Red Lobster but other than that our restaurant selection was pretty dismal.  Then our mall (Arbor Place) opened and this town exploded as far as restaurants were
concerned.  Seriously, the number of restaurants more than tripled to well over 100. That’s quite a lot for this fairly small town.

Then the economic downturn and the restaurant situation along with the economy took a downward spiral. In my opinion, the  area suffered the worst.  Of course that might have also been due to how they changed the layout of the road and the placement of traffic lights among other things.

In the short space of maybe a ½ a mile strip (two shopping centers) we had a couple of Mexican restaurants close, the Po’Folks moved closer to the mall which has left that building empty, one of what used to be one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, El Rodeo closed (cut since Blue
Agave’ opened up, I really don’t care any more as bad as that sounds), Mellow Mushroom closed and Ruby Tuesday closed (that didn’t really surprise me after my iced tea incident there) so that was leaving the restaurant selection in that little area kind of dismal.

The other day we were out running errands and saw a sign that said “Douglasville Diner Opening Soon”.  YAY!  A new restaurant to try out.  If it was anything like other diners in the Atlanta area I was excited.

We had gone to Savannah and kind of forgotten about it.  Then this week hubby was off one day and we had gone to the movies and then had to run to Home Depot over in that area.  We were discussing what we were going to do for dinner since it was getting to be around 5 and I told him I
didn’t care.  Since it was SO hot that day we could just go home since I had made shells a couple days before and we had shells and salad left over.

As we were sitting at the light waiting for it to change I looked over to my right and saw the the Diner had opened and the parking lot was pretty full already.  I mentioned it to hubby and he said “You wanna try it?”  I was like SURE…why not?

We don’t normally eat dinner that early, especially in the summer but we hadn’t eaten lunch so we went for it.  I swear we are turning into my parents. Before you know it we gonna be eating dinner at 4 and in bed by 9!   I guess we could do worse things.

We went on in and were seated right away.  There were maybe a dozen tables occupied and it’s a pretty big dining room so it wasn’t real busy.  It has a mixture of booths and tables.  Pretty much the same seating set up that Ruby Tuesday had except it now has like a counter with desserts
behind a glass like ice box.  Typical diner set up.

They are open from 7 am to midnight so they cover all three meals.  It has a nice mixture of American, Italian and Greek fare.  Again, typical of most of the diners I have seen in the Atlanta area.  I ordered the Greek Roasted Chicken and hubby ordered a French Dip Sandwich.  The food was fabulous.  Mine came with a salad or soup and a veggie.  I chose the salad and roasted potatoes which a slight lemony citrus flavor….very good.  And they brought me a whole half of a chicken!  It had like a rub of maybe lemon pepper and maybe rosemary or thyme?  Whatever, it was fabulous!  And the potatoes had that same citrusy type flavor.  I ended up only eating a few bites and I was full so I had enough left for probably 3 more meals.  I ate part of my salad and gave the rest to hubby and he had like half his sandwich left!

What was left of my chicken. Sorry I was hungy and had already started eating when I remembered to take a picture.

What was left of hubby's sandwich. Sorry I didn't get it before he dug in!

The owner/manager came by the table to check on us and I him if they owned any other restaurants in Douglasville and he said not but they did also own a diner in Carrollton.  We might have to check it out next time we are out there.  He said “Tell your friends about us!”  Smart aleck me
said ‘Well, if it’s GOOD, I will!”  He said, “Well, if it’s NOT… you need to tell ME!”  Perfect response!  No fear, it WAS delicious and fairly cheap!  Both of us ate to our fill, had plenty left over and the entire bill was less than $25!  In my opinion, THAT is a bargain.  WE will be back and now we will have to try them for breakfast!

Oh, and before we left the place was PACKED… and hubby and I loved that we were the YOUNG ones in the place!  LOL  If you want to try a nice wholesome restaurant and good tasting good try The Douglasville Diner.  It’s located at 9579 Highway 5 in Douglasville.  It’s right where the Ruby
Tuesday used to be. You can’t miss it!


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8 Responses to The Douglasville Diner

  1. Ron says:

    “Both of us ate to our fill, had plenty left over and the entire bill was less than $25! In my opinion, THAT is a bargain.”

    Yup…that is definitely a bargain. And your food looked beyond yummy!

    I adore eating in a diner. In fact, a friend of mine and I went to a diner a few weeks ago (Little Pete’s) and had the most scrumptious spinach and feta cheese omelets!

    Doesn’t diner food taste extra-special for some reason?

    Have a wonderful Saturday, my friend!


  2. Spot says:

    Your food did look yummy! My husband drug me to his favorite place to eat last night, a bar simply called The Bar in a tiny town near us. We both had steaks and they were amazing! Turns out they cut their own meat and you can walk behind the bar to a refrigerator and purchase meat from them! We each got three sides with our steak and the bill was $28! Simply amazing!


  3. I absolutely ADORE diners. I have a thing about them. So this post made me very happy, and I’m so glad you have a nice diner like that to go out to now!

    • pegbur7 says:

      We used to have another one here called Broadway diner but it closed several years ago so I hope this one makes it! From the look of the business they were doing they aren’t doing too shabby!

  4. Leslie says:

    I have to disagree with your review of the douglasville diner. We visited the Douglasville Diner yesterday (06/05/11) for the first time. We were very disappointed in the whole experience. We arrived at the diner close to noon so we expected that we might have to wait. However, we didn’t expect to see tons of empty tables and still lots of people waiting. The hostess explained that they were not seating people because the kitchen was backed up. This didn’t make any sense because there were at least 10 parties waiting to be seating and there was no room to even wait. We were all crowded in the restaurant entry way waiting to be seated for more than 20 minutes while at least 8 tables were completely empty, cleaned and ready for customers. This is very poor customer service. The other people waiting near us felt the same way. Once we did get seated, our service was very poor also. We all ran out of drinks more than once and had to call a waitress over to get more drinks. Our kids meals were delivered to the table 10 minutes before my meal and my husbands meals arrived. This means that the kids finished eating before us and therefore became very restless to go. I would rate the food as average. There are way to many types of food on the menu and nothing that stands out. I doubt that we will ever eat at this restaurant again.

    • pegbur7 says:

      WOW! Totally different experience than what we had! Are you sure you were at the same restaurant? LOL

      I never used to understand the concept of empty tables and people not being sat but since most of my family is in the restaurant business it makes much more sense now. If they had sat you, you would have just been sitting at the table waiting…and waiting…. and waiting… for the kitchen to catch up. Sometimes they are also short on servers so that will cause a wait. Sunday lunch business is usually one of the busiest times to go out to eat (except Friday and Saturday nights).

      The whole concept of a diner is to have a very diverse menu with lots of choices. I love that idea as it gives you a large variety to choose from especially if you have a large party. I’m sure they hate the fact that you didn’t like them. The manager needed to know if you had a bad experience othewise they can’t correct the problem. Maybe you can give them another chance when it’s not such a busy time?

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