Picture Worth a Thousand Words

I was cleaning this morning because I had a pampered chef party this evening and as I was dusting I had to stop and stare at my favorite picture in our house for a while. I took both of these pictures with my cell phone and they didn’t come out very well but here it is.

I wish there wasn't a glare on it.


This is my favorite for a few reasons. I mean it’s a very touching picture. Obviously a man walking with a young child holding his hand/finger. This instantly transports me back in time to the little duplex we lived in when we lived in New Orleans East back in 1983 and 1984.

Every morning when #1 was a baby and when she was first learning to walk (and even before that really) they (hubby and baby) would walk out to the end of the driveway with her holding his finger just like that so they could get the morning newspaper, The Times Picayune. Then he would sit cross legged in the driveway and read the paper and she’d sit in his lap with her little legs dangling over his crossed legs, sipping on his iced tea. He’d read her the sports page or whatever, it didn’t matter. She just loved to be read to and he loved their morning routine together.

Several years later, after we’d moved to Atlanta I believe, he saw this painting at a store in the mall he worked in. As soon as he saw it he fell in love with it. But he didn’t say anything to me about it until he’d saved enough money to go and buy it and bring it home. I almost cried the first time I saw it.

Now it hangs in our bedroom, between the bedroom door and the bathroom door. I am gazing at it right now. I love looking at it and it calms me. It takes me back to a time when we were young first time parents struggling to learn all the things we needed to know to raise our kids. And all it really boiled down to was what you see in that picture. Guidance and direction and spending time with your kids. That’s the best advice I can ever give new parents. Guide your kids, give them direction and spend quality time with them. Those are

lessons that last a life time.


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16 Responses to Picture Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Ron says:

    BEAUTIFUL picture, Peg!

    A combination of strength and tenderness.

    “Then he would sit cross legged in the driveway and read the paper and she’d sit in his lap with her little legs dangling over his crossed legs, sipping on his iced tea.”

    That’s so touching!

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend! Hope you’re having a super Saturday!


  2. jenny says:

    Love this picture!!

  3. Beautiful picture and even more beautiful little story that goes with it.

  4. Carol says:

    I can see why it’s your favorite. I love it and I love the feeling it sends out.

  5. terrepruitt says:

    Oh, how touching. I love when pictures can evoke feelings.

  6. NikNik says:

    I love this picture, this story, and my Daddy (and of course my Mama too)!

  7. Jimmy says:

    Amazing Picture Peg and what a great story to go along with it, Thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. LisaF says:

    I love this drawing. Just wait until you are grandparents; this piece will take on a whole new meaning.

    As for training those kids…we can “train up a child in the ways they should go and they won’t depart from it”…but it never says WHEN they won’t depart from it. My experience is somewhere in their 20s. 🙂

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