More Stupidity

So I have to tell on myself and hubby for just stupid stuff we’ve done.

This morning I was getting ready for the day (read still half asleep) and I came in the kitchen to get my coffee started. I cleaned out the filter and added the coffee, Cleaned out the pot and filled it with water pressed the start button and went in the bathroom to brush my teeth and stuff.

I was looking forward to having a nice steamy cup of coffee by the time I finished my little morning routine. I came back in the kitchen and heard the coffee maker making a weird noise and I walked over and realized I forgot to pour the water from the decanter into the tank. Yeah, that might help. Kind of hard to have coffee without any liquid in there. So, I had to wait a few more minutes for my nice hot pot of coffee.

Now to tell on hubby….Friday night I had a Pampered Chef party. I don’t know if you’re familiar with their kitchen gadgets but I just love their stuff. But I digress…. Thursday night I was prepping my snacks for my party on Friday. I had made a BIG pot of Vegetable soup for #1 to have something kind of soft since she’d had her wisdom teeth taken out. Hubby came home and wanted some soup so since I was busy he made himself a ham and cheese sandwich to go with his bowl of soup. I’m standing at the counter prepping deviled eggs or something and I glance over and see hubby has this really strange look on his face as he’s chewing his sandwich. And chewing…. And chewing…. And chewing…. And suddenly he spits out his entire mouthful of sandwich in his hand. WTH?

Yeah, that's the bite gone out of the paper. Poor baby.

I’m wondering what he’s doing and he says “I thought this sandwich was kind of hard to chew!” Yep…. He forgot to take the piece of paper out from between the slices of cheese and he put it on his sandwich and was going to town on it. I figured he just wanted a little more fiber in his diet. At least he didn’t swallow it.  Funny thing was the next comment out of his mouth which was “You’re not gonna blog about this are you?” Um…. Of course NOT honey! Yeah, he knows me better than that. I always tell him, if he doesn’t want me to tell on him, then don’t let me know. Otherwise every thing is blog fodder, right? Well, almost everything.

On a side note…. I just realized I passed the 400 mark! I think this is post #402! Since I’m on the road and can’t go into a great detail on it, I would like to thank everyone who reads my blog and I so appreciate everyone’s support and your friendship and I treasure you and as always, I love it when you leave me comments because then I actually know you’re reading! Thank you all for helping me reach another milestone!


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13 Responses to More Stupidity

  1. terrepruitt says:

    I think everyone has done that with a coffee pot if they make coffee often. And you know hubby was just in so much of a hurry to get to your yummy soup and his sandwich. Poor guy.

    Have a safe trip. Hugs to you. Prayers and good thoughts too!

  2. NikNik says:

    I do that with the coffee maker like once a month…

    • pegbur7 says:

      ou know you really are like me, right?

      • NikNik says:

        Well today I started coffee brewing and sounded right so i didn’t think about it. Until I went to pour a cup and it was just water! I forgot to add the stinking coffee! It was still in the grinder… I am getting too old!!!!

  3. Ron says:

    ” and realized I forgot to pour the water from the decanter into the tank. Yeah, that might help. Kind of hard to have coffee without any liquid in there.”

    HILARIOUS! And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the same thing!!!!

    I died laughing when I saw the photo of the paper and the bite mark – HAHAHAHAHHAHA!

    Ooooo…deviled eggs. I LOVE THEM!

    Hope you had a terrific Tuesday, Peg!


  4. SuziCate says:

    Love it! Glad other people do dumb stuff, too. I made Dirt Man a sandwich and did that to him. It’s been years and he hasn’t let me live it down!

  5. Jimmy says:

    Congrats on #402 🙂 the missed water for the coffee and the forgotten paper on the sandwich so sounds like our house Peg, only difference is I would have probably swallowed it before I caught it Ha Ha

  6. Heh heh, I’ve done that too with the paper between cheese slices. All this taste and yet a strange experience! As with the coffee, I seem to be on a trend recently where when I add the paper cone filter, I don’t close it properly or prop it correctly and the water folds the cone making very weak coffee. Yuck.

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