Blue Agave’

Outside front of Blue Agave

I promised a review of Blue Agave’.  We had gone there late last Friday afternoon.  We hadn’t eaten lunch and it was before the dinner rush so it wasn’t busy at all yet.  We went there with completely no expectations because neither of us had talked to anyone yet who had been there. Let’s just say we were so impressed from beginning to end it was a great dining experience.

Looking over the main dining room from the front door. The middle part of the picture from left to 3/4 across is the painted mural.


Front of menu

First, the décor of the restaurant is gorgeous.  Apparently the owner had a childhood friend that he went to elementary and middle school with come up from Mexico to do the murals on the walls.  The murals and story behind it are based on the town of Jalisco, Mexico which is famous for growing Blue Agave plants which is the basis apparently for making tequila.  This is the back of the menu that explains the whole process or story so to speak:

The Blue Agave' story

Like I said, we got there around 3:30 or 4.  It was well past lunch hour but before the dinner rush.  We sat in a nice roomy booth near the bar.  Our waiter was fabulous.  His name was Fidel.  He asked for our drink order and hubby ordered a tea and asked him to bring me a margarita.  I said “Don’t you think it’s a little early?”  to which he replied “Nah, you’re retired.  Enjoy!”  Fidel asked if I wanted a small, medium or large and hubby told him “Bring her the big one!”  Looking back… I think I should have asked for more clarification.  Here is my drink:

My margarita - look how small hubby's water is in comparision

When Fidel sat the drink down he asked if we needed two straws and I said “Um, he doesn’t drink…”  He said “You are going to drink this thing BY YOURSELF???”    I replied that I was going to try.  Epic fail….

Drank all I could but I just couldn't do it!

First I have to give Fidel props by asking for my ID when I know there’s no way he could think I wasn’t old enough to drink.  I made a big deal out of it and told him that he made my month by asking for my ID. When I handed it to him he glanced at it and said “See?  You barely made it!”  HUGE props.  Hubby said he was going to have to remember that one.  That’s the way to make an old woman feel a little younger even if you know he’s just doing his job.  I know it earned him a bigger tip!

Hubby ordered steak fajitas and I ordered a combo plate with an enchilada (chicken) and a beef burrito.  It was all wonderful and way more than we could eat at one sitting.  We both got another meal out of it.  And it was very reasonably priced.

Hubby's fajitas

Mine minus the rice (which I gave to hubby)

The restaurant is owned by a gentleman named Abel (and his wife) that used to run the El Rodeo that used to be in the shopping center on the corner of Highway 5 and Douglas Boulevard.  He said the man that owned the El Rodeo was supposed to sell it to him but wanted too much so he and his wife found out about the space where it now is and started planning.  According to him they planned and designed the whole restaurant.  They did an awesome job.

Hubby enjoying the decor while we wait for the check. His shirt almost matches the wall mural!


Part of the mural above the bar

The bar area is beautiful and was custom made.  The mural that is painted is around the whole restaurant. It starts over the bar and extends all the way around all four walls and ends back at the kitchen door along the back wall.  It has the main dining area, an area around the bar, outdoor seating out front and patio seating out the back.  He said that in the summer they will probably have a guitarist for the patio out back.  I can imagine that by this summer when more people find out about it that this place is going to be rocking all the time.

Seating area outside the front door


Seating area out back

Bar area

Their custom built bar

If you live in the Douglasville area I highly recommend that you visit the Blue Agave’.  I don’t think there is any way that you will be disappointed.  Enjoy the pics!

Mural in main dining area


Kinda blurry but part of the mural in the main dining area

Mural by the kitchen door

Wall mural by our seating area

The singing caballeros (I'm sure I spelled that wrong)

Above bar on the side

I think this is my favortie portion of the whole mural


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7 Responses to Blue Agave’

  1. Ron says:

    “When I handed it to him he glanced at it and said “See? You barely made it!” HUGE props.”

    BRAVA! You go, Peg!

    What a faaaaaaaabulous place this looks like! And the food looks scrumptious – yummy!

    Love the murals!

    Glad you and hubby had a great time!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!



  2. SuziCate says:

    Dang, that’s a big drink…too bad it had tequila in it or I would’ve finished it for you! Sounds like a fabulous meal!

  3. Looks like a great place. Very pretty! I like nice surroundings and find they really add to my enjoyment of food.

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