What’s In YOUR Wallet?

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for Mama Kat’s again and her Writer’s Workshop.  This week I chose prompt #5.) What do the contents of your handbag/purse “say” about you?
(inspired by Kristi from Live And Love Out Loud)

I think first and foremost the contents of my purse would tell you that I am a slob.  I don’t even know what all I have in there.  Years ago my husband used to always say “You could never have an affair because whoever you had an affair with would know you have kids” because I always had diapers and toys and all kinds of stuff of the kids in my purse.  I would always reply that I truly didn’t think if someone was going to have an affair that the contents of their purse would really be a deal breaker.

Even though my kids are now all grown, that doesn’t mean my purse got any smaller or any tidier.  True, I no longer carry diapers and toys, but I have my own “toys” (like my Kindle). 

My husband has also always joked that when I buy a purse it’s the size of a change purse and when I’m done it’s the size of a suitcase because I “stretch them out”.  I don’t think I actually stretch them out… I just stuff them to their gills and beyond.

I guess first I should tell you that it’s like a “hobo” bag.  It’s a huge pouch like shoulder bag which I affectionately refer to as my “hernia case”.  My children use to affectionately call it “the fat kid” and threaten to buckle it in.  I am almost embarrassed to admit that when I got my new car about a month ago I set my purse on the passenger seat and the car kept beeping at me because it thought a person was sitting in the seat because it weighed so much.  Yeah… I do realize that’s pretty bad.

I’m not actually looking in my purse right now but going from memory of the last time I really looked in there I can kind of tell you a little of what I have in there.  As previously stated, I have my kindle in there, my wallet which won’t even close at the present, much less “lock”.  I have my checkbook, my day planner, a map of the state of Virginia (yes, I have a GPS and Navigator on my phone) which my mom gave me back in mid February when I drove up to Virginia and we were trying to decide the best course to take to my brother’s because I couldn’t find my GPS before I left Georgia and I don’t get great cell service in Virginia so I felt better having an actual paper back up so I didn’t get lost.

I have car keys to 4 different vehicles even though I only drive one at a time and 2 are in the possession of one of my daughters at her apartment.  I have make up and chap stick.  I have medicines, both prescription and over the counter (including my soy care in case I start having my crazy menopausal symptoms).  I have fingernail clippers and tissues because you never know when you might need them.  I usually have a bottle of water in varying stages of fullness depending on the day.  I have breath mints, just in case!   I have receipts galore that I need to weed through and several items of mail that I carry with me for when I have a few extra minutes to go through which hasn’t happened for several weeks.  I have credit cards and gift cards and cash.  I have pens and mechanical pencils.  I have at least one of those flash drives in there. 

Since I have everything except the kitchen sink (or so it seems) I do find it odd that I do NOT have a brush in my purse.  As often as I could use one, I have no brush.  I also do NOT have a mirror in that never ending pile of crap in there.  I do not have a camera in there either.  Reading back through this, I realize I do NOT have the time to clean it out which is really what I need to do.   I need to find out exactly what if in there but I really think I do need to take a weed eater to it and cut back on the junk.  So thanks for this reminder so that I could take a closer look at the crap in there.  As long is there is no “actual crap” in there, I guess I’m good to go.  To paraphrase those Capitol One Norsemen “What’s in YOUR wallet?


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17 Responses to What’s In YOUR Wallet?

  1. Alaina says:

    Ok…so I was going to tell you that I was a lot like you in that my purse is totally full and totally unorganized, but…you had me at the car beeping at you for having a “passenger” not buckled in. That is too funny!

  2. Spot says:

    Actually, I just bought a new purse with several different pockets and for the first time I can remember…my purse is organized and I know exactly where everything is. I’m pretty sure that means that hell froze over.

    I love that they call it “the fat kid”! That describes my mom’s purse to a “T”. Lol.


  3. NikNik says:

    I guess the saying like mother like daughter fits here?!? I also have books, random reciepts, meds (mostly for the hubs and my 25 sons at work) but no brush or mirror!

  4. My bag has a lipstick and a compact and a wallet with ID’s and credit cards. Period. I can’t stand “clutter”. My husband on the other hand can’t live without clutter and really has no idea where anything is at any given time.

  5. Jessica says:

    Hilarious that your kids used to refer to your purse as the fat kid and want to buckle it in.

  6. Jenners says:

    That is so funny that the car thought there was a person in the seat!!! That is a big purse! I’m a minimalist. I carry the least amount of stuff I can.

  7. terrepruitt says:


    My purse always makes my car passenger seatbelt light go on.

    My purse gets heavy because of water bottles (one sinks to the bottom and I forget it’s there so I put another one in), my camera, my phone, and my keys. I have two coin purse/wallets because I have one for me and one for my business. And two checkbooks.

    Of course, I have lots of other stuff too. Do you find that if you decide to take something out because you can’t remember the last time you used it, the SECOND you are away from home you need it?

  8. Ooo. No mirror for me either! I don’t even like to use the visor mirror in my car. In the chaos of my day, seriously, what am I going to do about what is looking back at me anyway? (well, except maybe something hanging from my nose or between my teeth..) LOL

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