Pucker Up for Puckett’s

I think I mentioned that on my quick long weekend up to Nashville I felt like all we did was eat, but we also ate well! We had the two great breakfasts at Noshville and Loveless Café and Saturday night we met up with my daughter and son in law in downtown Nashville for another great meal. They had to work while we were playing tourist.

My daughter had said she wanted to eat at Puckett’s Grocery and my first thought was “You wanna eat at a grocery store?” Well, it didn’t take long to realize this is not your ordinary grocery store. Puckett’s apparently got its start in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, in the 1950’s as an actual grocery store and through the years morphed into a whole lot more. They branched off by opening another location in nearby Franklin, Tennessee and in 2007 launched the songwriter/singer competition called Rising Star in which they showcase up to 20 singer/songwriters in the seven week contest.

Puckett's in downtown Nashville, corner of 5th and Church

In November of this past year they opened the downtown Nashville location. So, they not only have great music, they also have great food which we got to try out Saturday night. We shared appetizers of fried sweet potatoes and fried green beans. They were SO good. I was so full from them that I barely got to taste my meal! I had shrimp and grits and it was awesome. My daughter had fried chicken cutlets which were like huge boneless chicken breasts (two of them) battered and fried golden crisp. Delish! She let me have a bite! Yummo…. I was so concentrating on mine that I don’t even know what everyone else had except my cousin had the shrimp and grits too. It was very creamy and the shrimp and mushrooms were done perfectly. And instead of bringing rolls or biscuits they included these little, I don’t even know what to call them. They were like hoe cakes or pancakes made with corn meal? They were great too and made a great addition to the meal.

My salad and the fried green beans

My shrimp and grits - I know it doesn't LOOK great right here but it was awesome.

The band that was playing that night

The band

Number 1 enjoying the music after the wonderful meal

It’s like a meat and 2 where you get your main dish and then 2 sides in addition. My shrimp and grits came with a salad too so it really was more than I could eat. I know my daughter got fried okra with her chicken and I’m not sure what other side she got. They had live music which was set up right next to our table so it was hard to concentrate on my food with the good music right next to me! If you want great food and a great time you gotta try Puckett’s Grocery and you’ve got three locations to choose from depending on where you are in Tennessee. So come on down and get you some!


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6 Responses to Pucker Up for Puckett’s

  1. Ron says:

    Sounds like a fun and fabulous time, Peg!

    You know something? I have never tried fried green beans before, but OMG, they sound DELISH!!!!!!

    Have a vunderbar weekend, dear friend!


  2. Alex has been spending a lot of time in Georgia and he has really enjoyed the food. (At home, we have nothing fried ever! LOL!) Anyway, he was really amazed at fried “gator” and loved it. I recently tried “grits” for the first time in my life and adored them! It sounds like you had a fantastic time.

  3. Jenny says:

    I’m glad you had a great time…the food looks delicious!!! I need an away trip BAD!!! Maybe soon.

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