Idol-ing Along

For those of you who are NOT American Idol fans, you can skip this post. I’m feeling an AI rant coming on.  I am so disappointed with that show right now.  My favorite contestant got voted off this past week.  Or I guess more precisely he wasn’t voted IN. He got the least amount of votes so he has to go.

I know from watching to show for years that sometimes the guys (or gals) who DON’T win will sometimes do better than the ones who do but it’s still a matter of principle to me.  He was the best so he should still be there.  As my hubby says, at this point in the game it’s no longer a talent contest so much as a popularity contest!

From the beginning this year my two favorites were James Durbin (who just got voted off) and Casey Abrams (who got voted off not once but twice!).  I told hubby I really hoped that the finale would be those two pitted against each other.  They are both very versatile but obviously not popular musicians and singers.

I’m not saying that the remaining three aren’t good singers.  They are.  Haley is a little more versatile than the other two left, Lauren Alana and Scotty McCreery, but in my opinion, not as good a singer.  There is something about the quality of her voice that at once both intrigues and annoys me.  Some songs she does really well and others she seems to screech and scream and she seems to have quite a bit of an attitude with the judges, which kind of puts me off too. I really think Haley should have gone home this week.   

Lauren Alana is a good old country girl from Rossville, GA who stole Steven Tyler’s heart from the get go.  She is cute, sweet and unpretentious.  AND she can sing the heck out o some country music.  She has shown a little more range than Scotty but her true calling I think is country and I think at this point she will have a great career in country music.  The amazing thing to me is that both she and Scotty are only 17 years old I think.  And they really are good.

Scotty is young and sweet and charming but so one dimensional.  He sings country. Period. End of story.  He has tried to branch out a little bit but its still country.  I have not heard him sing a single song that didn’t end up country.  At least a couple of times Lauren sang some songs that had some pop to them and they weren’t 100% country like everything Scotty has done.  He has a very deep voice for a 17 year old and he will probably have a great career ahead of him too.

Casey Abrams from the start marched to the beat of a different drum.  He’s had more of a bluesy jazzy feel to his performances and I think he is the most versatile performer as far as being able to play about any instrument as I have seen on the show and as Randy Jackson said, he was bringing back the stand up bass guitar and making it cool again.  He was true to himself and not what was popular and I think that was his downfall.  The judges used their one save on him as I think they should have but it only saved him for a few more weeks.   On the upside, because of WHEN they used the save, we get the added bonus of seeing 11 Idols on tour instead of 10!

His singing of Maroon 5’s Harder To Breathe was amazing.  You can see it here:

And while you’re there watch him when he was doing CCR’s Can You Ever Stop The Rain.

James, James, James…..Oh, how I loved thee!  That kid from the very start grabbed my heartstrings and didn’t let go.  His whole back story just touched me.  He has Tourette’s Syndrome as well as Asberger’s (a form of high functioning autism).  He’s only about 20 or so and already married with a (really cute) kid.  Every song he sang he sang from the heart.  He loves metal music (which I don’t) and put his twist on about everything he sang.  He reminded me a lot of Adam Lambert with the range of his voice. 

Whenever the camera would be on his ace during the judges critique you could see his facial tics (from the Tourette’s) and how he seemed uncomfortable and was trying to maintain his composure but once he started singing… it was like he was transported to another place and all that turmoil just seemed to melt away as he lost himself in his songs.  Here is a link to his curtain call interview:

I loved this performance he did during the top 7 week.  I don’t think I’d ever heard anything by Muse before this but I think he did a great job:

His rendition of “My Guitar Gently Weeps” made me all teary eyed too.  That was week 9.  When you bring o the page above you can look at his different performances. I really do think they had some talented performers this year.  I can’t wait to go watch James and the rest of them perform live in July during their tour.  Yep, I got our tickets as soon as they went on sale!  I know I’m a dork but I will be a happy dork.


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10 Responses to Idol-ing Along

  1. Spot says:

    I don’t watch Idol, but I do watch the auditions. Weird, I know. I loved James. He was a very talented singer, but more than that he was working to overcome the hand he’d been dealt. I would have thought with Autism and Aspbergers diagnoses so high we could have gotten behind him one hundred percent. Unfortunately, life is rarely fair. But I think he will have a career ahead of him anyway!

    Enjoy your concert!


    • pegbur7 says:

      It’s not weird. I used to do that too! Then I got sucked in and started watching the whole thing. I agree that I thought people would get behind him because of his story. I am so inspired by him!

  2. Ron says:

    Okay, can you believe I’ve never seen a single episode of American Idol? However I have seen a few clips on You Tube.

    I think hubby is right…

    “As my hubby says, at this point in the game it’s no longer a talent contest so much as a popularity contest!”

    It’s the same way with Project Runway. Often, I was shocked at who made it to the final three and who actually one first place.

    Thanks for sharing these links. I will check them out this week.

    Have a great day, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      I think you are right Ron. I used to watch Project Runway and got so turned off by the ones getting let go over the ones staying I had to quit…plus Heidi’s “You’re aaawwwttt!” was driving me crazy!

  3. Jenny says:

    I also was inspired that he could overcome his disability and strive to better his life. I have a nephew with disabilities and he has my heart!! Personally I think that’s why people were not behind him. In my experience people are ignorant when it comes to these issues (whatever they are)because he was and is the best!! He drew you in with his passion and heart!!

    • pegbur7 says:

      You may be right. Some people may not be aware of his disabilities and be turned off by his facial tics etc. not realizing what they are. He had me from hello!

  4. Carol says:

    This year there is just so much talent it’s hard to choose. I really like James, I admired what he has done with his life considering his disabilities (are they considered disabiities?), but I have to say sometimes he was a bit too screechy for me. Of the three remaining, I don’t know – I love Haley’s rasp, I love Scotty’s country, I love Lauren’s zest. It truly doesn’t matter who becomes the idol, because I think all of the top 10 or 12 or 13 have careers ahead of them. Look at last year – Kris Allen won, but Adam Lambert (who should have won, I think) has the bigger career. It’s always been a popularity contest, but I still love it. Except Sanjaya – that was toooo much for me.

    • pegbur7 says:

      You are right Carol. So many times the winner (anyone remember Taylor Hicks?) does absolutely NOTHING with their career and others who didn’t win (Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson) go on to stellar careers despite “losing”. I thought Adam should have won too.

  5. NikNik says:

    Did you vote for James? Maybe a lot of folks that liked him didnt think it was neccesary to vote thinking everyone else would vote for him?

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