NO Flash Photography!

Our theme for Living Out Loud this month is to tell about something you’ve always wanted to learn. If you could go back to school, money and time not-withstanding, what would you choose? Is there something you’d love to master but haven’t figured out the logistics of who will show you? Do you think you’ll make time to learn these things soon or is it something you’re saving for “when you retire”?

It’s funny that this theme should come up now because hubby and I were just talking about this the other day.  One thing I have always wanted to be able to do is take GREAT photographs.  I take some that are worth looking at but for the most part I aim and click….and my photographs show that.

I mean, my goodness, until a couple of months ago, the only “camera” I had was on my cell phone.  That’s how I took all my pictures.  Before that I always bought disposable cameras until pretty much everything went digital.  That’s not to say I’ve never had a nice camera or even a mediocre camera.  I’ve had both.

When we first became parents, I had an old instamatic and I pitched a fit until hubby allowed me to buy a Canon A1.  I LOVED that camera and it took great pictures but at first I had no flash and everything came out kind of yellow looking with no flash or they didn’t come out at all.  At the time we bought the camera (like late 1983 I think) it was about $700 which for a young married couple with a new baby, back then was astronomical.  We scrimped and saved to get the camera and then had to scrimp and save another couple hundred dollars for a good flash for it. 

I actually still have that camera!  Unfortunately, for convenience sake, I used to leave the flash attached to the camera because by the time you pulled out the camera and attached the flash, whatever you wanted to take a picture of was long gone.  I used to take it everywhere with me in the diaper bag and somewhere along the line, the flash got broken off.  The whole little mechanism where you attached the flash to the camera came off the camera.  I was heartbroken.  When we moved to Atlanta we found out they had a Canon facility here in Atlanta.  It wasn’t like it is now where you could just go on the internet and find anything you wanted.  There wasn’t one then!  I ended up taking the camera to the Canon “factory” for lack of a better word and it almost cost as much to fix the flash as it did for the original flash!  But I got it fixed!  And shortly thereafter, it got broken AGAIN.  If you hold the flash on with one hand you can take a picture….which is really hard to do while you’re trying to take pictures. So the camera was pretty much relegated to outdoor use.

Through the years, those types of cameras have become pretty much obsolete and I never bothered to learn very much about it since it was pretty much self everything.  It would just about wipe your butt for you if you let it!  So, point is, I never bothered to learn about apertures and all that crap like I should have.  I pointed and clicked and hoped for the best. If I needed flash, I’d buy a disposable camera.

Then came the age of digital cameras.  Believe it or not, I have bought no less than three.  Most are those point and shoot type that are all around $100 give or take a little.  The first one I think was the one that fell victim to a cheerleading competition.  See, #3 was notorious for cramming everything into her cheerleading bag together, liquids, solids and clothing…. Yeah… not a good mix.  I believe that the first casualty was when we were at a cheerleading competition and a bottle of hair spray leaked in the bag and the camera ended up a sticky mess.  The dial to turn it off and on was rendered permanently OFF since the sticky hair spray pretty much glued it in the off position.  End of digital camera #1.

I think the second one was also a casualty of cheerleading competition (yeah, #3 didn’t listen so well when I forbid her to take the camera with her…didn’t find out until it was too late).  This one I think was a bottle of lotion or body spray, I can’t remember which one actually did it in.  It got both.  The first made it so most of the pics looked like they were an Andy Warhol project and then the second pretty much solidified its demise.  I swore I’d never get her another one.

Then lo and behold, hubby was given a great new camera through his work at one of his meetings and somehow over the next year or so the back battery cover got lost.  I think it joined the dimension which also ate the backs to every single TV and VCR and DVD remote we ever owned.  Once the battery cover was gone, you couldn’t do anything with it because you couldn’t hold the batteries in and therefore it wouldn’t work.  I tried taping them in, I tried “making” a new cover, and I tried ordering a new cover (good luck with that); end story – that one was rendered useless too.

Then #3 took a photography class at school so she HAD to have another camera.  I think we actually got one and I’m not sure what happened to it but it was either lost or stolen or something so I ended up having to buy another digital camera for her photography class.  And of course when she moved out, she took it with her because I bought it for her.  That was her story and she has so far stuck to it.  So I was back to using my cell phone to take pics.

In September hubby was at his annual meeting in Florida and they gave them a voucher or catalogs or something to choose a gift from and hubby chose a digital recorder/camera (without checking all the “perks”).  YAY. I was finally going to have a camera to use!  We got it right before we went to Philly and it took great pictures!  OUTDOORS…. For some reason that is beyond me, it has NO flash!  WTH??? Who even makes a camera nowadays with no flash?  And I have no idea where to get one for it so for now… we have a great camera to take OUTDOOR pictures again….but none for good all around indoor use.

SO, the point of this WHOLE long drawn out story is that YES… I would LOVE to take a photography course where I can learn to take wonderful pictures like my friend Margie, or my friend Angelia.  And if money were no object I’d go out tomorrow and buy me a nice new fancy digital camera with a flash.  I want to sign up for a class to take photography but I feel I’d need a worthy camera and right now I am trying to buy another vehicle so I don’t have the extra resources to buy the type of camera that I think that type of course would require.  But, that is on my to do list.  I guess at this point in my life that might be added to my bucket list.  Someday I will own a wonderful camera (with a flash) and learn about taking wonderful photographs.  Until then, you guys are stuck with my crappy cell phone and flashless photos.


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7 Responses to NO Flash Photography!

  1. I think you will get there one day! Take it from me, it’s not to late. If the desire has always been there (and it was for me too – from childhood) you have a gift.

    Beware though, after your first DSLR, you’ll be hooked good.

    Maybe one day I’ll turn a profit instead of buying more camera stuff! Ha.

  2. Ron says:

    Me too, Peg! I’ve always had a passion for photography and discovering more about it. Ever since I got my digital camera for Christmas, I’ve been experimenting with it; learning all kinds of new stuff.

    Hey, do you remember the Kodak polaroid camera called, ‘The Swinger?” I had one when I was a kid, it took instant pictures in black and white only. I loved that thing!

    Happy Sunday, dear friend!


  3. suzicate says:

    I’d love to take great photos, too! Not as a job, but for fun! In the meantime, you’ve got a lovely new car to zip around in…think I’d choose the car!

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