Postal This!

When I was up at my brother’s house, I left on Friday evening.  I had to go to Baltimore first before I went home to Atlanta.  I left Friday evening so I could be there on Saturday morning.  I drove down to get on the interstate and while I was sitting in line waiting to get on the main road.  I was admiring the scenery when I happened to look up and almost choked on my own saliva.  This is what I saw:


I lightened it and blew it up some so maybe you can see it better.


I’m not sure if you can see this very clearly but first let me assure you that even though it was a nice day, it was getting to be evening and it was NOT hot enough to wear shorts…. Especially not booty shorts.

I don’t know about where you live but I don’t think this is standard postal service employees uniform.  First, it wasn’t hot enough to be wearing that outfit and second, I think the way that shirt is “cut” at the sleeves doesn’t look standard issue either.  And I may be way off base but I don’t think I have ever seen a postal employee wear a hat like that.  It looked like a military type hat but it was grey blue. 

And those shorts just killed me.  He wasn’t that tall of a guy so it’s not like he was just tall and the shorts weren’t long enough.  You’d have to hem them to be that short.  It did have the standard postal “patch” on the front of the shirt and the shorts did look the same as postal issue pants just not that short.

And he was carrying something in his hands that looked like mail.  I watched as he crossed the road and walked right by my car, up the hill and into the church parking lot behind me.  I couldn’t get one of him beside me but I got him in my rearview mirror:

You can see him walking behind me in the side mirror

Gives new meaning to the phrase “going postal”.  Is that sorta like commando only in uniform?  At least it gave me a good laugh for the road….


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8 Responses to Postal This!

  1. Dee Silman says:

    Peggy…is that house leaning??? There are so many funny things in that picture!It looks like the car hit the SUV!!! I so enjoyed this for my start of a great day! thanks! Dee:)

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thanks for commenting Dee. I’m not sure if it was leaning but it WAS on a hill so maybe? 😉 It was quite amusing. I couldn’t get my camera on my phone turned on quick enough!!

  2. Ron says:

    “Gives new meaning to the phrase “going postal”. Is that sorta like commando only in uniform?”


    Are you sure he was a postal worker or just someone who was bring the mail to another house because it was delivered to him by mistake?!?! HA!

    Funny you post this because it’s still cold here in Philly, but apparently some people think it’s already summer. I saw several people yesterday wearing short sleeve shirts and flip-flops, and it was only in the 30’s!!!

    Have a super Saturday, dear friend!


    • pegbur7 says:

      Ron, if he was delivering a neighbors mail he was still wearing what looked like highly modified “official” postal uniform! It really took me by surprise but it was hilarious!

  3. Dirtman says:

    Maybe it was one of Baltimore’s community organizers

  4. Ha ha! A bootyliscious postman. That? Is soooo hilarious!!

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