Ageless Lies

Have you ever lied about your age? Why?

Bonus: Do you think they believed you?

As I have mentioned before, when I first graduated from high school, after living in St. Louis for a couple of months, I moved to North Carolina to live with my sister.  I was 18 years old when I moved there.  Back then, the legal drinking age for wine and beer was 18 but for liquor it was 21. 

One of the good things about dating a lot of cops was I didn’t ever get in trouble for underage drinking because I was usually with them!  In fact, as terrible as it sounds, and as much of a waste of taxpayers money as it may have been, I remember several times calling friends who were cops to come and get me and take me home because I was too drunk to drive.  And they would come and get me in their patrol cars and take me home.  And since my next door neighbor was a cop and another one lived across the street and another on the next block, no one ever batted an eye at cop cars always being on our street.

My sister and I both worked for the city government for the town we lived in.  We just worked in different departments.  We also had lots of parties.  Since we worked for the city, there were lots of cops and government employees at our parties.

One Friday we decided we were going to have a party so my sister called me to meet her at the liquor store on my lunch hour to help buy the beer and liquor for the party.  We weren’t sophisticated enough to buy wine at the time….beer and liquor were our choices.  Remember I was 18 and my sister was 25.  We gathered our purchases and went to the counter to pay. 

I put in my half the money and my sister put in her half and the guy packaged up all our “stuff” and then he asked my sister for her ID.  She pulled her wallet back out and realized she had left her driver’s license at home.  She told the guy she didn’t have her license but she was in fact 25 and plenty old enough to buy the liquor.  He didn’t believe her.  He kept telling her she didn’t look 25, in fact she didn’t look 21.  He didn’t think she was old enough to buy the alcohol and refused to sell it to her.

He then turns to me and says “How about you?  Why don’t you just buy it?”  Well, you’d think I would lie and go ahead and say yes, that’s right and pay for the alcohol since he obviously thought I was 21 and wasn’t going to even ID me.  But NO… I was SO pissed off that he thought I was older that I refused to buy it.  I was livid!

I don’t know if I was madder because he thought she wasn’t 21 or because he thought I was!  I start almost screaming at the guy and said “She’s my older sister!  She’s SEVEN years older than me!  She’s 25!  I’m only 18.  I can vouch for her!”

Me (left) and my sister when we used to live together

He looked at me and said “Well, you look older than she does.”   I was so pissed I stormed out without even buying the beer that I WAS old enough to buy and refused to buy anything from them again.  My sister ended up calling one of her coworkers to come by and buy the alcohol for her so even though I had the perfect opportunity to lie about my age, I didn’t.  I’m sure there were other times that I did and got away with it but I thought refusing to lie about my age made a better story, don’t you think?

Here she told me that we should make "funny faces" you see I did.... she smiled sweetly. Guess she got the last laugh.


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5 Responses to Ageless Lies

  1. Ron says:

    “I start almost screaming at the guy and said “She’s my older sister! She’s SEVEN years older than me! She’s 25! I’m only 18. I can vouch for her!”

    HA! You GO, Peg!

    OMG, the NERVE of him!

    It’s funny, because I’ve never lied about my age until last year when I turned 55. Back in December, someone had asked me my age and for some reason I lied and said, “Oh, I’m 54!”

    Aren’t I evil?

    Hope you’re having a great Sunday, dear friend!

    (((( Peg ))))

  2. NikNik says:

    Love the pictures! I don’t think I have ever seen those!

  3. terrepruitt says:

    Oh as much as cops driving you home “was a waste of tax payer’s money”, it is WAY better than you driving home and injuring someone or damaging someone’s property or injurying yourself. In other words, tax payers were gonna pay for it one way or another—yours was just a lot less heartbreaking! Yay you!

    You are so funny.

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