Techno Shabby

Could you live without the internet for a week? For a month?

I think I can definitively answer this with a resounding NO.  I used to think I could and that it was no big deal but especially since I started blogging I can say not only NOT for a month or even a week but barely even a day.

I’m sure lots of you remember my posts from last year when I was visiting my parents in BF, Egypt?  Well, it may as well be BF Egypt since you are cut off from the modern world when you are up there.  I mean they have Satellite service for their television and they have a telephone (even though they didn’t even have one of those for years when they first moved there) but that’s about it.

I remember the first time I took hubby up there shortly after we got married.  First it snowed, which he had never really been around and he freaked at the sight of snow fluttering through the air and me not immediately pulling over to the side of the road to wait it out.  I mean you can still drive on it safely as long as it’s not sticking, right?  And then when we turned onto the then gravel road that led to my parent’s house and he turned to me and in all seriousness asked “People live back here?”  and when I replied yes he even more incredulously  asked “On purpose???”


No satellite for internet but we got TV!


Can't get a signal through that shroud of fog...


Might not have cell service but sure got some pretty scenery.

Yeah, that’s the kind of untechnological worm hole my parents live in.  Not only no WIFI, but no broadband, no DSL, not even a measly little dial up service!  I mean, who the heck lives like that?  Dinosaurs?  Seriously?  Yes, SERIOUSLY.  You have to drive like 15 miles to the county seat to the only little coffee house I think that exists in the entire county that is only open on select days and not nearly the hours of your nearby neighborhood Starbucks.  To find a Starbucks you seriously have to drive about 30 or more miles to the BIG cities of Charlottesville or Lynchburg.  I know!  It’s like living in prehistoric times.

I have to chuckle now, thinking back to how, not that long ago, we didn’t know what all that crap was either.  It astounds me to think that these newly adultized teens have never known a world without computers and cell phones and WIFI and all that crap.  When hubby and I first got married and he’d go home with me to Virginia he would love it because my parents didn’t even have a telephone at all.  He knew that no one from work could bother him because there wasn’t a telephone.  He was excused from “calling in” because there was no phone service.

Even now, even though we have Verizon and they bought out AllTel which was the largest (I think) cell phone provider in Virginia and they had more towers than anyone else, I still  can’t get a cell signal out in parent’s yard….AT ALL.  It’s weird because I can walk down the drive way to get the mail or paper and when I cross the road to the mail box, IF I stand in ONE spot, and hold the cell phone aloft, and pat my tummy and rub my head and put an aluminum foil cone on my head and hold my other arm in the air while holding an extended wire hanger…. I might…. I repeat MIGHT… be able to occasionally get a signal OUT.  Usually I have to drive to the top of a mountain or out to the HIGHWAY to get any signal at all. 

Weirdly I can sometimes get a text message IN but can’t send one.  I don’t understand that.  I don’t understand why I can get one in but not send one?  And I can listen to voicemails I already have listened to, I just can’t get any new ones.  It’s like you’ve stepped back in technology history by about 10 years!  And even though I don’t check my emails or blog or voicemails incessantly any other days I feel compelled to want to check them constantly when I am there. 
Probably because I know I can’t.  Then it kind of becomes an obsession.  When can I go to Rapunzels?  I need a technology fix!  At this point you can even forget the coffee!  As much as I love my caffeine, at least my mom does have THAT!  Technology?  Not so much!  But at least I have an excuse for people I don’t want to talk to, right?  I can always say, “I’m so sorry.  I was visiting my parents and couldn’t get a signal so I didn’t get your message!”  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  I knew there had to be an upside somewhere.


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8 Responses to Techno Shabby

  1. SuziCate says:

    Icracked up whe I went up the mountain and saw that the hunters had installed satelite tv! Usually, I don’t get cell service there either, but on rare occasions, my phone will ring!

  2. Ron says:

    OMG….NO WAY!!!!!

    I’d have to call 911!

    I remember last year when I lost my internet connection for not even a full day, and I thought I was going to go totally INSANE! And you’re right, now that I’ve been blogging it’s even more of an obsession.

    If I were to go on a weekend retreat into the country, I think I would be okay with it. But, that’s about it.

    Hope you’re having a MARVI Monday, Peg!


    • pegbur7 says:

      It’s such a disconnect. FORCED disconnect to be away from daily technology. And we’ve tried to drag them in kicking and screaming but alas, to no avail!

  3. Carol says:

    No, I could not, for a month or a week or a day. Well, maybe a day, but it sure would cut into my productivity. I rely on the internet for my communication with family and friends. I read ebooks since the kids gave me a Nook, so I rely on the internet for my library books as well as books I might purchase. I do a lot of shopping on the internet, out of necessity. It’s more important now, almost, than a car. This is getting too long. Maybe it’ll become a post on my blog.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Not sure if I could do without it or not, we have gotten so used to getting online and without my blogging buddies just don’t know if I could make it or not 🙂

    I still get a grin when I see the sattelite dish on the hunters cabin.

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