Pick Up And Move

This week for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop I chose prompt #2) What would it take for you to pick up and move?  Pretty much someone to buy my house and my husband’s job transferring him.  I mean, I wouldn’t want to up and move away from my kids and friends but you have to do what you have to do, right?

When I was younger and we were first married we moved a lot in a short period of time.  And that was with kids in tow so how could moving sans kids be any harder? 

I think the hardest move was when we moved when #2 was born.  Hubby was working for a cafeteria style restaurant and we were living in Gretna, LA, right outside of New Orleans.  I was literally 9 months pregnant.  Hubby’s boss came in one Saturday night at closing time and told hubby they had just gotten he last meal at that restaurant.  Hubby replied that he knew because it was closing time.  His boss replied that no, they would be closing permanently as of right then.  WTH?  What a way to tell someone!

They told hubby that we were going to have to move but they weren’t sure where, yet.  Hubby explained that I was 9 months pregnant and that there was no way that we could move until after I had our baby.  First they told us they thought we would be moving to South Carolina but weren’t sure yet.  They told him to call as soon as I had the baby.  She was born one week later.  Her due date was May 5 and she was born at 11 p.m. on the 4th, which was a Saturday. 

I got out of the hospital on Monday morning and he called his home office on Monday afternoon.  They told him that we would be moving to Atlanta.  We had asked a year before to be transferred to Georgia because Hubby’s foster mom had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  She lived in Augusta, Georgia.  It took them until then to transfer us closer and of course they had to wait until I was pregnant!  We packed up our van the next day with a couple weeks worth of clothes, our 19 month old and our newborn baby and drove to Augusta on Tuesday.  Yes, she was 2 ½ days old! 

We drove all night and got to Augusta the next morning. Well, hubby drove and I slept on the back seat (folded out into a bed) with our baby.  We basically unloaded our van and drove to the hospital to see his foster mom.  She got to see her name sake baby (#2 was named after her and my mom) and then hubby took my back to his brother’s house and went back and spent most of the night by her bedside.  He spent Thursday driving to Atlanta with his brother to find us a place to live while I rested at his brother and sister in law’s house.  Then back to the hospital that evening.  On Friday morning he took me to the airport to fly home to see my parents for a couple of weeks while he drove back to New Orleans to pack up our house to move to Atlanta.  He got the call late that night that his foster mom had passed away.  I felt so bad that I couldn’t come back to be with him for emotional support. He had to fly back to Augusta solo for the funeral and then back to New Orleans to pack up our house.

A little over a week later I had my parents drive me back to Atlanta (the doctors wouldn’t let me drive yet) and I got to move into my “new house” sight unseen.  Of course since hubby was “baching” it and he was working almost non stop the only thing he had really unpacked was towels and his clothes.  He was only worried about being able to take a shower and dress for work.  So, less than two weeks after giving birth I got to move into my apartment (duplex) that I had never seen and had no idea where I was since I’d never been to Atlanta (other than driving through) and unpack our belongings with a new born and a 19 month old.  Yeah, after that, I think picking up and moving at this point in our lives would be a breeze!

What would it take for YOU to pick up and move?


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12 Responses to Pick Up And Move

  1. terrepruitt says:

    I don’t know. I am not a “mover”. I’ve only moved a couple of times and it doesn’t sit well with me.

    I would have to just see. That is a good question.

  2. Ron says:

    Well, if I was going to move anywhere it would be back to my beloved NYC.

    And for that to happen, I have to wait for a transfer to come up with the company I work for. But when it does…..I’m there.

    In a heartbeat!

    Happy Thursday, dear friend!


  3. Jenny says:

    You brought me to tears reading this…I sure do miss her!! As to answer your question, we have been here 31 years so it would be a nightmare!! Hubby wants to downsize into a townhome…yea right. He says we need to live a simpler life in which I agree with that but Madi’s toys already take over the house!!lol

    • pegbur7 says:

      I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to make you cry. I miss her too but I’m sure you miss her more since you lived right there near them! I never got that opportunity. 😦

  4. NikNik says:

    If it was on the beach, I would move tomorrow!

  5. LisaF says:

    Funny you would post this now. Entrepreneur and I are contemplating moving closer to our daughter and family…closer to Peanut!

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