Charlie’s War

Poor, poor Charlie Sheen

The idiot lost his mind

And now his job too!

If you had any doubt that the man might not be sane, please take a few moments to view this:

or this:

I’d venture to say the guy is definitely not right in the head.


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12 Responses to Charlie’s War

  1. suzicate says:

    It’s a shame it took an earhtquake and a tsunami in Japan to get Charlie off the news! The media has entertained his idiocy!

  2. Ron says:

    For some reason, I could only view the second video.

    OMG Peg….he looks and sounds POSSESSED!


    Have a great day, dear friend!


  3. I don’t understand the media sticking a camera in his face constantly. But then I don’t understand why the public views it either.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I guess I shouldn’t have added to the frenzy but I just hate seeing someone so talented go off the deep end like that. The man definitely has a serious problem of some kind.

  4. Heather says:

    The man has definately fried his brain with all them drugs OR he’s been hanging out with my ex! LOL!

  5. Spot says:

    His behavior is scary. He is clearly mentally unbalanced and it’s a shame that he won’t seek help for his problems. He’s only hurting his children. And the fact that the public has some sick fascination with his continuing insanity is a sad commentary on society.


  6. LisaF says:

    He’s *on a drug…called Charlie Sheen*! I think that sums it up. He’s gone over the deep end without any life preserver. It’s very sad to watch a persons self-destruct. But it’s only a matter of time now.

    • pegbur7 says:

      It is very sad Lisa. He really is a talented actor. You have to wonder if some of these are actors because they are a little loony anyway or whether continuing to pretend to be someone else pushes them over the edge or if they just get too keep into drugs and alcohol?

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