My Funny Valentine(s)

It’s time again for Mama Kat’s  Writer’s Workshop.  This week I chose prompt #3.)  A poem for your special Valentine. AND prompt#4.) Share a photo that captures your special Valentine(s). 

My wonderful valentine - doing what makes him happy, helping others

I look across the table at you

And l see the love of my life

I think back to when we first began

And when I first became your wife

At our wedding

I think of all the plans we made

I think of all the years gone by

I think of all the prayers sent up

How some unanswered made me cry

When we first met


I think of how I am so thankful

That lots of those were not replied

Had some of them been we may not have made it

Had some of them been we may not have tried

Shortly after we were married

We weathered storms and fought the good fight

Some outcomes were great but some kinda bad

But if we hadn’t stuck them out together

How would we have known what a great thing we had

With his mom

I wouldn’t trade a single moment

Because every single thing has led us to this

Others look at us and shake their heads

But I know what we have is our own form of bliss

In the hospital holding #3 shortly after her birth


Together we raised three wonderful girls

Who are amazing women, loving and giving

They took the best parts of both of us

They find happiness and joy in living

Sisters celebrate together


Honey, you are my heart and my soul

Through good times and strife

I love you with every inch of my being

And I am so proud to still be your wife

Thanksgiving last year


About pegbur7

South of the Mason/Dixon Line
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15 Responses to My Funny Valentine(s)

  1. jenny says:

    Ohhh how sweet!!:) Have a wonderful Valentines Day!! You are soul-mates for sure!!

  2. Ron says:

    Oh Peg, I love the title you chose for this post because it’s one of my all-time favorite songs, especially the Jimmy Durante version. It makes me teary-eyed everytime I hear it.

    What a lovely poem, infused with loving photos.

    “I wouldn’t trade a single moment

    Because every single thing has led us to this”

    (((( Peg + Hubby ))))

    Happy Valentine, you wonderful couple!

    Have a terrific Thursday, dear friend!


  3. You and he are such a beautiful couple. And those girls! Absolutely gorgeous! Happy ❤ Day!

  4. D says:

    That is beautiful.. and sooo very sweet! Love the pictures. You have three beautiful girls! 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    What a wonderful poem! Have a great Valentine’s day!

  6. MommyLisa says:

    That is AWESOME. What lovely writing, girls and valentine.

  7. terrepruitt says:

    Awww. So lovely.

    Everytime I see a standing picture of your hubby I think, “Man that man has some LOOOOONG legs!” (I have short stubby legs.)

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