Good Humor

Talent or flaw?

This week’s Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop is upon us again.  This week I chose prompt #3.) Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your genes.

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a flaw or a talent or both (depending on how you look at it or the situation) but I tend to have a very sarcastic sense of humor.   And sometimes I can’t seem to turn it off.  Some people accept it well others, not so much.  It can tend to rub people the wrong way.  If you don’t know me well I guess some things I say could come across as crass or mean.  I don’t mean them that way.  I really don’t mean to come across as mean or unfeeling and the last thing I’d ever want to do is hurt someone’s feelings.  But sometimes I see humor where other people don’t and it just slips out.

I think one of the few people who truly “gets” my humor is my oldest brother.  Mainly because he’s even more sarcastic than me.  I really have to be on top of my game when he’s around.  I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with him but it’s always fun trying.  Being around him for a few hours seems to sharpen my skills.

On the down side, my bent towards sarcasm kind of wore off on my kids and sometimes in their attempt at dry humor it does come across as mean spirited.  Not necessarily towards other people but to me.  I have become the victim of my own wit.  I guess I taught them so well I have to now  earn to develop a thicker skin.  Those barbs of sarcasm that get thrown can hurt when they land in the wrong place.  But it’s all good. I’d rather them have a great sense of humor than not know how to laugh at themselves and others.


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16 Responses to Good Humor

  1. suzicate says:

    Don’t you just love it when your own stuff comes back to bite you in the butt?! When you and brother are in the same room, I know it’s best to start holding my side!

  2. Angie says:

    Oh, yes, I agree that sarcasm is hereditary! In fact, my kids were sarcastic at such an early age we even coined our own term: carcasm; for when you’re being sarcastic in the car 🙂

  3. Aaaaah. My sarcastic sense of humor has come back to bite me too. I am both proud and pissed at the same time. 🙂
    I feel your pain!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Or I hate it when I think of something to retort just a wee bit TOO LATE! Then I’m really pissed at myself for not thinking quicker on my feet. I think my favorite line was when this really rude man once called me a bitch and I told him. “If I weren’t such a lady I’d tell you to kiss my ass! But I’m a lady so….” I think that took him by surprise. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. BankerChick says:

    I have a bent toward sarcasm, that occasionally can get me in trouble so I really have to bite my tongue at work.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I have bitten my tongue at times to where it literally bleeds because I want to say something SO badly but know I can’t. At other times I have verbal diarrhea and can’t help myself. Then everyone just gets covered! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Ron says:

    “But sometimes I see humor where other people don’t and it just slips out.”

    I’m the SAME WAY, Peg!

    And truthfully, I see it as a talent because I think it’s healthy to find the humor in things – even if it is sarcastic humor. Most of the humor blogs that I read are sarcastic, snarky humor – and I LOVE IT!

    ” I’d rather them have a great sense of humor than not know how to laugh at themselves and others.”

    Meeeeeeeeeeee too!

    So, rock on girl!

    Happy Thursday, dear friend!



  6. I’ve never thought you were mean on this blog, that’s for sure! And I love your sense of humor. I have a pretty sarcastic kind as well, courtesy of my big brother – sound familiar? 😛

  7. Barbara says:

    I don’t know if I would consider sarcasm as a flaw, sometimes it is completely appropriate! How funny that your kids have inherited it, I find my son also inheriting my ‘worst” traits.

  8. Alaina says:

    I do love me some BBQ. And yeah…sarcasm, while a good thing, can often be a double-edged sword 🙂

    • pegbur7 says:

      It can. Did you read my Spin on waiting? This one was for Mama Kat’s. The bear one was for the Spin Cycle. I think I confused some because I posted it a few days ago! LOL Always the rebel, huh?

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