Lack of Wisdom (as in teeth)

Yesterday and today I have been able to “play mommy” again. Hubby and I have been empty nesters since May (Mother’s Day when our youngest decided to move out). Yeah, I know…”Happy Mother’s Day!”.

 Yesterday morning I took our youngest to have her wisdom teeth pulled. They weren’t a problem until last year and by then she didn’t have insurance. That’s the ONE good thing I can say about our current president. She has insurance again! We were able to put her back on our family plan whether or not she’s in school at the moment. Then we had to wait until after Valentines because it’s their busiest day at her work.

This was from our family day. Just a comparison. What a pretty girl!

She was really concerned because she was afraid of the anesthesia. The only times she’s ever been put under before was when she had to have an endoscopy because of her stomach problems she had in high school. She had watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in which Mandy Moore’s character went in for a simple procedure and died so she was scared to death of the prospect of a “simple” procedure.

We needn’t have worried because once they gave her the laughing gas (nitrous oxide) she didn’t care what they did. Her first words to me after the surgery were “MAN, that laughing gas is GOOD!” LOL I guess she won’t mind going to the dentist from now on!

Poor baby!

This was the same oral surgeon that extracted my tooth a few weeks ago. He’s really good and he’s fast, efficient and surprisingly gentle. It only took about an hour from the time we walked in the door and 2 of the 4 teeth were impacted to the point that they were covered by bone. Three of them they were able to extract without too much trouble but the one (her lower right wisdom tooth) had to be broken up for them to cut it out. That is of course the one with the biggest whole, the most stitches and the most swelling.

I have been amazed at how well she’s done and what she’s been able to eat. We stopped by two drug stores on the way home and they both had a long wait. I finally left them at the Kroger pharmacy and went to pick up some movies for her to watch and stopped to get her some wonton soup and broth at the nearby Chinese restaurant but they didn’t open until 11 and since the prescription wouldn’t be ready until 11:30 I reluctantly went home so she could get to sleep.

They had said to go with her to the bathroom, etc. because they didn’t want her falling but she was being stubborn and insisted on going on her own. Or course as soon as we walked in the door at home the pharmacy called because they had her prescription done early. I made her promise not to move and ran back the 3 miles to the store to get her drugs and soup.

 I didn’t want her taking her meds on an empty stomach so I took one wonton and cut it up really small but she still had a hard time because she was still pretty numb. It was kind of funny watching her try to eat it though! She got down enough that I gave her the meds and she pretty much slept off and on all day. She did later eat some hully gully though and today she ate some potato soup and I’d made some cocktail weenies in crescent rolls for a Pampered Chef party I’m having tomorrow night and she couldn’t stand it. She finally gnawed one with her front teeth until she got it down. I’m not surprised since when my oldest had hers pulled she ate nacho chips the same night and wanted STEAK for dinner! And I think #2 pretty much ate whatever she wanted from day one too.

Earlier today. Getting more swollen.

It has been nice being able to “baby” her for a couple of days. And I think she’s gonna stay until she has her follow up appointment on Tuesday because she doesn’t have to be back to work until Wednesday. It’s nice to have one of our kids around for a few days to spoil. I’m just gonna post a couple of the pics I took so as not to embarrass her TOO much. Only slight embarrassment!

With her daddy this evenig. Getting more swollen but no bruising yet!


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10 Responses to Lack of Wisdom (as in teeth)

  1. SuziCate says:

    Poor little chipmunk cheek E! Glad you’re able to baby her a bit and help her. Times like those you need Mommy!

  2. Ron says:

    “She was really concerned because she was afraid of the anesthesia.”

    OMG, I’m the same way!

    Luckily, all my wisdom teeth came in one a time and were not impacted, so I only had a local.

    Good momma you are, Peg! I bet she was so glad to have you there.

    Cute pictures!

    Have a grrrreat weekend, dear friend!


  3. NikNik says:

    Tell that girl she is BUSTED!!!! That is my gray Georgia tee!!! And I want it back!

  4. Carol says:

    Times like this, it’s so nice to have a mom to baby you. And it’s so nice to have a daughter that wants you to!

  5. Poor girl! Sometimes, you just need your mom, you know?
    I remember when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Oy, the drugs made me LOOPY.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yeah, they do kind of do that. He prescribed her the same thing he gave me acouple of weeks ago so at least I knew to only give her a half of each didn’t almost OD her like I did myself! LOL Those things kicked my butt!

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