What inspired you this week?

This past week I have been so inspired by my brother’s courage and his whole family’s courage and their love and support for one another. 

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that his daughter Brenda is the one who mainly inspired me to do the 3 day walk year before last.  Four years ago when she was only in her early twenties and 5 months pregnant she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The doctors did a unilateral mastectomy and after beautiful Faith was born they started radiation and chemotherapy.  For the past four years she has struggled to stay alive.  She has so much to live for despite the fact that the doctors have repeatedly told her she only has a week to live or a month or six months.  She has repeatedly defied the odds and outlived their predictions.  She has 3 small children.   She lives my mantra.

My husband used to ask me when I had two small children and was working and pregnant and taking classes “How do you do it?” and I’d always say “I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.”  Brenda lives that.  She epitomizes that.  I don’t know how she does it.  I’ve watched her these last couple of weeks while I’ve been staying at my brothers and I see the pain on her face and the exhaustion in her eyes but she keeps going.  She is one of my newest heroes.  She doesn’t just sit back and let everyone do for her.  She continues to give all she has and still does for others even when they can do for themselves.  She epitomizes selfless love.  She is truly a loving and giving soul.

Her breast cancer has mestasticized to her lungs and brain but she keeps going.  Her head hurts and her body is exhausted but she keeps going.  Her children are clean and well fed and well loved and she keeps going.  Of course it helps that her husband, Steven, is AWESOME.  He does more than most husbands I know of.  He could have given up or left as some men of his age may have done but he not only sticks it out, he thrives.  He works and does all he can to help out not only at his own house but at my brother’s house as well. 

Brenda, even though she is exhausted and in pain, will still go with my brother to his radiation and chemo and his doctor’s appointments.  Since she’s been through this before she knows what questions to ask and she knows what we should expect and knows how he’s probably going to react and can explain all that to the rest of us.  She’s been there and she’s still there.  Just watching her is awe inspiring.

And my brother and his sweet wife Ana are inspiring with their courage as they stand together and fight this insidious cancer as it has invaded not only Brenda’s life and body but now Monte’s.  I so hope they are able to beat this.  My wish for that cure tree is not tongue in cheek.  I really, really, wish some genius scientist or researcher could find a cure.  I wish we could stamp out cancer once and for all.

I am heading home this weekend and will miss being around my brother and his family, but, I will continue to be inspired by their courage and love.  I will continue to pray for them daily and do whatever I can to ease the burdens in their lives.  Please join me in my prayers.


Destiny (my brother’s younger daughter) will probably kill me for this but I was SO touched by this I had to share.  Last night he had his son in law shave his head because he’s starting to lose it from the chemo.  In a show of solidarity Destiny did something so selfless and beyond the call of duty I can’t even imagine:

Golly - I want someone in my corner like this!

How freaking awesome is this family??? I am SO proud to just be a small part of it!


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10 Responses to Inspiration

  1. SuziCate says:

    They are inspiring, and so are you. Your love, kindness, and spirit of generosity is appreciated. Happy to have you as a sister. Love you and safe travels home.

  2. Ron says:

    ” She has repeatedly defied the odds and outlived their predictions. She has 3 small children. She lives my mantra.”

    (((( Brenda )))))

    AMAZING woman, Peg!

    And you best believe I will continue to share much prayer and love with both Brenda and your brother.

    Have a safe journey home, dear friend!

    ((((( Peg )))))


  3. jenny says:

    You certainly have a beautiful family and I will be praying for them all. Brenda sounds like an amazing woman and the lessons her children are learning from her ar invaluable.

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