Heavy Starch and Holding

The other day I shared with you 10 of the top reasons I love my hubby.  One of the reasons I failed to mention and I don’t know why was his sense of humor.  He makes me laugh and I love to laugh.  He doesn’t even mind telling on himself when he does something stupid if he knows I will think it’s funny.  Even when he knows I will turn around and tell on him!

He used to tell me stupid stuff he’d do and then the first thing he’d say would be “You’re not gonna blog about this are you?”  And my answer was always “Well, you DID tell me didn’t you?  If you are stupid enough to tell me when you do something dumb then of course I’m going to blog about it!”  He’s stopped asking me that question.  Not sure if that means he’s given up hope of me ever stopping telling on him or whether he’s just finally resigned himself to the situation or that he secretly wants me to tell on him!  Hmmmnnnnn.

So, I must add to my ever growing pile of “stupid stuff hubby does” stories.  You know I love you honey, right?

I know I have shared numerous times of hubby’s love of ironing and even his ironing faux pas.  He loves to iron.  It’s his zen time.  I guess the rhythm of just having that iron glide back and forth across the fabric?  It gives him time to think about his day ahead and mentally plan it out.  Every morning before he goes to work and before he gets in the shower he irons his shirt and pants.  I used to iron it for him until he shared how much he enjoyed it and far be it from me to take his joy from him (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).  Now if he is running late, he will occasionally ask me to iron for him while he’s in the shower but I’d say a god 95% of the time he does his own ironing and that’s just fine by me.

This morning I walk into the bathroom while hubby is in the shower.  He starts chatting with me like we normally do and then he says.  “I was ironing this morning and couldn’t figure out why the iron kept sticking to my shirt!”  I asked him if he’d figured it out and about that time I glanced at the sink and I had my answer!

He SHOULD have been using the one on the right...The caps are different colors, shapes AND sizes!


Yep… he sprayed his shirt with hairspray instead of spray starch.  Well, in his defense it was extra hold so I guess he wanted that heavy stiffness in his shirt to hold all day?  He cracks me up!  I can understand that the cans are about the same height and they are both aerosol cans but that’s where the similarities end.  One can is white and one is purple.  You’d have to be not just color blind but just about legally blind to not notice that difference.  And the tops that you HAVE to remove to spray are not only different colors but different shapes.  And the little nozzle thingy that you press down are different shapes.  I guess he must have had a lot on his mind AND not been paying attention.

At least he didn’t spray deodorant in his hair this time!  Yep…. He’s done that too and those cans aren’t even the same size.  At least his hair didn’t sweat that day!  Didn’t do much or the holding part though.  Now I’m waiting for him to use my perfume instead of his cologne…unless he’s already done that too and just didn’t tell me.  Yeah, that’s probably already been done too.  Poor hubby.  He just can’t catch a break!


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8 Responses to Heavy Starch and Holding

  1. Jenny says:

    lol….I don’t think my hubby even knows how to use an iron!! How did you get a hubby thats likes to cook and iron? NO FAIR!!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I know Jenny. I used to do his ironing all the time until the last one was born and we were staying with my mom and dad while he trained with his new job and Eri was a baby and so that he wouldn’t wake me to iron for him my mom taught him to iron and it kind of became “their time” and he has loved it ever since. Trust me… I KNOW I am a very lucky woman!

  2. Ron says:

    “Yep… he sprayed his shirt with hairspray instead of spray starch.”


    Hey listen, please tell hubby that I too enjoy ironing! And ya know, maybe it is a ‘zen thing’ because it really puts me in a very relaxed state.

    Fab post, my friend! Have a great Saturday!


    P.S. I use Suave hair gel. It’s cheap and it works. Suave stuff ROCKS!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I use Suave hair products too and body wash. What’s that commercial say? Suave does what theirs does for a LOT less! I’m all for that!

  3. Spot says:

    Can Dwight come to my house? I have tons of ironing for him!! He can Zen himself out. I hate to iron and I’m horrible at it. I end up ironing more wrinkles into the clothes than I do out of them!!

    His mistake is too funny and he’s such a good sport!


    • pegbur7 says:

      I know… I used to iron all day one day a week and now he likes doing it before he goes to work every day so I don’t complain! I just let him!

  4. terrepruitt says:

    I might have grabbed the wrong can and sprayed, but I think I would have smelled the difference. Did he keep using it?

    My hubby likes to iron too (I think). I KNOW he does it WAY better than me. Sometimes I ask him to iron for ME because he does such a better job. I iron wrinkles IN—yeah, I’m talented like that! 🙂

    • pegbur7 says:

      He kept using it until the iron was sticking to his shirt and he couldn’t figure out why and he finally realized it was the hair spray and then he stopped! LOL

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