Squeaky Wheel

The other day I went out to get the mail and there was a priority mail envelope in it.  I didn’t really pay attention to the return address.  I just ripped it open.  This is what I found inside:

Our haul


They are wrapped in a piece of paper that just says “Enjoy your gift cards”.  Now at first thought I’m thinking it’s a scam!  I looked at the return address and it had my husband’s name with a return address in Nebraska.  WTH???

I am SO glad my husband was at home because I was getting ready to toss them in the trash.  I thought surely it was either a mistake OR it was one of those things where if you use the card then they charge your debit or credit card for some astronomical amount or by using them you are “agreeing” to join some club that’s gonna end up costing you hundreds of dollars or something like that.  I told Hubby my thoughts and he assured me it was correct.  HUH?

Let me ‘splain.  I know I’ve mentioned that for over a year now we have been working with these financial analysts through his company.  We were part of an experimental group.  They picked ten couples from across all the concepts my husband’s company owns and we agreed to do whatever they said we had to do with our money for a year.  In return we got their financial expertise free for that year. 

Believe me, I was totally skeptical at first and more than once I’ve gotten pissed off about something and been ready to just throw up my hands and quit.  But hubby keeps pulling me back to reality and reminding me that as aggravating as it’s been sometimes, they have helped us tremendously,   I mean it was a little off putting to have someone else tell us for a year how to spend our money and what we could or could not purchase.

One example was that the television in our bedroom died shortly after we started the program last year.  They told hubby we could not buy a replacement.  First it was “wait until such and such a time when the prices go down” to “do you really need a television in your bedroom” to “you realy can’t spare the extra money for it right now”.  Seriously… it was starting to really grate on my nerves and I was all like “Who the heck do they think they are telling us we can’t buy a TV.  Its OUR freaking money and we can spend it however we want.”  But hubby was insistent because if we went against what they recommended we were out of the program.  A few times I was more than ready to throw in the towel and quit but hubby was relentless.

These were the people who ended up helping us get our home mortgage remodified and our insurance consolidated so that it almost was cut in half and the same ones who told us to start saving our change.  Remember that?  They told us if we would take the change we had every night and put it in a jar we’d save $1,200 to $1,500 by the end of the year.   I really didn’t think it would happen.  One month they had us save change then the next $1 bills and we just started saving both and at the end of the year we actually had over $1,700.  Not too shabby considering that it really didn’t put us out at all and we never even missed it.  It’s just change we would have spent.  At the end of every month we would deposit it and tell them how much we deposited.

They had a little contest where they told us whatever couple saved the most by the end of the year keeping their change would win $1,000!  Man it was ON!  There were only two couples left from the original ten and we knew we were ahead of the other couple in the savings account because they had conference calls each week to check in.  We had plans for that $1,000.  Then we found out that the other couple won!  WTH??? How did THAT happen?

Well, we found out that the other couple kind of cheated…. They put their bonus check at the end of the year into that account and we didn’t.  We went by the rules which were that it was to be your “change” at the end of the night.  We didn’t put anything extra in there.  SO…. hubby finally got mad and he pitched a fit.  He called and told the guy we had been working with how unfair he thought it was so the guy told him he would see what he could do to make it up to us.  That apparently was where the gift cards came from!

I was more than happy then.  The breakdown was that we got:

Marriott                 $250

Regal Cinemas      $50

AMC                       $50 x 2 cards

O’Charleys             $50 x 2 cards

Borders Books      $100 x 2 cards

That’s $700 worth of gift cards!  Woo hoo.  Apparently the guy hubby jumped on felt badly and sent them to make it up to us.  Hubby asked “It didn’t have any for Zappos?”  And I was like… “ummmm no, was it supposed to?”  Then he told me that the guy had mentioned something to him about it.  Lo and behold the next day we got an email with two ECards for Zappos for $100 each!  So we got a total of $900 in gift cards. 

 He had asked hubby about the things we like to do and hubby had apparently told him we are pretty simple and boring people.  He said we like to read and go to movies and occasionally go out to eat and that O’Charleys was one of our favorites.  I guess Ian must have listened.  Thanks Ian!  I guess sometimes the squeaky wheel really does get the oil. .  .  or in our case, the gift cards!


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14 Responses to Squeaky Wheel

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Cool! I’m glad it worked out!!

  2. SuziCate says:

    Now that is awesome…yay you guys! You guys well deserve them, enjoy!

  3. Good for you! And good that your husband stuck up for what’s right!

  4. Ron says:

    ” I guess sometimes the squeaky wheel really does get the oil. . . or in our case, the gift cards!”

    It sure does, Peg!

    And a HUGE congrats on receiving these gift cards. Enjoy them!!!!!

    I would LOVE to win gifts cards to Borders and AMC.

    Happy Monday, dear friend! And have a super week!


  5. That is really really cool! I’m glad you didn’t pitch them into the trash! LOL!

  6. jenny says:

    Way to go, Dwight!! I couldn’t have kept my mouth shut either….I call and complain when they get my drive-thru order wrong. Proud of you both so ENJOY!!

  7. Yay!! Yay!! Yay!! You deserve every one. Glad that Ian guy came through for you… once your amazing wonder man set him straight. Woot!!

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