Dreaming Up a Vacation

Describe your dream vacation. Bonus: describe your last vacation. (extra-bonus, is to compare your dream vacation to your last one).

Cruise 2006

I would love to book a cruise and take my entire family on it. If money were no object (and neither were anyone’s jobs) I would love to go on a 10 day cruise to some exotic locale and be able to take my kids, their significant others, my parents, and maybe even my siblings and their families (part of them anyway).

From our 2006 cruise

I think it would have to be a big enough ship that we didn’t drive each crazy but if we could get together for dinners maybe but still have time for separate excursions during the day so that we didn’t all get cabin fever.

Cruise 2006

We went on a 4 day cruise about 5 years ago and had a blast. It was funny because it was our 24th anniversary. Hubby had miscounted and thought it was out 25th anniversary. That’s kind of sweet even if he can’t count or remember. Of course then he tried to cover it by saying “Well, it going on 25!” I of course asked him how he was going to top that for our 25th and he showed me! I don’t think we gave me anything! NO, I’m sure he did… I just can’t remember at this moment what it was because the cruise made such an impact on me the year before.

cruise 2006

This coming year he wants to go on another cruise for our 30th to renew our vows. I take that back. I am the one that suggested the cruise. He wanted to have a BIG party and invite all our friends and renew our vows but I know what a perfectionist he is and I know he will want to do the cooking and that would not be a present for him so I told him instead of having a big party we could just make it an intimate gathering of our family and go on a cruise and renew our vows on the cruise. That way we don’t have to worry about anyone having to cook or having to entertain and I know all captain used to be licensed to perform weddings. I’m assuming they still are. I guess we should check that before we book our cruise.

I think it’s sweet and charming that he wanted to do that and keep it a secret from me until time and then surprise me. I can’t remember how I found out. I think my oldest asked me about it. NO….. I remember now! It was the sleeptalking!!! Let me ‘splain…

My husband is a sleeptalker. He doesn’t sleep walk… he sleep talks. Especially if he is REALLY tired or anxious about something. And he had two very distinct patterns to his sleep talking. In one form he truly believes he is at another time in his life and he might talk to you as if you are someone else. In the other form, he will carry on a conversation about something that’s been on his mind as if he were awake but his eyes are closed and he’s mumbling instead of talking. And he won’t shut up! Drives me insane.

Anyway, this particular night he was mumbling and mumbling and driving me insane and I finally caught that he was saying he really needed to talk to our oldest daughter. When I asked him why he said he had to tell her what the lady said about renting the hall for the party. At first I thought he was dreaming about work, but when he’s dreaming if you start asking him questions he wakes up with a start. If he’s sleep talking, he keeps talking. I asked him what party and he said “Our anniversary party! Next year is going to be our 30th and I thought we should have a big surprise party and renew our vows and NikNik is helping me.” Hmmmmnnnnn really? Curioser and curioser!

I talked to him a little more about it getting the details of what he wanted to do and then the next morning I didn’t mention anything about knowing his plans.

Later I called NikNik and asked her about the party and the hall and she said “I didn’t think Daddy was going to tell you!” I told her he didn’t she just did! She didn’t think that was funny so I explained he had been sleeptalking AGAIN and had spilled the beans and so I suggested to her that maybe we should do the cruise instead so that way he could relax and enjoy it too. She agreed that it was a good idea.

I am assuming that she then called her dad and spilled the beans to him that he had spilled the beans to me in his sleep. We had an awful lot of bean clean up to do! He was disappointed that he had told me and sort of played devils’ advocate to me about the cruise. At this point it’s all up in the air but I’ll let you know if we get to plan a mini dream vacation or not. If he wants to marry me all over again, then I’d just as soon do it at home with just immediate family there. I don’t need a big party or fancy trappings to make me happy. Just the fact that he’s willing to marry me all over again and continue putting up with me is present enough for me.

Beautiful sunset on the cruise


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15 Responses to Dreaming Up a Vacation

  1. Ron says:

    “She didn’t think that was funny so I explained he had been sleeptalking AGAIN and had spilled the beans.”

    OMG how funny, Peg! I’ve never heard of someone sleeptalking THAT clearly and specifically!

    “I told him instead of having a big party we could just make it an intimate gathering of our family and go on a cruise and renew our vows on the cruise.”

    What a GREAT idea!

    I’ve never been on a cruise, but would love to. My dream vacation would be cruising into Alaska. I know people who have done it and they said it’s breathtaking!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, dear friend!


  2. I’ve never taken a cruise and probably won’t. (Alex was in the Navy for 8 years and about 4 of those at sea on an aircraft carrier. Now, of course it’s not the same, but the sea is the sea where he’s concerned.)

    If money and time were no issues, I’d want a Lear jet for the dogs and us to go to Paris. And I’d probably just stay there.

  3. terrepruitt says:

    One of my “lotto fantasies” is taking all my friends and family on a cruise. I love cruises. As far as I am concerned that is my first choice for a vacation.

    I never thought of renewing vows as a getting married again. I never thought that the person doing the ceremony needs to be able to legal do it. I always just thought of it as ceremonial, not a legally binding thing. Because the marriage is already in place. Huh. Interesting. I never thought of that. I just always thought of it as a way to throw a party and to publically re-commit. I learn a lot reading blogs.

  4. Oh, Peg, that is SO romantic!!! Renewing your vows after 30 years sounds like the most beautiful thing in the world to me… And I love the fact that your husband sleeptalks – that’s amazing XD.

    • pegbur7 says:

      My mom and dad renewed theirs on their 50th. Quite an accomplishment. My post on this coming Tuesday will go more into detail with the sleep talking! You’ll have to come back to get “the rest of the story”.

  5. Cori says:

    beautiful photos! 1 year ago tomorrow, I was getting on a plane for a 2 week cruise thru the panama canal, time sure flies!!

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