My “Adopted” Grandkids

I know I have always loved children but I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed being around them until these last couple of months. I also forgot how exhausting they can be. I’ve gotten the privilege these last two months of spending a lot of time with my brother’s grandchildren. What an honor and a privilege it has been.

They are such great kids too. They all have their own personalities. I told hubby that we might need to rethink our relentless bugging of our oldest to have kids. I think I need a vacation to get my second wind. I am in no way saying I wouldn’t do it again in a second. I just forgot how much stamina you need to keep up with kids.

Brenda and Stephen have 3 kids. Zander is the oldest. He just turned 8 and he’s the hardest to catch to get a good picture because he’s always going 90 to nothing and he likes being outside.  He has ADHD so he gets in some trouble in school sometimes but he is such a loving little boy and as sweet as he can be.

Zander getting ready to help Uncle Dwight cut his dad's birthday cake.Zander iin the striped shirt

Kamyl is 5 (I think) and I tease her that she is like her namesake Hurricane Camille. Of course she’s not really named after a hurricane, you just feel like you’ve been in the presence of one sometimes when her little “personality” comes out. She can be a pistol and a half and her famous line is “But mom and dad said I could” even when they have said no such thing and she is very convincing at it. I did learn to always check first just to make sure! She and her Grampa used to be inseparable so I know losing him is really affecting her.

Kamyl getting some Grampa time when he was in the hospital

And little Faith is a little Latina spitfire. She can give you a look sometimes that would stop a train in its tracks and at the same time melt your heart. She is her mommy’s right hand woman and sidekick and the little itch that can’t be scratched. She has also learned her way around adults like the other day when we went to Pier 1 shopping and I sat in the van with her and her brother while her mom went in with Kamyl. First she had a total meltdown because Mommy said she couldn’t go in. She was determined that she was going in that store. After her 5 minutes of kicking and screaming and realizing she wasn’t going to get her way she comes up to the front seat and says “Me pee pee?” which I knew was a ploy to go in the store. I refused to fall for the ploy so then she starts holding herself and stomping and saying “Me pee pee BAD!” Then she found an umbrella and totally forgot about peeing and went to the back to play with the umbrella. When she got bored with the umbrella she started back in on the me pee pee ploy again. About that time mommy comes back and says “Good! We have a potty in the back of the van!” Then she screams NO!! and runs back to her seat again.

This is Faith at our parents 60th anniversary party last summerFaith with her Grandma


Then there are Destiny and Andrew’s kids Jovi and Johanna Hadessah. They have both (I think) lived at Monte’s house since they were born and Jovi and Grampa’s little man. Monte loved all his grandchildren but there was a special bond between him and Jovi. Every night Jovi would get up during the night and go into his grandpa’s room so that every morning when Monte woke up Jovi would be in bed with him. Jovi called him Papa. He walks around with Papa’s cell phone now just jabbering away and when you ask who he’s talking to he says “Papa!” And then sometimes just out of the blue he will look at you and say “Papa go home?” and he’ll point up to heaven. He’s only two so I’m not sure he really understands but it sure seems like he does sometimes and when he’s on the phone he sure seems like he’s talking to someone.

I love the way he's looking at Papa here


His favorite thing to do is look at pictures on the computer (especially if they are of him) and say “I wanna see!” and when you come to one of him he yells “Dat ME!”  When he wants something he says “Ah me.” When someone sneezes he says God Bless which comes out as “Gah Bess!”  And whe he gets ready to eat he ALWAYS blesses his food before he eats.  He will bow his little head and grab your hand and then he mumbles something that I’m not sure even HE understands and then he says “Men!” He’s just too stinking cute.  He’s also got a thing for butts.  I don’t think he’s capable of walking by a female without smacking her on the butt.  And he’s so cute he gets away with it.  I just hope he doesn’t get slapped too much when he gets older!

This was the other day when he wanted me to ride in his car

 And last but certainly not least is little Johann who I call Johanna Banana.  She is already trying to walk at 7 months and pulling herself up and crawling all over the place. She is a happy baby whose face lights up like a light as soon as she makes eye contact with you. She loves her brother too. He makes her laugh and she has this shy little thing she does where she smiles and then hides her face in her chest. I was feeding her baby food (strained mixed veggies) for lunch today and just as I put the spoon in her mouth she sneezed and blew it everywhere. I will include the picture but a big glob of it ended up right in the center of her forehead. I’m still not sure how she managed that. It was in her hair and on her chin and on my chest and my blouse. At least she got total coverage.

I love this picture because you can just see the love he felt for her on his face.


I think I need more practice feeding baby food!

 I will miss all those little munchkins so much. I had such a blast with them and with getting to know their little personalities. They are all such loving little people and they are all special in their own right. I feel so privileged to have been able to share some time with them. At least I get to see them again in a few weeks! I see some spoiling in the future!


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10 Responses to My “Adopted” Grandkids

  1. SuziCate says:

    Beautiful words and beautiful, precious children. They are absolute gems! And so are you!

  2. Ron says:

    “After her 5 minutes of kicking and screaming and realizing she wasn’t going to get her way she comes up to the front seat and says “Me pee pee?” which I knew was a ploy to go in the store.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh how funny! That sounds like something I would do as a kid!

    And I know what you mean about being exhausted because when I taught a drama class at a summer camp one year, I had the time of my life. However, I came home wiped out every day.

    Great photos, Peg! Love the one with Johanna and Monte. So precious.

    Have a wonderful Saturday, dear friend!


  3. NikNik says:

    I am glad you are getting some quality time with children! I haven’t heard anything about me having a kid in weeks!

  4. Spot says:

    Such adorable kids!! And so obvious how much your brother loved them and they loved him in return. It’s great you got to spend time with them. I think children have a special way of healing us.

    I have 12 more weeks to go before Lu’s baby is born. I’m so excited and nervous for her all at the same time. And I’m dreading the sleep deprivation that will descend upon our household. But I’m looking forward to so many things.


  5. terrepruitt says:

    Nikki’s comment is funny.

    It is great that you were able to have some good times and make some great memories during such a sad time. I am sure that you being with the children helped a lot (both you and them).

    Thanks for sharing some of your precious memories!

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