We Got Dockers!

Our day off Thursday was followed by running errands on Friday. I think we went from North of our county to south and to all points in between.

We went to Fayetteville because we finally found someplace fairly local that carries the Dockers pants that Hubby likes. He had gone down there while I was in Virginia and they had 12 pair in his size so he bought 4 pair. We went back and bought 4 more. The salesman said that for some reason (according to his knowledge of the situation) Dockers only makes that particular size a few times a year so when they hear that they have some in stock they buy up all they can get and hoard them pretty much until they run out!

So, bottom line is Hubby has 8 new pairs of Dockers so let’s hope they last him for a little while. I had ordered him 4 pair and after about 3 weeks heard back that they were “backordered” and that was the last I heard and that was quite a while back so I’m hoping we don’t end up with another 4 pair showing up on the doorstep!

 We were hungry since we hadn’t eaten breakfast and it was around by now so we rode by this old steak place we used to go to down in that area. I think I spoke about it before. It’s the place where every hour all the employees would line up and they’d dance around and sing “You Never Even Call Me By My Name” by David Allen Coe (I think). I think the name of the steak place was Gail’s Lone Star Steak House. Well…. It’s not there anymore. It’s a wing place now so we headed back towards Douglasville.

 Along the way we got stopped at the railroad tracks by a train that was going SO slow that I think I could have literally gotten out and walked faster than it was moving. Then hubby happened to see up the tracks that we could still see the engine so we knew we’d be there a while. Then everyone in front of us started turning around and going back the other way so we figured they probably knew something we didn’t so we turned around and finally found our way back towards home. We ended up crossing the tracks again a little farther down the line and the train headed the way we were coming from was stopped completely so that a train traveling the opposite direction could pass so I guess it’s a good thing we turned around or we might have been there awhile.

We still had to go and get stuff from Home Depot too. On the way back I remembered that there was a fairly new Mexican Restaurant called Blue Agave’ that we had been meaning to try so we went there and ate. It was delicious. I will review that with pics later.

Let’s just to suffice it to say that after the MONGO margarita that I had I was pretty much ready for bed. . . or the drunk tank! It was the biggest margarita I think I have ever seen… other than a pitcher. We had seen this mural on the side of a tire store in Fayetteville that I thought was so cute I had to take a picture.

Mural on the side of a tire store in Fayetteville

That summed up exactly how I felt after that one drink that I couldn’t even finish. I definitely decided that I am not as young as I used to be. No way can I drink like I could when I was younger. I have no doubt when I was younger I might have been able to knock back two. Now I’m such a lightweight that I can’t even finish ONE. I’m such a wuss.Just in case you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a picture. Compare the margarita to hubby’s ice tea!

My MEGA margarita


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8 Responses to We Got Dockers!

  1. Ron says:

    HOLY COW…that margarite looks faaaaaabulous!

    One of these days I really need to try one.

    I’m like you, I’m such a light-weight when it comes to alcohol. One glass of red wine and I’m GONE!

    LOVE the mural!

    Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday, dear friend!


  2. Cori says:

    I’m not a drinker…but I’d take a virgin version of that margarita right now!!!

  3. LisaF says:

    Oooooo…I just had a margarita flashback from the Mexico vacay! Thanks for the memory! 🙂

  4. terrepruitt says:

    Wahooo! Glad you found some Dockers. I get so frustrated when I find something I like and they discontinue it. Or in the case of a hair or face product “improve” it, yeah right, that usually means 1) they made it smell funny or 2) they made the pacakge smaller so you get less for more money because they have increased the price.

    Ya know what I’m saying, huh?

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