Hope I’m Covered!

I have come to the conclusion that sometimes neither Hubby nor I are the brightest crayon in the box (no comments from the peanut gallery, please).  In fact, lately I’m not sure which of us is the more muted hue.  Let me ‘splain.

I have been in Virginia off and on for the last few months.  I came back home last Monday night.  On Tuesday Hubby and I were sitting in the living room and I mentioned that I had a gazillion bajillion television shows that I needed to catch up on since I had really been watching anything since I was gone.  Hubby calmly replied  “Oh, yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that the television is not working.”  WTH?? I did a quick mental accounting and knew I had paid the satellite bill so I asked him what he meant and brainiac says “It’s not working.”

Me:  Well, I know you said it’s not working already, but WHY is it not working?

Hubby:            I’m not sure.

Me:      How long has it not been working?

Hubby:              I don’t know… a while.

Me:      What’s it doing?

Hubby:              Nothing… turn it on and see.

So, genius that I am I turn it on and go “Hmmmnnn…. It’s not working!”  DUH!! So, the red light comes on so I know it’s getting power but no sound and no picture.  We’ve only had this television maybe two or three years.  It’s like a 42 or 48 inch flat screen Panasonic HD.  We paid over $1,600 or it when we bought it.  The warranty is out on it so I guess that means we are SOL.  We even stopped by Best Buy where we bought it and asked the manager (who is a friend of our daughters what we should do and he said “call the Geek Squad.”  Really?  Or he suggested we could call Panasonic directly and ask them or their suggestions.  Theirs will probably be to buy a new TV!

So, I haven’t had a chance to call yet on the television because he just told us this on Monday and Hubby was off the next two days.  On Tuesday we had run out to run some errands and stopped to eat lunch at one o our favorite places, Blue Agave’, and no I didn’t get a margarita as big as my head this time.  In fact, I didn’t get one at all.  But when we got home I noticed that the house was awfully hot.  I checked the thermostat because it was like 85 degrees outside and I noticed that the thermostat was set at 78 but the temperature in the house was over 80.  Oh, GREAT! 

First the TV and then the A/C!  I called our friendly neighborhood A/C man who happens to live just around the corner from us so he stopped by on his way home from work and informs us that he’s pretty sure that the A/C unit is going to need a new compressor!  Our house is less than 10 years old, as is the A/C unit.  I asked him wasn’t that a little soon or an A/C unit to go out and he said yes although he has seen it happen before.  He got it working.  He did something he called a “hard start” but said that it was a lot harder on the compressor and that surely it would be going back out.  He said it might last two hours, or two weeks or two years but it will be going out.  It’s making some awful noises.  He said he’d price out the compressor and the unit and call us the next morning with the estimate.

Later that evening brainiac here started thinking about the coincidence that both the A/C and TV would both go out at the same time.  I turned to hubby and said “When did you say the TV went out?”  

Hubby:              While you were gone.

Me:      I know that, but exactly when?

Hubby:  Umm…. I’m not sure, why?

Me:      Was it by any chance around the time of those big storms?

Hubby:  Yeah, I guess it was because I was watching the weather to find out about the storms.

Me:      Did the power go out during the storms?

Hubby:  Yeah, several times, why?

Me:      Don’t you think it’s odd that the TV and the A/C would go out at the same time and that the TV would quit working the same night as the storm and it hasn’t really been hot enough or the A/C to come on the last few days.  I think we should ask the repairman if the damage could have been caused by the storm.

Long story a little bit shorter, he said it was entirely possible that the A/C unit went out because of power surges or that the house could have been hit by lightening.  He said there was no way unless it had been a direct hit to the unit to proves it definitely WAS or WASN’T the storm but it was worth calling our insurance company since the TV had gone out at the same time.  It’s going to be about $1,500 to replace just the compressor and $1,900 for the whole outside unit so I the insurance company will cover that it would be awesome!

In 25 years of home ownership we have never filed a damage claim with our homeowners insurance so I’m hoping they won’t screw me over on this.  The bad news is that even though we paid over $1,600 for the TV they will only pay to replace it, not what we paid for it.  And our deductible is $1,000.  BUT…. Paying $1,000 to replace both the A/C unit and the TV will be well worth it.  The adjustor is supposed to come out Monday morning.  Not trying to be materialistic here, but… please keep your fingers crossed for us that they find in our favor!  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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8 Responses to Hope I’m Covered!

  1. terrepruitt says:

    *mouth hanging open staring at my computer in disbelief.* REALLY? You poor thing!!

    I hope you are covered too.

  2. Ron says:

    YIKES, Peg! 😦

    Yes, I will keep both my fingers and toes crossed that you’re covered. And you’re right, it’s well worth paying the $1,000. deductible for both the A/C unit AND the T.V.

    I having a feeling this will all work out for you.

    (((( Peg ))))

    Have a super Friday, dear friend!


    P.S. and speaking of things ‘breaking’…Blogger has been down for a WHOLE day, therefore none of us can get into our dashboards to post or leave comments.


  3. Dirtman says:

    Check ALL appliances, outdoor receptacles, storages shed, light, garage door openers, etc; anything electrical. This is a one time chance to claim it as damaged. Write it down and photograph it; adjusters like that. It makes their job easier and it’s documented. They will get less grief from their home office, too!

  4. jenny says:

    Wishing you the best!!

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