Silly Games We Play

When our kids were little we used to make up all kinds of silly games to play.  Saturday mornings seemed to be our time to cuddle and snuggle in our bed and play stupid games.  The kids would wake up and crawl in our bed and we’d lay there for an hour or two and play games. 

Sometimes I’d have to get OUT of the bed because Hubby would play human airplane with the girls.  That meant I would have to get out of the bed and pile all the pillows in the middle of the bed.  We had a semi waveless waterbed and I’m sure our “games” could not have been good for it.  In fact, it’s probably why it used to spring leaks all the time…. DUH!  Anyway, I’d pile the pillows on the bed and the girls would patiently  (read jump up and down squealing and screaming) wait their turns.  Hubby would pick them up one at a time and twirl them around and around laying across his arms while they held their arms outstretched to the sides and then he’d twirl them around and around and up and down and finally when they were both so dizzy they were almost falling he’d throw them in the middle of the pile of pillows.

My part in the wonderful game was to pick up the pillows from the floor after they would get knocked on the floor as they were wallowing around.  They would lay there and giggle until their head would stop spinning enough for them to crawl over the huge pile of pillows and off the bed so the next one could take their turn.  This would go on and on until either hubby’s arms would give out or the girls would be so dizzy they would swear they were going to throw up.  But, they loved every minute of it.

Another of their favorite games was firewood.  This game entailed hubby either laying on the bed, the sofa or the floor.  The sofa was harder since there was less room and the floor was less fun since it was hard and hurt more if “a log” fell off.  Hubby would either lay on his back or his stomach depending on if he had recently eaten and wanted to avoid getting his tummy stomped on.  Anyway, he’d lay there and then we’d all pile on top like logs.  It was usually me, then #1 and then #2.  They would wiggle around and bounce up and down until either hubby couldn’t catch his breath or they’d fall off.  Which is what I meant when I said it hurt more if a log fell off since they were the logs.  I know…. stupid games but they loved them.

Then there were the thinking games we’d play as we’d lay there.  We would think of a “dish” that we as a family would be and then each of us would “be” an ingredient.  As an example, say we’d be a sandwich.  We’d go around the family and each of us would say “I’m the bread” or “I’m the mustard” or “I’m the tomato” or “I’m the cheese”.  The funny part was that no matter WHAT we were going to “be”, #2 always wanted to be the cheese and she would get FURIOUS if anyone else picked to be the cheese.  We’d go around and around until we ran out of ingredients.  She would always try to say she was the cheese each time.  If #1 went first and said she was cheese #2 to pitch a fit and say “No, no… I’M the cheese!”  And then she’d pout and cry until we let her be the cheese.  She would always smile the biggest smile as she’d say “I’m the CHEESE!”  Such a simple thing, but it made her so happy.

What would really be funny would be when we’d try to think of something that didn’t have cheese in it and she’s say “I’m the cheese!”  And when she would be “reminded” that it didn’t need cheese she always had something to come up with.  Like if we were doing cakes and she’d say cheese and hubby would say cakes don’t have cheese she’d say “Mine is a CHEESE cake!”  or he’d say “Ok let’s do vegetable soup.”  And when she’d say cheese he’d say Vegetable soup doesn’t have cheese she’s say something like “If I eat it with a grilled cheese sandwich it does!”  And she was probably only about 3 or 4 years old so she was pretty inventive at an early age.

I’m not sure which part was more fun, trying to come up with something that doesn’t normally include cheese or hearing her explanations of why she could still be the cheese.  We still to this day tease her about “being” the cheese.  At random moments sometimes it seems someone in the family will yell out “I’m the cheese” and we all get a good laugh.

What are some of the untraditional games you played with your family?


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15 Responses to Silly Games We Play

  1. Dwight says:

    What a great walk down memory lane. We may not have had a lot of money,but we sure had a lot of fun. Spend time with your kids. These “games” were one of the highlights of being a dad. I stil hear the sound of little footsteps on the carpet everytime you would scream,”FIREWOOD” How fast do your beautiful girls grow up. Love Dad

  2. John and Sprite have a game they like to play. One of them will tell the other “My Mommy!” And whoever gets to me first, pounces on me and wins.
    I just wish they wouldn’t do it when I’m sleeping. 🙂

  3. Ron says:

    Oh, what a fun and precious post, Peg!

    ” In fact, it’s probably why it used to spring leaks all the time…. DUH!”


    Reading this brought back a ton of memories for me as a kid. One of my favorite games my brother and I would play was called, The Magic Carpet. He and I would sit on a big area rug that we had in our foyer and pretend we were FLYING through the sky.

    Happy Monday, dear friend!

    ((((( Peg )))))

  4. SuziCate says:

    Ah sweet memories…they grow up way too quickly.

  5. terrepruitt says:

    I can’t think of any untraditional games, but I loved reading about yours. So cute!

    Did you know that if you turn one way and get dizzy you can actually turn the opposite direction and get “undizzy”?

    • pegbur7 says:

      I didn’t know that! I guess I don’t want to find out though…

      • terrepruitt says:

        Sure you do. Try it! Spin one way, stop, sense your dizziness, then spin the other way . . . . voila . . . not dizzy. I didn’t believe the person who told me. He spun me a lot and I said I was dizzy he said, “Ok, I’ll fix it.” And I didn’t believe him. But he spun me the other way and it worked. So I tried it other times and it works. So funny.

      • pegbur7 says:

        I mean that I’d fall over from spinning before I could stop. Plus going round and round makes me very nauseaous.

  6. NikNik says:

    Those games were so much fun! I sometimes look at the Hubs and and say “but I’m the cheese!” I think he thinks I am crazy 😉

  7. I would demand “horseradish” from my children and scream in horror when they brought me mustard, olives, peanut butter, cool whip, and a wide variety of other condiments and foods. The kids had no idea what horseradish was, but it was part of our game. They still remember trying to find mommy her horseradish! (We probably didn’t have any.)

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