My Fickle Friend


It’s time for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.  This week I’m hinging all my hopes on (sorry, I couldn’t resist that)  prompt #2.) April is national poetry month…Write a poem about hope.

Hope springs eternal

But for the chosen few

Hope is like a knife

That cuts through and through

We rely on hope

We spread it through our lives

Like peanut butter on bread

Or honey through the hives

But sometimes hope

Is a elusive thing

When the thing that we hope for

We know no one can bring

A cure for cancer

A miracle salve

Something we yearn for

But we can’t quite have

Yes hope is there

But she’s a fickle flimsy friend

When we’ve relied on her heavily

But she wimps out at the end

Where does she go

When we’re at the end of our rope?

That fickle heartbreaker

That one we call hope?

Is she under our pillow

As we bed down at night?

Does she rap at the door

As we hide behind it in fright?

Does she bring us comfort

Does she bring us joy

Does she bring us tears

Or leave us . . .  a broken boy

Does she hold out

For those chosen few

The ones that we turn to

When we’re down and blue

Does she stand up defiantly

And spit in our eyes

Is she a friend of the truth

Or a teller of lies

She’s the one that is there

When we’ve nowhere else to go.

Most times she’s a friend

But now seems like a foe.

This fickle young dream

That we hold in our hearts

She plants that small seed

And then she departs

Yes, hope is a fickle friend

I dare say

She gives of herself

Then takes it all away

Like a storm tossed beach

With waves crashing to shore

She leaves you windswept and empty

Aching for more

But that seed of hope can grow

It depends entirely on us

Do we give in to our fears

Or learn how to trust

No matter how fickle

I’ll give her a chance

She may let me down

But for now I will dance

I’ll dance to a tune

That no one else hears

I will rely on her

As she chases my tears

I may end up storm tossed

A shipwreck on the beach

But I still have hope

For that I’ll always reach


About pegbur7

South of the Mason/Dixon Line
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26 Responses to My Fickle Friend

  1. SuziCate says:

    I think this is the most beautiful, heartfelt poem I’ve read of yours…magnificent in every way…and I agree, hope is fickle. I know where you’re writing this from and it makes it all the more endearing. Bravo, a hundred times over!

  2. Beautiful imagery. I like your metaphor that hope is a fickle friend and your commitment to keep seeking her out, even when she disappoints. Well done. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jenners says:

    I thought this was very well done. Hope is definitely a double-edged sword–she giveth and she taketh away.

    Visiting from Mama Kats.

  4. Kristi says:

    Love. Love. Love. I really liked how you made a hope a “she” with so many facets. All the different sides to “her” and how at times “she” hurts…at times “she” comforts!
    Really lovely poem!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s

  5. Ron says:

    *thunderous applause*

    I have to agree with Suzi…this perhaps my favorite poem I’ve ever read of yours.

    So POWERFUL, Peg! I could feel your ‘energy’ behind every word!

    “It depends entirely on us

    Do we give in to our fears

    Or learn how to trust”

    I LOVE that because you nailed Hope….trust.

    Thank you for sharing this today, dear friend! So enjoyed!

    ((((( Peg )))))


  6. mommylebron says:

    I wanted to do this prompt but I just could not find the words today. This is what wanted to say also. Hope is a tease in so many ways, but to live without? Not really an option. Without hope there is only despair. Great job!
    Visiting from Mama Kat’s!

  7. Emily says:

    No lie, woman, your poem should be in a book, wow!

    I can barely write, let alone rhyme!

  8. I loved the poem, especially the part about spreading it like peanut butter.

    And you’re right, hope without purposeful action on our part will not give us the result we want.

  9. Frelle says:

    beautiful poem! i can only ever seem to write freeverse, so I am always amazed when people can get their ideas across in rhyme!

  10. Donna says:

    Timing is perfect. Usually borderline elated, yet today on verge of tears (actually overflowing). Your writing spurred my thought process, altered my perspective, and replaced my filter. Thank you, sincerely, for showing both sides and true colors. Beautiful, beautiful post!

  11. sabu says:

    Gorgeous, mom . . . I loved every bit of it. Your poem is wonderful, beautiful, and heartfelt. I love you!

  12. Frelle says:

    thank you for pouring your heart out in this poem. i could relate to a lot of it.

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