“Mayberry” PoPo

I guess most of you guys know that I haven’t been home in weeks. I have been in Fredericksburg at my brother’s house and then went to Baltimore and topped off my out of town visits with a few special hours with my baby sister, Suzi. I know she’s not a baby but she’ll always be my baby sister and the baby of the family!

 I haven’t been home too very long and I am exhausted so I will make this fairly short. I left her house this morning heading back to Georgia. Virginia is my home state and I love Virginia dearly, except today.

 I was driving through some Podunk little town in southern Virginia. I wasn’t traveling the interstate because I didn’t want to drive all the way back to Richmond and then drive down 95 to 85 which would be my normal route coming from Richmond or Fredericksburg but instead opted to do something different and take a highway (not interstate) over to 95 and head south to 20 and then across Georgia that way home.

I hadn’t even travelled probably maybe an hour from my sisters and the road kept changing from 4 lane to 2 lane to 3 lane (each way)back to 2 lane and the speed limit had been changing from mostly 55 to 60 to 65 except when it dropped down to 45 or 35 travelling through the little towns. The road had just gone from a 4 lane to a two lane and I thought the speed limit was still 65 so I was going a little over 70. I usually travel around 10 miles over the speed limit because I figure you’re usually safe until you hit over 10 miles over.

Anyway, I’m going a little over 70 and there is a maroon SUV barreling down on me and I was getting ready to switch to the right lane so he could go by when I noticed a police car on the other side of the medium coming towards us. Thinking the speed limit was still 65 I never even hit the brakes but just kept at the speed I was traveling. Besides, I figured hitting the brakes would look worse than keeping going. That’s like an admission of guilt! Then I noticed the SUV behind me HAD slammed on his brakes because now he was further behind me.

Then I noticed the cop turn around and come towards us. I’m still thinking he’s after the SUV behind me cause he’s coming up in the left lane behind the SUV behind me. The SUV moves to the right lane and he keeps coming so I’m thinking “Gee, he must be responding to a wreck or something!” Boy, I can be naïve sometimes! So I pull over to the right lane and he pulls in behind me…. CRAP!!! I find a place to pull over and thinking “Ok, OK… I haven’t gotten a ticket in years… maybe he’ll see that when he runs my license and just give me a warning.”

Not a good thing to see in your rear view mirror!

So he comes up to the window and asks for my license and registration and I notice the SUV that went by had VA tags…. Maybe that’s why he didn’t stop him? Anyway, I give him my license and registration and ask him why he stopped me and he says “Well, Peggy (isn’t that a little familiar for a cop to be? Calling me by my first name?) I clocked you going 72 miles per hour and this here is a 60 mile an hour zone”. I apologized and told him I was sorry, that I had a lot on my mind and was just trying to get back home. He asked what was worrying me and I explained that my brother had recently passed and I had been up here for a while trying to help my sister in law out and he smiled benevolently and walked back to his car. I mean, I think he had to be WELL past retirement age. He looked older than my dad who is 81. I was wondering if I should have offered to drive him back to the station! Then he walks slowly back to his car. I’m still thinking he’s gonna run my tags and see that I don’t have any tickets and just write me up a warning ticket.

While I’m sitting there waiting for him to come back I glance over to the little door pocket on the passenger side and realize that the empty bud bottle from where we had toasted my brother was sitting there with the rose that had been given to each of us siblings. Then I’m silently freaking out because I know Virginia has an open container law even though the bottle was empty and had been washed out I’m thinking he’s gonna arrest me for an open container. Then I’m trying to decide if I should point it out to him and explain the situation or just hope to God that he doesn’t notice it?

It was bad enough that when I opened my glove compartment to get my registration and was looking through it a $5 bill fell out on my lap and when he started walking off he said, “Maybe you should look back through your glove box and maybe this time you’ll find a $20!” Hmmmnnnn come to think of it, maybe he was hinting I should pay him off? LOL I’m sitting there freaking out between the beer bottle and thinking that he’s gonna think I’m trying to bribe him because money is just kind of falling in my lap and I’m like “Hmnnn…. I wonder where that came from?!?”

Then he walks up to the window again and hands me my NOT warning but actual ticket to sign and advises me that it would probably be much easier to just mail in a check for $133 than to try to come back and fight it in court. Maybe that’s why they target out of staters? Because they know it will cost you more in gas money to come back and fight it than the ticket will cost you? I’m thinking it’s a good way for them to drum up extra revenue.

 Either way, I’m just gonna take my lumps and pay the stupid ticket. I WAS speeding and in all honesty? I’m surprised he didn’t get me going faster than that. I DO tend to have a lead foot. I guess I should be thankful that I don’t get one every trip I make! It did kind of put a damper on the end of my trip though. Maybe next time I’ll try actually slamming on my brakes and see if that works?


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10 Responses to “Mayberry” PoPo

  1. suzicate says:

    You and your lead foot are just too funny! Sorry about the ticket.

  2. Ron says:

    Aw shucks! When I first started reading this I thought he was going to let you go with just a warning.

    I mean, I know you were speeding, but you were honest with him about having a lot on your mind.

    Sorry about the ticket, Peg 😦

    I love the photograph you capture through your rear view mirror. Isn’t it funny how we bloggers ALWAYS have our camera’s with us, just in case we get something for a post – HA!

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      I thought he was too but all he said when he finally handed me the ticket was “I know you’ve got a lot on your mind so slow down and be safe.” GEE…THANKS!

  3. Atleast you know you were speeding. So there’s that. But it is a funny story!

  4. terrepruitt says:

    It always shocks me a bit (because I am forgetful) that different states have different laws. I don’t know that the state in which I live has a “warning ticket” for a moving violation. I do know in “my” state you can receive a ticket for going just 5 miles over the speed limit. I know that if you were going 12 miles faster than the speed limit it would be a lot more than $133. AND the state in which I live the fines are DOUBLE in constructions zones. And that holding a phone is not legal.

    It could be that officers target out of state drivers OR it could be that they read blogs and they all know you have a lead foot and they keep their eye out for you because they know you will be an easy ticket?

    I know they are doing their job and you WERE going over the speed limit, but I have faith that if he could have believed you (as in, if he didn’t hear excuses all the time) about your past time of stress, he would have just told you to slow down. I am sure he has a heart and would understand the stress. I know I do. XOXO

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