This Bud’s For You, Monte!

Our Budweiser toast in honor of my brother Monte


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12 Responses to This Bud’s For You, Monte!

  1. Dwight Burke says:

    The very first conversation Monte ever had with me at that first “PIG PICKING” goes as following;

    Momte; “You Dwight?”

    Me; “Yep!”

    Monte; “I’ve got two things of advice for you!” as he gives me a Bud!

    Me; “OK!”

    Monte; “Everyone one here is family,watch what you say,you never know who is listening!” and he starts walking away.

    Me; “That’s one ,what is #2?”

    Monte; “Bring your own BEER,next time!

    Great words from a great man! Yes Monte I did bring the beer. Sad to say brother,for the last time. Dwight

  2. Ron says:

    *lifting my glass*

    Cheers, Monty!

    Great shot, Peg!

    Happy Wednesday, dear friend!


  3. I’ll drink to Monte! Bless his heart!

  4. Alaina says:

    Here’s to your brother. He sounds like one amazing man.

  5. NikNik says:

    I feel so bad I couldnt have been there to toast with you guys. Hubs and I had a toast at home for him though!

  6. suzicate says:

    It was a great toast…he would have loved it! I’m sure he was sipping from every one we put down, unless of course they got too warm for his taste!

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