Bad Week for Pets

This week has definitely been a challenging week for my extended family as far as their fur babies go.  I posted a picture on Wednesday but didn’t go into much detail.  My daughter and her hubby had to put down their beloved fur baby Cosmo.  Cosmo came to them pretty much making a full circle.

Cosmo - one of the last times I was in Nashville

My son in law’s family had gotten Cosmo when my son in law was a teenager.  His parents had kept her for several years until they moved to Florida and another relative “adopted” her.  Then that family member moved into an apartment and couldn’t keep her so my daughter and her husband took her into their family with open hearts and arms.  She proved to be a great calming influence for their wild boy Bo and was a very sweet tempered dog. 

About a year or so ago she started leaking urine so they took her to the vet and the prescribed a medication to help control it but because of the medication she had to be monitored fairly closely.  One of the last times they took her in they were told she had developed a kidney problem and would probably eventually go into kidney failure.  They were told to watch for signs of her stopping eating and urinating.  Well, early this week she had stopped eating and hadn’t had a bowel movement for a couple of days so they took her back in.

Unfortunately this time there were not told it was kidney failure but that she had colon cancer and her lack of going to the bathroom was from a bowel obstruction from the cancer.  They were told she probably didn’t have a long time and they could either take her home and try to keep her as comfortable as possible until she passed away or they could put her down.  I think my daughter wanted to take her home but her husband made her realize that it would have been selfish to make her suffer anymore.  So, at least she is not suffering anymore.  I know they will miss her greatly.  I know I will.

Then this morning my mom called me about her and my dad’s beloved dog Hobo.  I guess Hobo was my furry brother!  They have had Hobo for about 12 or 13 years when someone “dropped” him near their home.  They live way out in the country and it’s not unusual for people to abandon their unwanted animals near someone’s house hoping they will take care of them.  My dad found him wandering up and down the road in front of their property and after a couple of days of him still being there they fed him and asked around to see if anyone owned him.  After ascertaining that he didn’t belong to any of their neighbors and realizing he had most likely been “dropped” my dad named him Hobo since he said he was homeless and seemed to be trying to hitch a ride down on the road.

Hubby chilling on the porch with Hobo, several years ago.

Hobo turned out to be a loving and affectionate addition to their family and was a trooper.  Shortly after they decided he was theirs and they had taken him to get his shots he disappeared.  It took them several days of riding around, in the rain if I remember correctly, to find him about a mile or so away on someone’s front porch.  Then not too long after that I believe it was my dad that ran over him and I think it broke his leg (I think that’s the right dog) and they took him and got him fixed up.

Hobo grew very fond of my dad and tried to follow him wherever he went.  Especially during the Spring and Summer when my dad would spend lots of time in his garden, Hobo would follow him down and lay there with him while he tended the garden and the last few years when he’d have a hard time walking, he would hobble down to the garden and at the end of the day, my dad would scoop him up and put him in his truck or SUV and bring him back up to the house.  That dog absolutely adored my mom and dad!  When my dad would go walking out in the woods, Hobo would follow.

Hobo hanging out at the old homeplace a couple of years ago

Several years ago he disappeared again for a while and I can’t remember if a neighbor found him or if he wandered back home but when my mom and dad finally got him back, someone (a hunter obviously) had shot him in his front leg.  I don’t know if it was an accident or on purpose.  The vet had told my parents that they could have just amputated the leg at the “knee” but they found that when dogs were left with part of their appendage they seemed to fare worse than just amputating the whole thing.  My mom and dad reluctantly agreed to let the vet amputate his leg at the “shoulder” where it met his body.

I think they spent more on that dog to have surgery than they ever paid on any of us kids for medical needs!  Amazingly after they amputated his leg and he got used to it he was faster and got around better than most 4 legged dogs.  It was funny to watch him after he had gotten older when he had to go to the bathroom, sometimes he’d just go up to a tree and lean against it so he could still lift his back leg and not fall over!  It always freaked me out when he would lay down because he’s flop with such a thud I’d be afraid he’d hurt himself but he never seemed to mind.

Hobo hanging out on what used to be his favorite chair. Wasn't he a handsome boy?

My mom said the day before he died, he had hobbled out in the yard and laid down.  She knew he probably wasn’t going to last too much longer and figured he was trying to “go off” to die as animals frequently will.  I guess he was too weak to make it far.  She said he just laid down on the grass and didn’t really move.  Then it started raining and one of her other dogs, his buddy Queenie, went out and laid beside him in the rain.  She said my dad went out and put a blanket on him and he just laid there for a while and she said that Queenie was literally crying and would not leave his side.  She said when it started raining harder my dad went out and got him and brought him up on the porch, out of the rain.  She said Queenie moved up beside him and he didn’t try to get up again.  She said they went back outside about an hour later and he had died.  She said Queenie has been about to grieve herself sick (as has my mom).

My dad went out and dug his little grave and wrapped him up and buried him and covered him grave with stones, he said so nothing else would come and dig him up.  He wouldn’t let my mom come down there with him because he told her it was too cold.  She said she thinks he just didn’t want her to see how upset he was.  Hobo was a great dog and a good companion for my mom and dad and I know they will miss their little boy.

RIP Cosmo and Hobo.


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9 Responses to Bad Week for Pets

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Oh, I am so sorry. I am sure that they will be missed. They both were beautiful dogs. I love pets. They bring so much into our lives. And while they leave a space in our hearts when they go they have filled it up to overflowing in the first place.

  2. Ron says:

    I’ve got a very early and long day at work today so I was intending on making my blog rounds later this evening, but I had to stop by and leave you a comment before heading out the door.

    Oh Peg, this post had me crying buckets, especially the part about Queenie lying down beside Hobo as he was dying. Isn’t it amazing how animals understand and know, how animals remain loyal and grieve just like us humans?

    So sorry to hear about these tender losses, dear friend. Losing a pet is felt as deeply as it is with any human.

    Sharing a great BIG hug with you….

    ((((( Peg ))))))

    RIP Cosmo and Hobo


  3. Pets are truly family members. I’m sorry these two beautiful pups are gone. Still, I know they gave a lot of joy while they were here.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Hey Peg, It is awfully hard to see them go like this, as I said before it is like losing a close family member simply because they are.

  5. Kate says:

    Sorry to hear this.

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