Another Sign of Spring

The other day our weekly photo challenge was Spring.  Unfortunately the biggest signs of Spring around here have been how quickly the crabgrass and dandelions have overtaken our yard.  At least that lends some color to the yard other than the brown grass since it hasn’t fully “greened up” yet.  I think we need to get a lawn maintenance expert out here because every year it seems we have less grass and more dirt and weeds and I KNOW I have a brown thumb so anything I do to it will just make it more brown.

I know it's Spring - dandelions have overrun my lawn!

The other reason I know it’s Spring is not just that the wind is about to blow me away but the “offerings” have begun.  Each Spring begins the bounty of animal sacrifices my kitties make to my husband and I.  In the last year they have brought us innumerable moles, chipmunks, rabbits, and birds.

Trying to drive with my windows down was not a bright idea. Obstructed view!


Poe and Lala checking out our "gift"

Lala "The Conqueror"

Last year they brought us snakes not once but twice.  I think it might have been the same snake though because the first one had a fresh sport on the side of its head where the cats at drug it around.  Remember I thought it was dead until I went to reach for it and it moved?  Yeah… not trying THAT again!  The second one had a “scar” in the same spot as the first one had the fresh wound so I think it was the same one.  He just bought himself a couple of months time because the second time it was definitely dead.

The other day I opened to front door to go check the mail and almost stepped on a robin.  It was a pretty big one too.  The two baby cats, Lala and her brother, Poe had been lazing it up inside so I know it wasn’t either of them, but once I opened the door they went out and tried to claim it.  I think Lala ended up taking off with it because when I went back out later to remove it from the walk it was gone.  I know it didn’t get up and fly away because it was dead as a door knob.  There was kind of a trail of feathers down the walk and through the yard so I guess she had a time carrying it.  The next morning there were the remnants of another bird at the back door.  Pretty sure it was a different one because the feathers weren’t the same.  Wasn’t much left of it so I couldn’t be sure.

Yesterday afternoon I went out on the back patio and this is what I found:


Yup…. Another snake!  Not sure what kind he was but he had some orangish looking scales around his neck area (do snakes have necks?).  It wasn’t very big but it was big enough that I didn’t want to mess with him.  Besides I’ve always heard that the young ones are more poisonous because their venom is more potent.  Don’t know if that’s an old wives tale or it’s actually true but I’m not really willing to find out. 

Hellboy checking him out


I did finally surmise that he was definitely dead.  Hellboy was having a good time batting him around and turning him over.  I think Hellboy just wanted to play but the snake was too busy playing dead.  I left him there waiting for Hubby to come home and dispose of him for me.

I'm gonna getcha!

So when Hubby came home a couple of hours later I yelled out to him as he was coming through the garage door NOT to take his shoes off because I had something I wanted him to do.  He yelled back it was too late, he already had them off so I yelled back at him to put them back on.  He wanted to know why and I told him I had something on the back patio that I needed him to see.  The cats had drug it under the patio table and it was partially obscured by the umbrella stand. 

Even in death, he managed to escape....

Hubby is asking me what I need him for and I’m pointing under the table and he bends down, gasps and jumps back about three feet and goes:

Hubby:  THAT’S  a snake!

Me:         No, DUH!  That’s why I waited for YOU.

Hubby:   Well, what do you want ME to do?

Me:         Uh…. Move it!

Hubby:   Why me?

Then I just had to laugh at him and told him never mind, I’d take care of it myself.  Then he felt bad and was like “ok, ok.. I’ll do it”  but by then I’d already grabbed the rake and started moving it myself.  So much for being my protector, huh?  Guess it’s a good thing it wasn’t alive or he’d have probably been laying out there on the patio next to it!  Sorry, baby… couldn’t let you by with this one.  I still love  you though.


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6 Responses to Another Sign of Spring

  1. Heather says:

    LOL! The image in my head of your hubby jumping, really tickled my funny bone!

    I was just telling the hubs yesterday about the decline in grass vs weeds. Not sure how to fix it. If I get weed killer, then I wont have a yard!

    It is so nice of your kitties to want to share their victories with you.

  2. Ron says:

    This post reminded me of an episode on ‘Designing Women’ when Suzanne Sugarbaker said, “I’m sorry, but in the relationship it’s the MAN’S job to dispose of all the bugs!”


    Aren’t cat’s funny? Even though my two kitties were indoor cats, they STILL brought all the dead palmetto bugs into my bedroom as an offering!!


    Happy Sunday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Yes, they love me SO much they bring me stuff ALL the time. Most times I’d just prefer that they bat things around and let them run off into the woods… just not into my house. Except for the snakes… those I prefer they kill before I kill myself trying to get away from them!

  3. SuziCate says:

    Dirt Man says it’s a corn snake! Your kitties are so sweet to bring you such lovely gifts…and your hubby cracks me up!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Tell Dirtman that those snakes are CORNfused because there ain’t no corn for miles around! They must be lost!!! And yes, such sweet kitties. Sometimes I think they are trying to give me a heart attack!

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