A Tango With Rango

This past week Hubby actually had two days off in a row. Woo hoo! That was two weeks in a row that happened. It’s very unusual for him. It’s rare he even takes both days off, much less in a row. We really had a good relaxed time and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Thursday was our “free” day. We had a great time and only spent $12 the whole day! We used some of our free gift cards and wreaked havoc on them! We went to two movies (that’s where we spent the $12…popcorn and soda at the movies!) walked around the mall, got my dad three new books, ate at O’Charley’s and still made it home at a decent hour! I think we are getting old.

We were trying to make a decision on which movies to see and trying to make it back to back so that the movies coincided but ended up with an hour and a half between them hence the walking around the mall. Oh, we also got to pick up #3’s contacts for her since they were in and hubby got to stalk the vacuum cleaners (he’s looking for a certain one but doesn’t know the brand but he knows what it looks like).

We (actually hubby) decided that the first movie we’d see would be Battlefield LA. It was pretty good for an apocalyptic doom and gloom alien invasion shoot ‘em up….if you like those kinds of things. It kind of seems to be a theme lately. I told hubby it seems almost like another movie we just saw which made such an impression on me that for the life of me I can’t even remember the name of it!

But if you like aliens invading Earth for our resources no holds barred action with marines and guns blazing then you’d probably like this. If I had known more about it I probably would have opted waiting for it to come out at Blockbuster or on Netflix rather than wasting our free movie card on it. Not that I didn’t enjoy it… there were just other movies I would have preferred to see… like the Adjustment Bureau. I do really want to see that one.

The second movie we saw was Rango. This one I highly recommend. I just love Johnny Depp. Even if his character is a cartoon! He cracks me up and I thought this movie was just precious. Who cares that we were the only adults in the theatre that didn’t have kids with us! I laughed out loud in some spots.

To me he is the perfect person in this role. Rango is a scared little lizard (not sure if he’s a gecko or chameleon) who unwittingly (and sometimes unwillingly) becomes their town’s hero when he accidently kills the towns enemy when he’s actually just trying to save himself and hide. Here is the movie trailer:


And this clip shows the real actors playing their characters… Johnny Depp is hysterical.


I love the way Gore Verbinski actually used the actors to develop the characters. I also can’t wait for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie (On Stranger Tides) that comes out in May, I think. Here is a trailer clip for that one:


I can’t help but think that Steven Tyler would be great in one of those Pirates of the Caribbean movies! He’d be awesome. I also think Johnny Depp is highly underrated as an actor as is Robert Downey, Jr. I think they are both awesome actors and I will watch just about anything either of them are in.

That’s my movie review for today. 4 thumbs up for Rango (both hubby and I) and maybe 1 thumb up for Battle field LA (1 from hubby – none for me, sorry). Hope you all get to enjoy and movie date soon!


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8 Responses to A Tango With Rango

  1. Ron says:

    OMG, Peg…I am DYING to see Rango! I’ve seen clips on You Tube and have loved them!

    And I must agree with you 100%….

    ” I also think Johnny Depp is highly underrated as an actor as is Robert Downey, Jr. I think they are both awesome actors and I will watch just about anything either of them are in.”

    Meeeeeee too! One of my favs of Johnny’s is Edward Scissorhand. One of my favs of Robert’s is Chaplin.

    So glad you and hubby had a wonder time together on his two days off in a row!!!

    Happy Monday, dear friend!


  2. We went to see “The Lincoln Lawyer” yesterday. It was good, but since I had read the book, there were no surprises. I got a little bored knowing how it would end the whole time. “Battlefield LA”? Alex will have to see that! Me, not so much.

  3. We took the kids to see Rango. They loved it! I just like the popcorn. Really, it’s my favorite part of a movie.

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