Trekking Back to Savannah

Last week after I got back from Nashville, I made a trek to Savannah and my favorite haunt (pun intended), The Dresser Palmer House. Hubby was supposed to go with me and last minute he found out his boss, BIG boss, was going to be in town the next few days and was supposed to come and see him so no way was he going out of town. I ended up going by myself. I almost postponed it but I had promised a friend I went to high school with that I was going to bring her the colloidal silver machine I had gotten for her from my dad. I couldn’t go back on my word. I had been trying to get it to her since December so I went anyway.

Front of The Dresser Palmer House

The day before I went to Savannah the manager from the Inn texted me and asked me to call her when I got close to Savannah because I was going to be the only guest at the Inn! Holy Crap, Batman! Are you freaking kidding me? No WAY did I want to stay there by myself, BUT, I didn’t want to seem like a big chicken (even though I am) And tell her I was afraid to be in the Inn alone by myself. Not only was I afraid of the possibility of Madeline wanting to keep me company all night, but, the simple fact that the Inn is a pretty big and old place to be staying all by myself with no staff or anything.

Peeking through the back gate

The back patio

I was never so happy as when she texted me and asked if I wanted her and her daughter to stay at the Inn with me that night. I told her that she didn’t HAVE to since I knew she had a small child but she said she really didn’t mind and her daughter thought it was quite the adventure so I jumped at the chance to have her stay there too! Besides, I figured with another child in the house maybe Madeline would be so enthralled by the possibility of a new playmate that she’d leave me alone! Aren’t I just the biggest chicken in the world? Whatever the reason Madeline was quite quiet this trip. I was very thankful for that.

The next day after hanging out at the Inn for the morning, I left mid afternoon and headed to Charleston to see my friend from high school. It was so good to see her and spend some time with her and catch up on the last 35 years! Time has been kind to her and she looks basically the same as she did in school. That part is definitely not fair! She’s just as sweet as I remember her too.

On the way there I had just checked the GPS and it had told me I had like 21 more miles to drive on the road I was on but I had to stop and get gas and when I got back in the car for some reason it recalculated my route and took me another way and it took me through some funky little back roads. I meant little two lane roads that went through the middle of the swamp. I swear I think I hear Deliverance playing somewhere in the background. I had no freaking clue where I was.

This road gave me the creeps

There were swamps like this on both sides of the road for miles

This was actually getting back to civilization!

It was a little farther drive that I thought it would be and I got back to the Inn around 9:30 or 10 that night. The manager had told me she had a friend’s birthday party to go to and that she would be back late that evening. When I got back there was no one there at the Inn which kind of creeped me out but I locked everything up tight and headed up to my room.

My bed for the stay

My sitting area

My nice cozy fire


I was up for a few hours writing my blog post and catching up on the days emails etc but got to bed around midnight. I woke several times during the night and kept hearing a muffled conversation going on. It sounded like two men talking or a man and a woman. You know how you hear a conversation going on in another room and you can tell its voices but can’t make out what they are saying? That’s what it sounded like. I figured it was either the manager back with her boyfriend or maybe I was hearing voices on the street because the house isn’t well insulated and being an old house (built in the 1870’s) the windows are always rattling and the house is always creaking. You know how in an old house when you shut a door the windows rattle? Well it did that all night long. Every time a car passed and I think pretty much every time anyone walked by on the street and breathed! I definitely did not sleep well.

Come to find out the manager didn’t stay the night that night so I guess I was by myself at the Inn all night. I will attribute the voices to people walking down the street. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Any other explanation will have me too scared to go back! When I got up the next morning I went down to make coffee and the managers truck wasn’t there and the house was dark and just like I left it the night before. When I was getting ready to go back to my room she came in and said she did come by on her way home but didn’t stay.

It is a beautiful old Inn and if you want a romantic getaway it’s a nice place to go. They also do destination weddings, they just can’t accommodate a whole lot of people because it’s not that big of a place. I did get some new pictures of the Inn to share with you. Next time you’re in Savannah you should look into staying there. Just make sure there are other guests!


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8 Responses to Trekking Back to Savannah

  1. jenny says:

    You are braver than me…no way would I stay there by myself!! I’m glad you had a safe trip without any “visitors”.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I didn’t KNOW I was going to be by myself because she said she was going to stay… it just ended up I was. I’m not brave. I’m a big chicken. Next time you will have to go with me!

  2. Ron says:

    OMG, I would have LOVED to stayed there Peg!

    I would have scared, yes, but I love to be scared!! I friend of mine stayed there overnight, and he too said that he could hear noises (voices, walking) when he went to bed at night. He also said that Savannah was faaaaaaaaaabulous!

    Your room was gorgeous!

    Hope you’re having a great Sunday, dear friend!


  3. suzicate says:

    Dang, you’re brave! I would not have stayed there alone for anything! Glad Madeline decided not to come out and play. And should I yell at you or let Nikki do it…you were taking pics while driving again, not safe!

    • pegbur7 says:

      It’s only a quick snap and I don’t look at the camera. I hold it up and click MOM! That’s why I only get to use like 1 in 20 pics because you can’t see the others! I don’t take my eyes off the road. Trust me… I’m a bad enough driver that I wouldn’t do it if I had to take my eyes off the road. And I am chicken I don’t think I would have slept a wink had I known I was there by myself! I thought the voices meant she WAS there.

  4. No way I would stay in the creepy old place by myself! Hah! Actually I live in a creepy old place. Okay it’s a Victorian house built in 1880 and everything rattles all the time so I’m used to it. Also I have gotten very used to our ghosts and they are fairly friendly. Alex and Harry the dog are afraid of them, but I’m not. Honey, the other dog is not afraid either. Ghosts are fine with us. It’s the non-ghosts that worry us.

    • pegbur7 says:

      I think that is really what I was more afraid of Linda. The NON ghosts. Even though the house was locked up tight (or as tight as a 150 year old house could be locked up) I was more afraid of people breaking in than in spirits. Ya know if they want in you can’t really keep them out!

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