Trucking to Tuscaloosa

Some of the volunteers

I am always so proud of my husband and to be his wife.  I know I shared with you about how he had the 1st Responders lunch for all the local law enforcement after we had a flood here about a year and a half ago.  Well, he’s outdone himself again.

I’m sure you are all aware of the horrible tornado that ravaged Tuscaloosa, Alabama a few weeks back?  Well, hubby teamed together with some other managers from his company and organized a “relief” truck to take needed supplies to the area.

I know his company still had two employees unaccounted for a couple of weeks after the tornado.  I think 11 of their employees from Tuscaloosa had lost their homes and everything they had.  One lady that used to work for him when he worked in Alabama called him to thank him for his efforts in getting them supplies (she knew he would be involved) and told him her story.

When the tornado warning came on the television she grabbed her three kids and got in her van to try to outrun the tornado.  I know it’s not a very smart idea but when you have three kids and a tornado bearing down on you I think you might make rash decisions.  Anyway, she realized that they were not going to outrun it so they got out of the vehicle and ran to a nearby brick wall in a low lying area and she lay on top of her two younger kids and held her older son down with her arm around him.  She said when it was all over they got up to go back to their van and it was gone!  The tornado had picked it up and taken it somewhere but she didn’t find it as far as I know.  She said they walked back to their street and walked up and down it three times but thought maybe they had the wrong street because every single house was gone.  She was one of many many people who lost everything they owned except her family and the clothes on her back. 

I could not even imagine what she is going through. Can you imagine going to you street and EVERYTHING being completely gone or flattened?  So, hubby helped organize a relief effort here in the Atlanta area among his companies different concepts.  Each of the employees brought in things they could donate and each restaurant had their donations taken to the restaurant closest to us as a staging area and then they had the company that delivers their food to all the restaurants loan one of their tractor trailer trucks which they completely filled from top to bottom and front to back with much needed supplies.

Not only that, he organized it so that all their donations were separated (i.e. all women’s clothes in one area, all kids in another, shoes in another) and boxed and marked.  They had over 600 boxes of goods from clothes, to food to household supplies.  Even furniture and he got some local grocery stores to donate bottled water and other supplies.  He had called like the Red Cross and all those organizations and found out if they just had the goods donated with organizing and separating them that they’d all have to go to a center first for processing and it could take several weeks before anyone would actually get the benefit of any of the donations.  That was why they took the time and effort to organize and separate everything first so that it could be used immediataly.

They had employees from the different concepts volunteer their time to help separate and box and pack and load the truck.  The truck took the goods to Tuscaloosa to a shelter with the understanding that their employees that lost their homes would get first dibs and anything left over would be distributed as needed.  The woman in charge said that she’d never had a truck of donations come in so organized and ready to go.

I am so proud of him and all his accomplishments and of the company he works for and all their wonderful employees.  I leave you with some random pictures from their day of organizing and loading their donated goods.

Unloading more donations

goods that were donated that they stored in the private dining room


That's hubby in the red striped shirt


View from the front of the truckLook at all that stuff!


Loading up the tractor trailer


Hubby climbing up in the back, shows how long the truck actually is.


Organizing the goods before they load it up


I am so proud of all these guys.


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14 Responses to Trucking to Tuscaloosa

  1. Your husband and his company are truly angels for what they’re doing!

  2. Jenny says:

    It brought tears reading about this particular family. She lost everything material but is so blessed to have her family…my prayers are with them all and Dwight has always had such a big heart!! They are all angels indeed.

  3. SuziCate says:

    What a story about that lady and her kids. made me cry. To know there are angel like D and his company gives the world hope. Sure am proud of D-Kitty!

  4. Ron says:

    “She said when it was all over they got up to go back to their van and it was gone! The tornado had picked it up and taken it somewhere but she didn’t find it as far as I know.”

    OMG, I can’t imagine this, nor losing everything I have.

    Bless D and his company for being the awesome people they are. Truly, angels!

    Sending much prayer and good vibes their way.

    Have great day, dear friend!


  5. Spot says:

    I, too, teared up when reading this! Your husband really is an angel and so are you. This is the kind of story that restores my faith in humanity.


  6. NikNik says:

    So part to call you both my parents! Such big hearts!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Aww… I’m so part too! I’m so part to have an English Major for a daughter! LOL I’m sure you must be sending this from your phone so I’ll blame predictive text!

  7. terrepruitt says:

    Your hubby is soooo awesome. Thia made me so teary-eyed. I can’t even see as I am typing.

    Thanks to D for all of his work and for organizing such a great relief. And for everyone involved. So cool!!!!

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