Pacci in the Palomar

A couple of weeks ago we got the news that our middle daughter’s job was ending.  She works for Kimptom Hotels which we just found out is a hotel management company. They don’t actually own the properties, they just run them.  They are well known for their “boutique” hotels and have them in several cities across the U.S. 

 When we went to Philadelphia in December we stayed at the Kimpton property there, The Palomar.  The hotel here is also a Palomar.  Apparently the owner of the building saw the opportunity to make more profit (I guess) by switching from Kimpton to Marriot.  So the hotel at the end of March will be changing to a Marriot Renaissance.  Not sure what that means for the hotel.

The restaurants in the Kimptons are all named differently depending on the city and I know the one in Philly wasn’t nearly as nice as the one in Atlanta which is Pacci.  And let me tell you, the food is divine.

Apparently a lot of the employees were offered jobs at other Kimpton properties in Dallas and South Beach but #2 decided to not move.  They have told her if and when they come back to Atlanta they want her back.  She loves working there.  She has been there since they opened here I Atlanta two years ago.

Marriot apparently has told them that they will keep most of the hourly staff on board with the same benefits and rate of pay they had with Pacci but they have no idea yet what type or style of restaurant will replace Pacci.  It will be hard to match Pacci.  It is an elegant restaurant with top notch food.

When my cousin and her husband were here in October we went there with them and #3 and her boyfriend.  The food was awesome.  Out of 6 people eating not ONE dish was a disappointment.  I think that’s pretty rare in a meal with six different main courses that ALL would be great.  That’s a nod to their chef and her staff.

My cousin greeting our server (who happens to be #2)...

#3 and my cousin at Pacci in October


Gnocchi (from October visit)

Bread presentation from October

Duck confit (from October)

salad (from our October trip)

Since they are closing next week (Thursday is their last day as Pacci) we went there last night for dinner and let me tell you, it was MAGNIFICENT!

Behind the bar

From the bar area looking into the dining area

Entry/bar area

I tried to take pictures but of course forgot to bring my camera and cell phone was having an off picture night but I’ll share anyway, but, the pics don’t do it justice.  We started our dining experience at the bar where I had a wonderful margarita.  Yeah, I know it’s not really the “correct” thing to order with Italian fare, but I like them.  And it was very good.  Then we moved to our table and the feast began!

Yummy margarita

Our mocktail

Since our daughter works there I think we got special treatment but I’m sure everyone gets just as good food.  Our meal started with a mocktail of melon soup, which was delish.  Then they brought out a risotto with duck confit croutons that were out of this world! Apparently the croutons were something that he just made up on the spot.  I can’t even describe how tasty they were!

Bread presentation

Then they brought out the bread and salads.  Hubby’s salad had a lot of beans (I can’t remember which one he got) and mine had pouched pears and gorgonzola. I took a bite of each of ours and hubby ate the rest.  I knew I had to leave room for the main course!

Hubby's salad

My salad


The last time we went hubby got the short ribs and has been salivating over the thought of having them again ever since.  I really wanted the short ribs too but almost got chicken just so we could each get something different but after he went on and on about the short ribs I got them too.  I’m glad I did.  They were accompanied by glazed carrots, wonderful mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. I am NOT a fan of brussel sprouts so I will have to give them props that I actually did taste them!  Hubby loved them.  I have to just say, they didn’t make me throw up which in my book is about the best thing I can say about brussel sprouts.  The fact that I even tried them is saying a lot.  The ribs were so tender that you literally did not need a fork.  I was able to “cut” it with my fork.  I swear I think they would have almost melted in my mouth!  As Rachel Ray says “Yummo”!

Short ribs with carrots, potatoes and brussel sprouts

We were both so full that I thought we were going to have to be wheeled out of there but the chef insisted on sending over dessert.  Hubby’s absolute favorite dessert is bread pudding which he had last time we went.  This time they sent over a bread pudding that was like a cross between a Bananas Foster and bread pudding. . . except it wasn’t flambé.  But it was delish.  I had one bite but was so full I didn’t dare try anymore.  I enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee while hubby ate the ice cream off the bread pudding so he could bring the rest home. 

Even the coffee was nummy!

All in all it was a wonderful dining experience and got some of the best service available (since our daughter was our server!) and got treated like royalty from all the staff.  Hubby picked up a cake for the staff on our way there since they are closing.  If you live in the Atlanta area and want an out of this world dining experience, RUN and try Pacci before they close on Thursday.  We are gonna miss Pacci!


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8 Responses to Pacci in the Palomar

  1. Ron says:

    Oh wow….I wonder what that means for the Palomar Hotel here in Philly? Wonder if they’re going to change names too!?

    The Pacci looks GOREGEOUS, Peg! And so does all the food! Yummy, yummy!

    Hope you’re having a FAB Sunday, dear friend!


  2. The place looks awesome and so does the food. I’m sorry it’s closing. But hopefully, they will feel compelled to replace it with something equally lovely.

  3. suzicate says:

    Looks and sounds fabulous…sorry they are closing. I hope S finds an even better job, but I know she will because she is great at what she does. Missed you this weekend, and love you. Will call you tomorrow!

  4. NikNik says:

    I wish I could have eaten there! That salad of Daddys looks AWESOME!!!

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